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The Redefining Strength Podcast brought to you by Cori Lefkowith is here to help you navigate through this crazy industry of health and fitness. Bringing you new workout, diet and fitness hacks every episode.

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The Redefining Strength Podcast brought to you by Cori Lefkowith is here to help you navigate through this crazy industry of health and fitness. Bringing you new workout, diet and fitness hacks every episode.

    FHP 318 - STOP Cheating Yourself

    FHP 318 - STOP Cheating Yourself

    I think often in our workouts in an attempt to do more or that harder variation and last the entire interval of work, we CHEAT ourselves out of the full benefit of moves.
    We don’t try to work muscles as hard as we can. We actually just try to survive the time we are “supposed” to work in the follow along.
    And this leads to us CHEATING on moves.
    Letting our hands shift out in front of us as we do mountain climbers. Letting our butt go up in the air as we hold a plank.
    Not sinking as low or jumping as high in that squat jump.
    We are focused on doing more over maximizing the movement.
    And that can even lead to us thinking we’ve earned harder variations than we have because we can seemingly “do” them, but it can also lead to us thinking things are easier than they are.
    But we are never above the basics. And often if you think something is too easy?
    You really need to assess how well you’re doing it!
    Here are some things I think it is really key we do at times to assess if we are really maximizing our results from each training session.
    Focus on what you feel working.Take ego out of it and at times, go lighter. Do an easier move. Optimize your form.Shorten intervals of work or add in rest and see if you can get better quality.Stop focusing on just doing more for results. Wasted volume honestly is not only wasted time but hampering your results.

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    FHP 317 - I HAD to Step In Front Of The Camera

    FHP 317 - I HAD to Step In Front Of The Camera

    I refused to demo the moves and made friends or co-workers do it.

    I was comfortable sharing my knowledge behind the scenes.

    But I also really really really (did I say REALLY!?) wanted to share my passion and knowledge and help others.

    So Ryan kind of gave me an ultimatum...

    Ryan basically told me at one point, "If you really want to do this thing, you need to suck it up and get over it and be in the photos."

    (I would say he said it nicer than that as I can't remember his exact phrasing since it feels like it was almost a decade ago, BUT he probably didn't as Ryan has never been afraid to be 100% blunt with me when I needed it. It's why I love to hate him at times and need him around all the more. Love you butthead! Anyway...)

    I'm telling you all of this because I think we believe there are parts of ourselves we can't change.

    I know I NEVER ever thought I'd be a person in front of the camera.

    But really it isn't that we CAN'T change them...it's that we don't "want" to.

    It's really often just an excuse we give ourselves to stay within our comfort zone.

    And maybe that's fine. We don't have to.

    Maybe changing that aspect of ourselves to reach a specific goal isn't "worth" it to us ultimately.

    But then we also have to realize that we are setting a limit to what we can achieve.

    Achieving "greatness," something we feel is beyond our reach, does mean embracing a part of ourselves that may not even yet exist.

    It can mean, to some extent, recreating how we see ourselves.

    I mean geez...had you asked me if I'd be doing live videos each week and taking half-nakey photos with make up on, I'd laugh at you as I put on my big t-shirt and pulled back my hair I hadn't brushed in a week. (Ok I still do the last part just also the other!)

    The point is, we can choose to be who we want to be. It just requires us acting AS IF we are the thing we want to be.

    It will be extremely uncomfortable to start. You will be implementing habits that often go against what you want to "naturally" do.

    But it's remembering that what has become natural isn't always best. It was often just easier to fall back into.

    However, with the repetition and embracing the new habits, it's why I say ACT AS IF over fake it till you make it, you will ultimately become truly who you want to be.

    Because when we ACT AS IF, we aren't faking it. We are just acting as if we are the person we want to be, implementing the habits needed to create the new lifestyle.

    As scary as that change was, as much as I felt like I was oddly leaving the Cori I'd always been behind...

    I wouldn't go back for a second.

    I became truly the person I wanted to be and am now able to do what I truly love and share my passion.

    For me the "risk" associated with the change? The uncomfortableness I had to go through?


    And I think it's sometimes reminding ourselves that change, while hard, truly is worth it if our goal means that much to us.

    So if you're feeling really uncomfortable now with ACTING AS IF you are the person you ultimately want to be, remember it does get easier.

    It goes back to that super annoying saying - change requires change.

    Embrace those new habits this week. Give yourself a pat on the back for being willing to make yourself uncomfortable.

