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Welcome to the F24 Podcast where every week I invite creatives of all sorts over to my studio in North Acton to talk about their lives and interactions with London, Culture and Creativity.

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Welcome to the F24 Podcast where every week I invite creatives of all sorts over to my studio in North Acton to talk about their lives and interactions with London, Culture and Creativity.

    Kid Acne On The F24 Podcast

    Kid Acne On The F24 Podcast

    Happy new year and welcome back to the f24 podcast. I hope you’ve all had a great festive period and started the decade in a good mindset. It was a crazy decade we just got through, let's hope loads was learnt and we can move forward in a much more positive and empathetical way.

    First of the F24 Podcast for the 2020’s and the first in the new studio, Kid Acne… He came and visited whist on a trip from Sheffield his home town to the city, I was amped, it was gonna be a dope Monday afternoon.
    Ive seen his work since I started painting and was always impressed by his unique style, really different to what I was seeing in London and in magazines, it always stood out..
    We’ve crossed paths over the years at various shows, jams etc.. Kid Acne or Edna has been
    Been in this culture for 3 decades now and has been dropping this unique style for nearly 25 years of that, that’s an incredible amount of work and it was a pleasure him coming round to tell us about it.. It as always isn’t their full story but this is great in-site to Kid Acnes, Sheffield, Culture and Creativity story. Enjoy this is F24.

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    King Fuel On The F24Podcast

    King Fuel On The F24Podcast

    So, this week.. actually, lets jump back a touch, I remember the first time I met Fuel, it was at my gallery in Brighton, one of those jaw dropping moments when you realise who’s in front of you.. As he was walking off, I nudged Vibes who was hanging out as usual and said a bit too loud, You V, that’s King Fuel.. I felt a little embarrassed as I think he heard, but I didn’t care, he’d graced my shop.
    A couple months ago I had the pleasure of going South of the River to have a coffee with King Fuel, who for as long as I’ve been in the scene has had his name come along with folklore, rumour and legend.
    We chatted over a few coffees for hours without noticing the time go by. We spoke about loads of stuff, the culture, London, parenthood, mind and soul, therapy music, smoking, adventures.. a whole bag of goodness, it was amazing, mind blowing and an absolute treat.. I had to ask him, come over to North Acton and jump on the podcast, he agreed. We left it a bit of time so that conversation wasn’t fresh in our minds and he came around on a Monday after lunch, I bunked work silenced my computers and phone, its King Fuel for fucksake.. and we chatted for another 3hours, it’s an amazing story, a deep journey hearing about Fuels life so far and his choices, experiences, memories and thoughts, and feelings about our culture, its meanings, reasons, everything, it was amazing.. and yes, I say amazing and wow about 50 times, sorry, but I mean it..
    A massive privilege having King Fuel over, this isn’t his whole story, the timelines not perfect but it’s over 30yrs of being Fuel. What an honour.
    This is King Fuel's London, Culture and Creativity story.. enjoy, this is f24.

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    Traphouse On The F24 Podcast

    Traphouse On The F24 Podcast

    This week, the Traphouse Tattooer.. You’ve seen his name around the city.. the first Traphouse painting I saw was on Berwick St over the old paperchase.. dope letters floating down a Soho street.
    Then I started to see it everywhere, then all over Instagram.. then friends talking, meeting, getting tattooed.. the wave had gained momentum.. 3yrs on I thought, that’d be an interesting chat.. I got to him; he’s about getting s**t done so two days later he was at the studio. He came along with a good friend and we got into it. He’s lived an interesting life so far with stories to back it up. Graffiti and crime were a major thing for him, and creativity came through it all, I love that ish..
    dudes lived a life… it’s a great insight into a trapper and creatives mind.
    Go check him @traphousetattooer on Instagram whilst you listen..

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    Tom Gerrard On The F24 Podcast

    Tom Gerrard On The F24 Podcast

    Im in Scotland, Elie in Fife to be precise and wow we’ve been lucky, beautiful sandy beach, amazing walks, great food and the weather.. goddam! Ive got a tan, although that’s pretty easy as I'm half Egyptian.

    Anyway, a much needed break and rest from work, I’m back in the city Monday to crack on with the rest of the year.

    Before I left for my holidays Australian Tom Gerrard came and visited me. Another artist Ive known for years and years.. We’ve painted, drunk, smoked, looked after each others friends

    with space to stay and also now both do a podcast about these creative lives we are living.

    Tom travels, like serious adventure travelling. Its been him and his wife's thing since meeting 20+ years ago. He’s from and based in Melbourne Australia and Tom gets us into that and tells us what it was like growing up there the 80’s and 90’s, a bit unconventional and quite dangerous for a 16yr old. He tells us what school was like, skating and his first graffiti experiences, friends and how those teen years went. We chat about the chance encounter with his to be wife, travelling the world and painting and the different paths he took until he gave in to the pressure and stepped up and went full time artist.

