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    Hannah's Bananas: Back-To-School Podcast (#6)

    Hannah's Bananas: Back-To-School Podcast (#6)

    No talking. A mix to get you ready for school (or to rebel against it).

    Track list:
    1. Pink Floyd - Another Brick in the Wall
    2. Across the Universe Soundtrack - Jim Sturgess - Revolution
    3. Further Seems Forever - Madison Prep
    4. Q and not U - Hooray for Humans
    5. Jimmy Eat World - Work
    6. Hellogoodbye - Figures A&B
    7. She & Him - This is Not A Test
    8. Under the Influence of Giants - Stay Illogical
    9. Rilo Kiley - Science vs. Romance
    10. The Ordinary Boys ft. Lady Sovereign - 9 to 5

    • 36 min.
    HB Podcast Numba FIVE

    HB Podcast Numba FIVE

    Happy new yearrrrrr; it's just a date.

    1. Matt Nathanson - Come on Get Higher
    2. Feist - I Feel It All
    3. Astoria - Electricity
    4. Coldcut - This Island Earth
    5. Yo La Tengo - Today is the Day

    The last two remind me of 2008, and they welcome new beginnings. Good day and good night.

    • 21 min.
    Hannah's Bananas Segment #4: 2-Year Anniversary Ed.

    Hannah's Bananas Segment #4: 2-Year Anniversary Ed.

    Here it is! The long-awaited next installment of Hannah's Bananas.

    1. Ben Folds - Landed
    2. Everclear - Brown Eyed Girl
    3. An Angle - Unnoticeable
    4. Don McLean - American Pie
    5. Edith Piaf - Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien
    6. Lady Sovereign - Blah Blah

    Thank you to everyone for the prodding and poking and encouraging over the past 2 years, and for never letting me forget that even though I embarassed myself several times already, everyone wants more.

    • 24 min.
    Hannah's Bananas Segment #3: Music to Fall Asleep To

    Hannah's Bananas Segment #3: Music to Fall Asleep To

    Just relax, it's music straight through -- no Hannah talking -- and great for a nap. :)

    1. Dashboard Confessional - In A Big Country
    2. The Skygreen Leopards - Hello To All Your Rain
    3. Luke Temple - Private Shipwreck
    4. KT Tunstall - Silent Sea
    5. Blessed Light - Something More
    6. The Zutons - Not A Lot To Do
    7. Q and Not U - Sleeping The Terror Code
    8. Pierre Barouh - Samba Saravah
    9. Electric Birds - Stillness
    10. The Microphones - I Felt Your Shape
    11. Nick Drake - Northern Sky
    12. Eagle*Seagull - Hello Never
    13. Yo La Tengo - Don't Have To Be Sad

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    Hannah's Bananas Segment #2

    Hannah's Bananas Segment #2

    Sorry this took me so long to even upload! My upload speeds were at about ZERO for a week.

    WOW, the second podcast took way too long to make than it should have. It isn't as exciting as I'd hoped, but the next one will be better. It was almost like starting from scratch since I had to wait so long... haha.

    Music includes:
    Vertical Horizon
    Tal Bachman
    Taking Back Sunday
    The All-American Rejects

    Segment #3 will be SOON and EXCELLENT, I promise!

    • 32 min.
    Hannah's Bananas Segment #1

    Hannah's Bananas Segment #1

    This is my first podcast! It's quite exciting. I was thinking about this all day, so it was fun to finally sit down and make it.
    Hope you like! HAHA.
    yeah right.

    Stay tuned for segment #2 at the end of next week.
    Be sure to leave a comment and tell me what you think. :)

    • 30 min.

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