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This Proletarian Life is an audio project exploring the lives and topics from leftist and Marxist spaces.

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This Proletarian Life is an audio project exploring the lives and topics from leftist and Marxist spaces.

    Revolutionary Poetry #2

    Revolutionary Poetry #2

    Hi. Welcome back to This Proletarian Life, our second Revolutionary Poetry episode! Let me know if you have any questions, and I hope you enjoy all of these poems as much as I do! Thank you a ton to all of our comrades who performed these excellent pieces to share. Also thank you everyone for your patience as I edited this.

    Works Performed:

    Self written piece by Banks

    A quote about poetry by Connoly (performed by Banks; @Banksy1917)

    “Conversation with Comrade Lenin” - Vladamir Mayakovsky

    “Yuri Gagarin” - Tahir Ghani

    “The Ballad for the Death of Gagarin” - Nicholas Guillen (Performed by J Martel)

    “Resistance in the Ghetto” - Jacob Glatshteyn (Performed by Talia; @Leela1917)

    “The Lead Plates at the Rom Press” - Avrom Sutzkever (Performed by Avrom Sutzkever in Yiddish;  translation performed by Jake Edgar; @Challah_Comrade)

    “Good Morning Revolution” - Langston Hughes (Performed by Ethan; @Utopologist)

    “Here Lies a Communist Soldier” - Suh Ji-moon (Performed by John; @Commissartist)

    “El Chino” - Lisa Yun (Performed by Hannah Tiên; IG @hihannahtien)

    “Old Hannah” & “Western Plains” by Lead Belly (Performed by Ian; @Chairmandedede)

    “My Samchun in the Grocery Store” - Ishle Park (Performed by Alekx)

    “September” - Geo Milev (Performed by Aleks; @AleksKrasnaya; translation: https://geomilev.com/pdf/September_by_Geo_Milev.pdf)

    Music included:

    “Saturday Morning” - Joep Beving

    “Between the Buttons” -French79

    “Dana, Dana,” “Shma Israel” - Pavel Levin

    “Mrs. Ho” - Onra

    “Midwayer” - Joep Beving

    “Technicolor” - kudasai

    “Good Morning” - Coubo

    “Light (Instrumental)” - Odesza

    “Reflection #2,” “Wanderlust” - Joep Beving

    “Kunasagi” - Odesza

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    Leftist Origins Story 7: Talia (is da best)

    Leftist Origins Story 7: Talia (is da best)

    HI! Welcome back to This Proletarian Life! I hope you all are staying safe and healthy -- maybe this will be something to help with the boredom that some of y'all are facing due to self-isolating and quarantine. This episode is a conversation with our great friend and comrade, Talia (twitter: @Leela1337; instagram: TaliaLux1917) from Minyan and Tolerant Left! Please enjoy the origins story of this amazing and wonderful comrade. :) As always, solidarity forever!


    "So Whatcha Want" - The Beastie Boys

    "Dotara Song" - Coubo

    "Drugs" - Coubo

    "Still Sleeping" - Oddisee

    "Long" - Molife

    "Double Dare Ya" - Bikini Kill

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    Leftist Origins Story 6: J & Jose

    Leftist Origins Story 6: J & Jose

    Hi friends and comrade! Thanks for tuning back into This Proletarian Life. Hey, we made it on the other end of this wacky month. Today we have two stores, from J and Jose -- both comrades who I met on discord through podcast projects! I hope y'all enjoy this episode and are off to a healthy start to 2020. 


    "Internationale" (https://www.marxists.org/subject/art/music/index.htm)

    "I Wanna Go Back" - Onra

    "Etude" - Joep Beving

    "Between the Buttons" - French 79

    "Joeira" - Kurup

    "Kerala" - Bonobo

    "The Light She Brings" - Joep Beving

    "Where Is My Mind?" - Maxence Cyrin

    "TBH" - bonjr

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    Revolutionary Poetry

    Revolutionary Poetry

    Greetings friends and comrades! Happy New Year! On this episode, we listen to some revolutionary poetry to inspire us at the beginning of 2020. Big thanks to each of my comrades for contributing to this episode -- it wouldn't have been possible without them. I hope you all enjoy this one and thank you for listening!

    Hasta Siempre, Comandante - Carlos Puebla [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hasta_Siempre%2C_Comandante]

    Song of the Revolution - Langston Hughes (Read by Andria) [background music: "Polyushka Polye" - Russian Balalaika Orchestra, A. Bochesky]

    Ballads of Lenin - Langston Hughes (Read by Alekx)

    To Those Who Come After - Bertolt Brecht (Read by Ethan) [background music: "Day Dream" - Joep Beving]

    Sailing the Seas Depends on the Helmsmen - Yu Wen [https://www.marxists.org/subject/art/music/lyrics/zh/sailing.htm]

    Fourth Declaration of the Zapatistas - (Read by Marcos; http://enlacezapatista.ezln.org.mx/1996/01/01/cuarta-declaracion-de-la-selva-lacandona/) [background music: "Sol" - Alef]

    And When You Leave, Take Your Pictures With You - Jo Carrillo (Read by Savanah) [background music: "Joeira" - Kurup]

    What is Violence? - Ricardo Santuario (Read by Eilex; poet's twitter: https://twitter.com/Ricky_jpg) [backgroud music: "Kusanagi" - Odesza]

    The Rhythm of Time - Bobby Sands (Read by Grant)

    Poetry is Not a Luxury - Audre Lorde (Read by Alekx - extra thanks to Savanah for suggesting this essay!) [background music: "Reflection #2" - Joep Beving]

    Song of the Plains -  Paul Robeson

    I tried to edit this one a bit quicker than I normally would, so please lemme know if you find any errors that I can fix in the audio that may come up. 3 Solidarity forever.

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    Leftist Origins Story 5: Grant

    Leftist Origins Story 5: Grant

    Howdy friends! It's been another minute since I've uploaded an episode. Whew, I was able to get through the school semester and holiday season! 

    Hope you all enjoy this episode with our friend and comrade Grant -- revolutionary parent, organizer for the Korean Friendship Association Scotland (https://korea-dpr.com/kfa.html), and musician! You can find Grant on twitter with the handle @ScotStalinist! It was a lovely time speaking with Grant. I actually had to edit a lot out because we had such a fun time and kept going off on little tangents. :P Also tiny shoutout to @BarxistLemonist on this episode, lol.

    Music included in this episode:

    "New Years in Guang Zhou" -- Onra

    "Middlesex Times" -- Michael Andrews

    "Zoetrope" -- Joep Beving

    "USSR Anthem Trap Remix" -- Aylo

    "Memories From 1968" -- Onra

    "Sleeping Lotus" -- Joep Beving

    "Summer 78" -- Yann Tiersen

    "The United States Has No Conscience" -- Bamboo Spine (Grant)

    Hope y'all have a happy new year! Stay well and solidarity forever 3 

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    Leftist Origins Story 4: Andria

    Leftist Origins Story 4: Andria

    Hi friends!

    Here is a shorter episode starring our comrade Andria! I hope you enjoy her story as much as I have. It was great to meet my internet twin and have her share her story! You can find her online here: https://twitter.com/CatBabushka

    Thank you for listening. :)


    XXYXX -- "About You"

    Aphex Twin -- "Avril 14th"

    El Buho -- "Picaflor"

    Onra -- "Mai's Theme"

    Harald Kinseth -- "Kefi"

    Odesza -- "Always This Late"

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