    It’s a dope story, Toms lived a full life so far and it was great catching him whilst he was in town preparing for the show hes curated at Stolen Space featuring his work alongside two other Australian artists.

    As Ive said, I’ve known Tom for years and it was great to fill in the gaps within the time I've known him over a couple beers and a smoke.

    Enjoy, this is F24.

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    Ed Skrein On The F24 Podcast

    Ed Skrein On The F24 Podcast

    Welcome back to the F24 Podcast, my name is David every couple weeks I go and sit with a creative either at my studio on theirs to chat about their lives and interactions with London Culture and Creativity.

    This is the 50th Episode! yes.. I’ve done 50 of these recordings.. I’ve been building an archive on the culture coming out of our city and country, getting stories from people’s experiences, thoughts and adventures and what a journey we’ve been on. I’ll be eternally grateful for everyone’s honesty and frankness about their experiences, the graffiti writer in me has fully geeked out on some of the insight we’ve been given and the wonderer in me gets to know why and how they became them. So happy I made this project come to life, it’s made me think about the other things I’ve made happen over the years, I got to say I’m proud.. Because at times like all of us I aint got a clue what where or when, thinking about what’s next, how so sort that.. we get bogged down and before you know it one problem becomes two. But a couple hours later, I’ve looked back at my achievements and they give me the strength to deal with the issue. I’ve done lots, yes, but it’s the all from the first achievement, whether that was sticking up for yourself and fighting, getting some dope tags in your manor, getting them grades in school, these are all things to be built from. I’ve hit some milestones this year, my 39th. Ones I thought were not possible or not going to happen, I did it.. It put a bit of pressure on next year but as I say.. take a minute, look back for sec, see the math and step forward. Step by step.. and you know what it seems like this guy did just that, the achievements he has hit in his life are one of rare occurrence. I’ve known him for nearly 20yrs.. He's been a creative force since I met him and he also mentioned my son in a couple tracks he was on when he rapped which made him invincible to me, another Norf Londoner, Actor Ed Skrien.
    Ed and I, we chat every so often on the phone, real great in-depth conversations that I truly look forward to and thoroughly enjoy so getting these 2 hours face to face was amazing with my brother was great. It’s been a minute. We get into loads of his history in London and specifically the influence of Camden, his unorthodox introduction to Hip Hop and how that passion grew through school years and his choices over the rest of his education. We chat about the great impact growing up in a multicultural city is like, meeting like-minded people and how Ed put his hand to many creative projects but always stayed himself. I have some great memories of the times him and the crew spent at the shop in Brighton.
    He’s achieved great things for him and his family and also for the culture has from, it’s been amazing watching his come up, his music, energy on the mic and now acting in major roles around the world.. Big up Ed this is some of his story // enjoy this is F24.
    Make sure you check the the recording out right till the end.. a dope throwback for you all.

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    Ben Eine On The F24 Podcast

    Ben Eine On The F24 Podcast

    This week, well another honour.. this guy’s throw up was in my manor of Kilburn and Edgeware Rd ever since I could read graffiti, and that was from young.. And when I started writing in 95 the, from what I thought was an SM throw up was amazing, unique, one-line greatness executed the same every time I studied it.. Knowing it had been in my vision since the 80’s, but you don’t really study then, its later on when you yourself paint, I knew to look at these tags / throws and really see the excellence and mastery of a tool and form of hieroglyph. It was that and Up’s throw ups that I really loved as a kid.. and did so for many years.. It was only in the mid two thousand I found out the SM throw up was Eine! It wasn’t an S with a M on top, it was Eine’s… I first met him outside Petros Paint Store in Brighton in 2000-2001 he put up a sticker with EINE in block letters repeated at 45 degrees, black on pink. I knew of him as a train painter, killer full colour wholecars.. I was obviously chuffed to meet him, but I wonder how much I would have geeked out had I known he was the throw up also.
    Watching what Eine did in the following years was crazy.. I think we all thought that. His transition into Art, street art wasn’t even a term then, doing things that we hadn’t seen done before, a name associated and placed in rooms and galleries that London writers hadn’t reached yet.. We get to hear about all of that, Ben brings us back to London in the 80’s and tells us about his early years and meeting like-minded others.. We talk about traveling, clubbing, train parties, painting and the beginning of his road into alphabet paintings on shutters, meeting Banksy and starting Pictures on Walls and everything that came after it, from learning to print on the job to having a painting given to President Obama..

    Another great chat.. what a lucky guy I am… I visited Ben at his studio in South London and we talked whilst he painted a canvas.. it was dope.. I recorded it for you as always..
    Go check him out at @einesigns on Instagram whilst you listen.. Enjoy.

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