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Andrew is back with a fresh and in-depth look at music for film/television, and why it's important. The show will dive into the creative and practical elements of what a soundtrack really is, in addition to interviews with composers, music supervisors, and artists.

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Andrew is back with a fresh and in-depth look at music for film/television, and why it's important. The show will dive into the creative and practical elements of what a soundtrack really is, in addition to interviews with composers, music supervisors, and artists.

    Daniel Pemberton & The Counselor – FilmTracks Ep. 24 (Audio)

    Daniel Pemberton & The Counselor – FilmTracks Ep. 24 (Audio)

    Join Andrew as he interviews Daniel Pemberton, composer of Ridley Scott's The Counselor.  In this interview they discuss his musical background, what it means to be a composer, and the details of the score itself.  Being so young, Daniel is a composer in the exclusive Ridley Scott composer club, which itself is a massive achievement.  It's a fascinating look inside the mind of a musician, and also a composer that is continuously working in the industry.  Cues notated in order of listening below:

    1 - The Hunter (The Counselor)
    2 - The Counselor (The Counselor)
    3 - The Lovers (The Counselor)
    4 - A Warning (The Counselor)
    5 - Seeing Through Ghosts (from The Awakening)
    6 - The Hunted (The Counselor)
    7 - All These Worlds (The Counselor)
    8 - Desert Star Septic (The Counselor)
    9 - Memories of Green - Vangelis (Blade Runner)
    10 - A Glorious Woman (The Counselor)
    11 - World You Have Created (The Counselor)

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    Steven Price & Gravity – FilmTracks Ep. 23 (Audio)

    Steven Price & Gravity – FilmTracks Ep. 23 (Audio)

    Last week, I was able to sit down and talk with Steven Price about his recent score Gravity, and I was left astounded by the unique method of composing and his creative relationship with director Alfonso Cuaron.  Enjoy this great interview with multiple clips from the score, in addition to a clip from Attack The Block.

    [jwplayer mediaid="2951"]


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    Cyril Morin & Zaytoun – FilmTracks Ep. 22 (Audio)

    Cyril Morin & Zaytoun – FilmTracks Ep. 22 (Audio)

    Sitting down with composer Cyril Morin was a humbling experience.  Talking about his recent release Zaytoun, we also discussed his enormous body of work which includes Borgia ,The Syrian Bride, Samsara, Zaina, and The Evolutionist.  Cyril also talked briefly about his upcoming directorial debut called The Activist.

    [jwplayer mediaid="2931"]


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    Heitor Pereira & Smurfs 2 – FilmTracks Ep. 21 (Audio)

    Heitor Pereira & Smurfs 2 – FilmTracks Ep. 21 (Audio)

    Stepping into Heitor Pereira's studio was an amazing experience.  With over twenty guitars in a side studio in addition to an amazing workstation, I knew I was stepping into a room with an eclectic musical history.  With his most recent work being the score of The Smurfs 2, we talked about a variety of subjects including his relationship with Hans Zimmer, his musical background, and his overall ideology of what film composing is all about.  It's a fascinating look into an excellent musician and film composer.  Enjoy!

    Download the mp3, or listen in iTunes!


    0 - 1:10: Smurfs 2 (Naughties Transformation)
    1:10 - 9:22: Discussion (Deconstructing the score)

    9:22 - 9:42: Smurfs 2 Clip (again, as example)
    9:42 - 14:58: Discussion

    14:58 - 15:45: Villa-Lobos (Bachianas Brasileiras No. 1 - Introduction)
    15:45 - 18:59: Discussion

    18:59 - 20:02: As Good As It Gets - My Only (Hans Zimmer w/Heitor)
    20:02 - 21:18: Discussion

    21:18 - 22:59: I Am Sam - Sam's Friends
    22:59 - 25:49: I Am Sam - Kramer x Kramer
    25:49 - 43:42: Discussion

    43:42 - 46:13: Heitor Pereira & Doug Smith - Dueling Guitars (August Rush)
    46:13 - 50:06: Discussion

    50:06 - 52:04: Smurfs 2 (He's Not My Father)
    52:04 - 56:49: Discussion

    56:49 - 1:00: The Third Man (Trap To Catch Harry) - Anton Karas
    1:00 - 1:11: Discussion (w/clips from Gustavo Santaolalla's Biutiful & Alan Silvestri's Death Becomes Her)

