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Join author and speaker Charles Eisenstein as he interviews guests and explores ideas around the new and ancient story of interbeing.

A New and Ancient Story: The Podcast Charles Eisenstein

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Join author and speaker Charles Eisenstein as he interviews guests and explores ideas around the new and ancient story of interbeing.

    Mellody Hayes: Roots of Healing (E51)

    Mellody Hayes: Roots of Healing (E51)

    This was a delightful conversation. We hadn't intended to talk about race, but I'm glad we did, because Mellody shared some unique, unorthodox insights worthy of considering in our troubled times. The conversation ranged into the territory of psychedelic therapy, mysticism, and principles of personal and collective transformation. Her riff on spiritual bypass near the end is not to be missed! Mellody Hayes is a physician-writer, speaker, and spiritual teacher and the Executive Director of Ceremony Health, a faith-based psychedelic healing center. She is graduate of Harvard College and UCSF Medical School and Anesthesiology Residency, John Kenneth Galbraith Scholar, and a Voices of Our Nation Alum.

    Mellody Hayes: https://www.mellodyhayes.com/
    Refuge with Last Black Man in San Francisco: https://adelaidemagazine.org/nf_mellody_hayes33.html

    • 1 u. 36 min.
    Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan: A Trillion Points of Light (E50)

    Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan: A Trillion Points of Light (E50)

    Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan has an unusual background -- studied mathematics at Harvard, became a Doctor of Oriental Medicine... Actually, nothing I could say about her can do justice to the stories she carries: about the soul's journey, the nature of life and death, illness and healing, and the vastness of human potential. I was on her podcast a couple months ago, and she has graciously returned the favor here. Also check out her new book, Super Wellness via http://www.superwellness.com/

    Another podcast of Dr. Chan and Charles is available via http://www.dredithubuntu.com/thedreshow/our-great-initiation-into-the-more-beautiful-world-w-charles-eisenstein

    • 1 u. 31 min.
    Dr. Zach Bush: Life is a Community (E49)

    Dr. Zach Bush: Life is a Community (E49)

    Here I talk with Zach Bush, MD, a doctor with a background in endocrinology who "went holistic" and turned toward gut/brain health, the microbiome, and soil science. Our conversation covered a lot of ground: evolution, the importance of biological diversity for personal, social, and ecological health, the inventive fecundity of life, the role of viruses in sharing genetic information, and more. I expect this conversation will help expand people's horizons in trying to understand health and sickness in the Covid era.

    Del Bigtree podcast: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xXI0UEmCsEw
    About Zach: https://zachbushmd.com/video/the-highwire/

    • 1 u. 22 min.
    Alnoor Ladha: Oppression, Interconnection, Healing (E48)

    Alnoor Ladha: Oppression, Interconnection, Healing (E48)

    This rich dialog treats the evolution of activism beyond us-versus-them thinking, with special reference to current events around race, the indigenous, and the Amazon rainforest. Alnoor Ladha’s work focuses on the intersection of political organizing, systems thinking and narrative work. He was the co-founder and Executive Director of The Rules (TR), a global network of activists, organizers, designers, coders, researchers, writers and others focused on changing the rules that create inequality, poverty and climate change. Currently, he is active with Cura Da Terra (#CuraDaTerra), a campaign of and for the indigenous of the Amazon in their role as healers of the earth. Alnoor comes from a Sufi lineage and explores/writes about the intersection between politics and spirituality in times of crisis.

    The Rules: https://therules.org/

    • 1 u. 11 min.
    Vivian Dittmar: Befriending Fear (E47)

    Vivian Dittmar: Befriending Fear (E47)

    Vivian Dittmar is a teacher, speaker, and writer, author of the book The Power of Feelings. In this conversation we talk about the collective global field of uncertainty, the dynamics of birth and death, and the opportunity that Covid offers to befriend fear and follow its evolutionary power.

    Here is a guided meditation she offers on accessing the power of fear:

    She also shares with the audience a chapter on the power of fear from her book:

    Vivian's book, The Power of Feelings is here:

    Her upcoming book, The Inner GPS is here:

    • 1 u. 3 min.
    Farmer Rishi: The Gift Circle of Life (E46)

    Farmer Rishi: The Gift Circle of Life (E46)

    Rishi Kumar(https://farmerrishi.com), a former software engineer, is a gardening evangelist who uses gardening for personal, social, and ecological healing. We talk a lot about regeneration: how it is not just a set of techniques, but an orientation, a way of seeing, and a way of relating to the earth. We humans don't have to be outsiders to nature; we too are an organ of Gaia and can join the gift circle of life. I hope our conversation gives whomever listens a little extra encouragement to begin or to deepen their gardening, and to look at the nonprofit Rishi works with, Kiss the Ground (https://kisstheground.com).

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5.0 van 5
7 beoordelingen

7 beoordelingen

Cella71 ,

Living in the Gift

I have recently discovered Charles Eisenstein and what he provides me with is a believable new story. If we start to see life of one in abundance where if we share, we have enough. Then we are, like he says also in this podcast, só close.
Lynn is founder of the Pachamama alliance and she shares a story of transformation - rather than change - so powerful that it made the tears well up in my eyes. When my compassion gets touched like that, it is very inspiring and energizing. Thank you.

Tessa smits ,

In Love With Humanity

People like Charles Eisenstein make me fall in love with humanity again. We have so much potential if we dare to open up to new ideas and visions.

Barbara 777 ,


Visions opening a window to a much more beautiful world we know in our heart is possible, eloquent visions and intuitive wisdom, so much needed right now to be able to imagine such a world for all living beings. If you’ve always felt that this is possible somehow.. or felt that we have lost sight of the value of the unmeasurable. To do much better than we are doing through a collective evolution not a revolution. Uplifting podcasts that open your heart and mind to new pathways for humanity along with a deeply felt recognition. Thank you!

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