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Broadcast every other Thursday on futuremusic.fm this is IDENTIFY from Digital Distortions

IDENTIFY Digital Distortions

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Broadcast every other Thursday on futuremusic.fm this is IDENTIFY from Digital Distortions

    IDENTIFY - 14.12.2018

    IDENTIFY - 14.12.2018

    Hatch - Wild Style [3acidlines] [Section 27]
    Posthuman - Abaskan Control [Balkan]
    Simo Cell - La Pulga [Brothers From Different Mothers]
    TSVI - Whirl [Nervous Horizon]
    TSVI - Mesmerize [Nervous Horizon]
    Hugo Massien - Alien Shapes [E-Beamz]
    Soundbwoy Killah - Abra Cadabra [Sneaker Social Club]
    Bags Inc. - D Question [Unknown To The Unknown]
    P€PA & Z$OLI - Pzs_rave [E-Beamz]
    Stratton - Handled (Dealt with Mix) [Unknown To The Unknown]
    Frankie Castle & DJ Ford Foster - Shake That [Bleeper]
    Wevie Stonder - Ton Wah (Jerome Hill Remix) [Don't]
    DeFeKT - Dirty Diesel [Earwiggle]
    Ben Pest - EncoDERP [Varvet]
    Kings Of The Hill - Crunk [SWB]
    Luke Randall - Pixel Riddim [SWB]
    Neil Landstrumm ft. Alan Parley - Modini29 (Sunil Sharpe Remix) [RIOT Radio]
    Farron - Yenoh [Renascence]
    Rory St John - Rotoscopus [Voitax]
    Locked Club ft. Vadim Seleznev - Svoboda [Private Persons]
    Jensen Interceptor & Assembler Code - VVS [Cultivated Electronics]
    Ingen - Cow Lip (Warlock Remix) [Death Bunker]
    Kid Drama, DLR & Ulterior Motive ft. Hydro - Dredger [CNVX]
    Revaux - Sludge [Flexout Audio]
    Invadhertz ft. Flipz MC - In the Area [Delta9 Recordings]
    Kutlo - No Data [Delta9 Recordings]
    Data 3 - Komparen [Flexout Audio]
    Submarine - Malibu 1973 [1985 Music]
    Monty ft. Charli Brix - Games [Flexout Audio]

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    Mallory - IDENTIFY - 30.11.2018 + DVS NME

    Mallory - IDENTIFY - 30.11.2018 + DVS NME

    Morphology – Sentinel [Cultivated Electronics]
    214 - Snow Banks [Klakson]
    Alpha_606 - Zombie King [Cultivated Electronics]
    Calderin – Sudor [Cultivated Electronics]
    Umwelt – Time Crystal [Voitax]
    Developer - The resistance [Modularz]
    Yan Cook – Skafandr [Delsin]
    Rene Wise - Sapo Scream [Mote Evolver]
    w1b0 - PumpJack Four [Bass Agenda]
    Clip - Grip (P.E.A.R.L. Remix) [Stale]
    Developer - He Was [Modularz]
    Tadeo - Hand up Hand down [Another Intelligence]
    DOLD - Express Route [Blue Hour]
    Opål – Eclipse [Counterweight]
    Dax J - Midnight Vigil [Monnom Black]

    DVS NME - Guest Mix

    Elecktroids - Thermo Science
    Obergman - Hyksos
    Miss Kittin & The Hacker - Miss Crazy Bullshit
    E.R.P. - Perfume Persuasion
    Ashtar Lavanda - Unsolved Mysteries
    Deemphasis & DVS NME - The March
    Versalife - Exosuit
    Technova - The Hanging Garden
    Mumm - Pixelfehler
    Microthol - Binary Systems
    DMX Krew - RAM Expansion
    Datawave - Back To Earth
    Code Rising - Beat Machines
    Aquatronics - Hydrospheres

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    Bushby - IDENTIFY - 16.11.2018

    Bushby - IDENTIFY - 16.11.2018

    Crypticz - The Path [Cosmic Bridge]
    Boxcutter - Dream Gator (with Ken & Ryu) [Cosmic Bridge]
    Malou Morkeberg & Jezz - Come Back [Sequel One]
    Pepsi Slammer - Mike Alert [Original Version] [Dope Plates]
    HESK - Ride In My Truck [HESK]
    Itoa - You're the One for Me [Exit Records]
    Symbiotic Sounds - 808 Kick Drum (Cesrv Remix) [Sequel One Records]
    OAKK - Divinity (Anna Morgan's Titties Droppin Remix) [Aufect Recordings]
    Philip D Kick - Work That [Astrophonica]
    DJ Please - All Junglist Unite [Electroass]
    Itoa - Ever Orbit [Exit Records]
    Philip D Kick - Drown [Astrophonica]
    Autosymbol - Lovin' The Crew (Auxiliary Mix) [Sequel One]
    Seimei - Off The Dance Floor [Trekkie Trax]
    EAN - I Bus' The Mic [Cosmic Bridge]
    Riffz - Sick Of All Bullshit [Sequel One]
    Mokujin - Ping Tune
    Breaka - Leave Your Dirt At The Door [Sequel One]
    DJ Please - Stella's Groove [Electroass]
    Spirit - Fathoms [Inneractive]
    Forest Drive West - Nothing Else [Rupture London]
    Rufige Kru - Stormtroopa [Metalheadz]
    Mister Shifter - Dreada [Flexout Audio]
    Voltage - Mood Swings [Metalheadz]
    Amoss - Speckle [Dispatch Recordings]
    Arkaik - Wusi Street [Flexout Audio]
    War - Come Cross [Dispatch Recordings]
    Bredren - The Legion (Fre4knc Remix) [Flexout Audio]
    Kiril - Strike [Critical Music]
    Rizzle - Provocation [Dispatch Recordings]
    Skeptical, dBridge - I've Seen [Exit Records]
    Gremlinz & Jesta - Untitled (Responsible) [Rupture London]
    Amoss - Century Seven [Dispatch Recordings]