    Change is not for the weak 


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    FHP 316 - You’re Not In Control

    FHP 316 - You’re Not In Control

    You know that urge to do MORE? To make more changes?
    Search for a new macro ratio? 
    Workout longer? Train harder?
    I think this focus on doing MORE stems from the fact that A. Yes we want results faster but B. We also feel more in CONTROL when we do more.
    The feeling that we are “acting” or taking action gives us a sense of control. Even though we may not actually be moving ourselves forward and even wasting a ton of energy as we set ourselves back.
    It may be wasted work and energy.
    And a lot of adjustments that aren’t allowing time to work it’s magic.
    Because the simple fact is, you can’t out work, out diet, out train time.
    And to some extent, results are out of our control in that we can’t control TIME.
    We need to find a way to be consistent with our training, to stay focused, so that results have time to add up.
    So ask yourself, “Why am I trying to do more? Why am I trying to make a change?”
    Is it needed? Or are you just trying to feel more in control?

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    FHP 315 - 4 Macro Hacks To Implement Today

    FHP 315 - 4 Macro Hacks To Implement Today

    Tracking our macros isn’t just about restricting what we’re eating to lose weight. It’s about truly learning how to FUEL.

    Because no matter what result you want to get, from losing weight to body recomposition to gaining muscle to fueling your endurance sport to even simply feeling more energized throughout the day, the macronutrient ratio you are consuming MATTERS.

    And by understanding macros, you can better adjust how you fuel over time as your needs and goals change! 
    So here are 4 “hacks” to help you get started dialing in those macros because I know the process can seem overwhelming to start!

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    FHP 314 - Legend-wait-for-it-dary! Legendary!

    FHP 314 - Legend-wait-for-it-dary! Legendary!

    I love hearing Barney say this in How I Met Your Mother.
    And almost every time I try to repeat the line, I somehow butcher it haha
    Anyway, the simple fact is…
    Not every day can be legendary or no days end up being legendary.
    You can’t know the good without the bad!
    BUT even on those not so ideal days we can take something out of them that moves us forward.
    Here are 4 questions to consider to GROW from those not so fun days to make your lows less low!
    Do I know what triggered it?What can I learn?What would I do next time?What good still happened?Remember we can’t know the good without the bad BUT we can always learn from it to make our highs higher and lows less low!

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    FHP 313 - The Leaky Ceiling Effect

    FHP 313 - The Leaky Ceiling Effect

    So on my Unicorn coaching call this last week, I was trying to figure out another way to describe what I see as the issues we often blame on “age.”
    Because while, yes our body does change as we get older, so often so many of our issues are from well…a leaky ceiling we didn’t address.
    If you had a leak and over the years the water kept dripping in that same spot, you wouldn’t be surprised when, finally one day, the leak made the ceiling board collapse. 
    You’d know that even though it was only a little water, that over time, those water droplets built up. 
    Same thing can be said about so much of what we just attribute to age.
    We’ve so often implemented improper mobility practices and horrible dieting habits for DECADES and then we say it’s cause we are “old” things no longer work as we feel they should.
    We can’t lose the weight as easily. 
    We now have aches and pains.
    But really these things aren’t just popping up.
    The’ve been caused by a leak we haven’t addressed over the years.
    So now if you’ve realized the leak?
    Stop saying “I used to be able to run without warming up.”
    Well yea but maybe that was the start of the leak and why your ceiling is having issues now.
    Just because you got away with it doesn’t mean you should have.
    Same thing oddly goes for why we struggle to lose weight as we get older.
    Yes, ladies, menopause and hormonal changes change the dieting practices we need.
    But often our struggles to lose weight as we get older also have to do with horrible dieting practices we’ve been using for years.
    Cutting calories, training extra to burn more and then rebounding when we can’t stand the deprivation any longer.
    And each time we yo yo, losing with extreme calorie deficits, only to regain when we go back to eating as we had been prior, we cause metabolic adaptations and even lose muscle mass.
    This can throw our body out of whack and make it harder with each dieting attempt to lose weight.
    So ultimately, we’ve just been making the leak worse instead of taking time to fix it.
    It’s now or never….whatever age you are.
    You have a chance now to recognize your habits are creating a leak that will add up and FIX THEM.
    The earlier the better as you’ll have less build up or other damage to fix because of it too.
    But stop blaming your age and realize that so much of it is within your control.
    You just need to address the leak and prevent the build up!

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