    1:11 - 1:14: Smurfs 2 (Essence in Paris, Is This What Happy Feels Like)
    1:14 - 1:17: Discussion & Finale

    1:17 - 1:21: It's Complicated (Hans Zimmer & Heitor Pereira)

    1:21 - 1:22: September 11 - You Should Have Seen This (Heitor Pereira)

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    Henry Jackman & Turbo – FilmTracks Ep. 20 (Audio)

    Henry Jackman & Turbo – FilmTracks Ep. 20 (Audio)

    Interviewing composer Henry Jackman was a deeply humbling experience. Not only was he incredibly knowledgable about music, but the conversation spanned from logistical elements of composing to the theoretical ideology of music to moving picture. Listen to the entire thing if you can, because everything comes full circle by the end. Enjoy.

    Download (320k mp3)


    0 - 3:29: Utopia Cue
    3:29 - 7:36: Discussion (Beginnings)
    7:36 - 10:45: Utopia Cue #2
    10:45 - 18:07: Discussion (Family & Musical History)
    18:07 - 22:41: The Art of Noise, The Seduction of Claude Debussy Cue
    22:41 - 25:42: Discussion (Early Albums & Experimentation)
    25:42 - 29:14: Transfiguration Cue
    29:14 - 39:25: Discussion (The fundamental elements of film scores & Hans Zimmer)
    39:25 - 40:52: Turbo Suite
    40:52 - 48:10: Discussion (de-constructing the score)
    48:10 - 49:44: Wreck-It-Ralph Cue
    49:44 - 50:39: Discussion (how he composes... the DNA)
    50:39 - 52:43: Puss N'Boots Cue
    52:43 - 53:34: Discussion (expanding on Puss N'Boots)
    53:34 - 54:49: Puss N'Boots Cue #2
    54:49 - 1:00:31: Discussion (working with directors.. the process)
    1:00:31 - 1:03:52: X-Men First Class
    1:03:52 - 1:11:46: Discussion (This is The End.. working with Seth Rogen)
    1:11:46 - 1:18:40: This Is The End Cue
    1:18:40 - 1:28:16: Discussion (advice for future film composers....)
    1:28:16 - 1:30:44: G.I. Joe, Retaliation Cue

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    Season Finale with Mark Isham – FilmTracks Ep. 19

    Season Finale with Mark Isham – FilmTracks Ep. 19

    In the last episode of FilmTracks, Andrew had distinguished guest Mark Isham to come and talk about his craft. From his days as one of the pioneering icons of electronic music to his current status as a world-renowned legendary film composer, Mark Isham continues to be one of the most prolific and provocative artists on the scene. His gift for creating unforgettable melodies and his love of fresh, innovative sonic palettes have earned Isham many awards including a Grammy, an Emmy, and a Clio, in addition to multiple Grammy, Academy Award and Golden Globe nominations for his material both as a composer and a recording artist. Most recently, Mark was honored by ASCAP with the Henry Mancini Award for Lifetime Achievement. Isham's musical signature is evident in his memorable scores for such notable films as Crash, awarded the Oscar for Best Picture in 2005 (Isham's score was named Best Soundtrack of 2005 by Cinescape.com), Bobby, nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Picture, and The Black Dahlia, with its critically lauded jazz noir soundtrack (awarded Best Score for a Drama Film - 2007, and nominated for Best Score of the Year by the International Film Music Critics Association). Other highlights include Eight Below, The Cooler, A River Runs Through It, Blade, Nell, Men of Honor, and The Secret Life of Bees. His list of collaborators in film is a veritable who's who of the entertainment industry - Robert Redford, Tom Cruise, Brian De Palma, Chick Corea, Jodi Foster, Robert Altman, Sting, Wil.I.Am, Sydney Lumet, Mick Jagger and too many more to name. As a performing artist, Mark has added his unique sound - melodic, moody, sexy and cool - to a wide variety of genres. He has graced the albums of such diverse artists as Bruce Springsteen, Willie Nelson, Lyle Lovett, Ziggy Marley, Joni Mitchell, The Rolling Stones, Chris Isaak, and Van Morrison. His solo recordings span from electronica and classic jazz to hip-hop and ethnic world music, receiving worldwide critical acclaim including Grammy nominations for his albums Castalia and Tibet, and a win for his Virgin Records release, Mark Isham. No matter the genre, medium, or venue, Mark Isham displays a boundless ability to electrify the listener with his talent for crafting evocative new musical worlds.

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