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    Mallory - IDENTIFY - 02.11.2018

    Mallory - IDENTIFY - 02.11.2018

    Veronica Maximova - Who Cares [Voitax]
    Exhausted Modern - 2½ minutes to midnight [Brokntoys]
    Elements Of Joy - Les Conséquences de Mes Actes [Brokntoys]
    Nehuen - Las Masquinas [MosRecordings]
    Assembler Code & Jensen Interceptor - Drive Shift (The Hacker Remix) [Mechatronica]
    Lewski - Decommissioned Andriods [Wolfskuil Ltd]
    Galaxian - Trigger Action [Earwiggle]
    Broken Voltage Control - 85
    Versalife - Exosuit [Trust]
    Prinx Hashime - miles dead for monsters [Progressive Future]
    Iteration Corporation - Escape Velocity [Pulse Drift]
    Lewski - Occultation [Patron Records]
    SARIN - Jigar [X-img]
    DeFeKT - Dirty Diesel [Earwiggle]
    Replicants - I Like The Way You Focus [Earwiggle]
    Tell Her - Flux (Wallis Lets Go Camping in the Woods Remix) [Obscure Unfound]
    Orphx - Pain Is A Teacher [Sonic Groove]
    Rommek - Arkose [Blueprint]
    Giant Swan - The Sun Inside Jaden Smith [Earwiggle]
    Bylly - Right To Remain Silent [La Chinerie]
    Corroid - Eve im Datenrausch [User Experience]
    Ly Sas - Agony (Henge Remix) [Variance]
    Flug - Rave (Coyu Raw Mix) [Suara]
    Imogen - Flesh [Earwiggle]
    Anthro - Black Veil Bride (JoeFarr remix) [.Pls]
    Historical Repeater – Leisure [Earwiggle]
    Umwelt - De-Extinction [Earwiggle]
    Repart - Prolix (Lars Huismann Remix) [Animal Farm]
    Kangding Ray – Sarma [Blocaus]
    LSD - Process 1 [Ostgut Ton]
    Tell Her - Neural (Graeson Remix) [Obscure Unfound]
    Morphology - Probing Desire [Pulse Drift]

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    Bushby - IDENTIFY - 19.10.2018

    Bushby - IDENTIFY - 19.10.2018

    Temisan Adoki - Itsu [All In The Family]
    SE62 - Night People [Hot Haus]
    Skudge - Below (Brawther Steroids Mix) [Skudge]
    Spatial - Sufani [Ultramajic]
    Ray Kandinski - Needless To Say (Part I) [E-Beamz]
    Alan Fitzpatrick - RAW [Unknown To The Unknown]
    Alphonse - Keep Watch [Klasse Wrecks]
    Martyn - Angels [Dolly]
    Granary 12 - MancMania [Balkan]
    Death To False Life vs DyLAB - 404 Remix [New York Haunted]
    Bass Kittens - Play It Backwards (Single Cell Orchestra Remix) [Pretension]
    Dead Sound - Fair [Null+Void]
    Stenny - Curve K [RFR Records]
    Assembler Code & Jensen Interceptor - Random Pain [Mechatronica]
    Datawave - Stratoforms [Mechatronica]
    Ebb - Wild Wood [Fox & Hound]
    Symbiotic Sounds - 808 Kick Drum (Cesrv Remix) [Sequel One Records]
    Sinistarr - 55555 [Beat Machine]
    Itoa - Ever Orbit [Exit Records]
    Paul Blackford ft. Vitamin - Full Metal Jacket (SmashBack Remix) [Digital Distortions]
    Arkaik - Big Data [Flexout Audio]
    Metafloor - Mo Power (Moresounds Remix) [Aufect Recordings]
    Hubwar - 34th Dance [Weapons Of Choice]
    Thing - Nineties [DubThing]
    Lao Wai - Birthplace [Delta9 Recordings]
    Subduktion - Commonism [ShadowTrix Music]
    OAKK - Hysterical (Kabuki Remix) [Aufect Recordings]
    Run the Jewels ft. Big Boi - Banana Clipper [Fool's Gold]
    Signs - Scanner [Saturate Records]
    Reso - Loaf Eye [Slugwife]

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    IDENTIFY - 05.10.2018 w/ Mallory + Nanobot

    IDENTIFY - 05.10.2018 w/ Mallory + Nanobot

    2200 - 0000 FRIDAY -> http://futuremusic.fm

    Straight outta Leeds... Mallory is back in the hot seat and is mixing up a whole host of new Electro and Techno followed by a guest mix from Nanobot.

    • 1 u. 59 min.

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