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Featuring masterminds with real estate leaders, coaches and influencers PLUS eye-opening strategy sessions with up-and-coming agents, you'll learn exactly how to go from Agent to Entrepreneur.

Level Up - From Agent to Entrepreneur Greg Harrelson - Real Estate Broker, Entrepreneur & Coach

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Featuring masterminds with real estate leaders, coaches and influencers PLUS eye-opening strategy sessions with up-and-coming agents, you'll learn exactly how to go from Agent to Entrepreneur.

    STOP Trying to Be Disciplined- Start Building the Environment that Supports Your Goals

    STOP Trying to Be Disciplined- Start Building the Environment that Supports Your Goals

    Most people think achieving our dreams only happens when we’re disciplined, but the reality is, we have to set up environments that support our goals. How can we create conditions that keep us accountable? Do we need to plan our time before setting goals if we want to be sure we can achieve them? On this episode, we share that we can achieve anything we set our minds to, as long as we create the right environment.  

    Create a support system for everything you do. -Greg Harrelson
    Takeaways + Tactics 

    Create a support system. The more people we tell our goals to, the more likely we are to follow through on our commitments. 
    Establish conditions that ensure commitment. One way of doing this is by telling our support systems we will forfeit money if we don’t make good on our promises. 
    Stop worrying about how a goal will be achieved, just commit already. Once we’ve decided to reach a goal, we can start planning how to execute it.

    • 20 min.
    Hot Markets Cause More Problems than Down Markets

    Hot Markets Cause More Problems than Down Markets

    Many agents seem relieved that there hasn’t been a major shift in the market yet, but the truth is, we should be welcoming a down market. Why should we be embracing a potential downturn? What are the pitfalls of a hot market? Is there a way to maintain our results, regardless of the market we’re in? Matt Johnson and I discuss these questions and more on this episode of the show.  

    In a down market, agents wake up fearful and hungrier for success. We have to bring that same energy to a hot market. -Greg Harrelson 
    Takeaways + Tactics 

    Don’t get too excited about hot markets. While they sound enticing, in reality, they tend to cause complacency among agents and ultimately, hinder our growth. 
    Embrace the fear that comes with down markets. When we wake up everyday fearing that our livelihood is at stake, we’re more motivated to put in the necessary hard work.
    Stay hungry, regardless of the market. Even if we’re currently in a hot market and performing relatively well, we need to remind ourselves what motivated us in the first place.

    • 20 min.
    How to Achieve Higher Quality Results From Calling w/Kevin Mills

    How to Achieve Higher Quality Results From Calling w/Kevin Mills

    To be successful in real estate, we have to get more comfortable with the idea of making cold calls. How often should we be making these calls and how can we better develop our abilities over the phone? Should we be contacting expireds as soon as possible if we want to see results? On this episode, the number one Century 21 Realtor in the world for number of properties sold, Kevin Mills, shares how to cold call more effectively. 

    Don’t start by calling expireds. If you go into that too soon, you may end up being thrown easily. -Kevin Mills
    Takeaways + Tactics 

    Making cold calls is non-negotiable. We have to make calls every single day to ensure neighborhoods know who we are. 
    Practice makes perfect. Making calls is a skill we have to keep developing if we want to see results. 
    Don’t start by calling expireds. These are the contacts we need to work towards, so before contacting them, we have to be comfortable on the phone, and be able to handle rejection.

    At the start of this episode, we heard that once we implement effective cold calling, we have to be patient to see our results. We also discussed the importance of consistency and a constant hunger for success. 
    On this episode we also discussed: 

    Why we need to believe we’re always 60 days away from being out of business
    The importance of hiring a coach
    How to handle rejection over the phone better

    Guest Bio- 
    Kevin Mills is a top producer in South Carolina, and the number one Century 21 Realtor in the world for number of properties sold. Despite only having 6 full years in the industry, Kevin has had tremendous success thanks to his constant hunger for better results. He is an avid cold caller, and believes his success comes from constant practise with clients over the phone. Kevin also attributes much of his success to starting each day at zero, and is known in the industry for saying he’s always 60 days away from going out of business. 
    To find out more about Kevin, head to https://www.barefootrealty.com/kevin-mills/ 
    And call him on 843 213 8754
    You can also email him on KevinMillsC21@gmail.com

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    How to Become a Local Social Media Rockstar w/Carlos G

    How to Become a Local Social Media Rockstar w/Carlos G

    As entrepreneurs, social media can be the thing that sets us apart from the competition in the eyes of our potential clients. What are the biggest barriers to posting, and how do we overcome them? How do we build visibility and impact with social media? What tools can we use to put out valuable and relevant content?
    On this episode, real estate agent and marketing expert, Carlos G, shares how agents can start winning the social media game. 

    Social media doesn’t change the fact that you have to get up everyday and generate new business and follow up, but you also need to add in the layer of visibility, presence and content. -Brendon Payne 
    Takeaways + Tactics 

    Social media doesn’t make the grind, lead generation and follow up unnecessary, but not having that presence takes away from our relevance and could mean us losing out to an agent who has it. 
    When we meet people in person, we look the way we look and we sound the way we sound. There’s nothing different when we’re on video. 
    If we want to figure out what we believe, all we have to do is look at what we’ve got. If we want more, we have to change something. 
    Our social media content should be 90% value and 10% entertainment.

    At the start of the show, Carlos shared how he got into real estate, and how attention is the most challenging thing for entrepreneurs to capture online. Next, we talked about the 3 things entrepreneurs need to have to be able to succeed and how to use social media as a megaphone. We talked about why we shouldn’t approach social media like celebrities do, and the steps we can take to get started on social media. 
    We also talked about:

    Why social media isn’t a magic pill for success in real estate 
    How to build visibility and impact 
    How to overcome the fear of putting content out online

    Guest Bio- 
    Carlos is an entrepreneur, real estate coach and podcast host. He is the founder of Get the Attention, a service that helps real estate agents hone their sales and marketing skills. For more information, visit https://www.gettheattention.com/ and look for his podcast, Get the Attention.

    • 47 min.
    How to Run a Successful Franchise w/Rhyan Finch

    How to Run a Successful Franchise w/Rhyan Finch

    There are a lot of moving parts in a franchise business, so it’s important for franchisors to assist their franchisees in any way they can. How can we help our franchisees to see better results, and why is it important to check in with them regularly? Why should we know each individual franchisee’s visions for success?
    On this episode, author and founder of 1st Class Real Estate, Rhyan Finch, shares how to run a successful franchise business. 

    Measure everything and know your numbers. -Rhyan Finch
    Takeaways + Tactics 

    Help save time and energy for franchisees by offering them training and resources. By assembling lists of the right information, we can speed up their success. 
    Measure everything. It’s impossible to run a successful business without knowing the numbers, so be sure to check in with franchisees regularly. 
    Vision is vital, so help cultivate it. By assisting franchisees in defining their idea of success, they can better serve their own needs and ultimately, bring more success into the franchise on the whole.

    On this episode, we discussed why we need to focus on helping our teams reach their goals, in order to achieve our own. We spoke about how helping others increases our chances of success, and explained why entrepreneurs need to define their purpose. 
    We also discussed:

    Why being open to adapting is crucial in real estate
    The importance of knowing what motivates our franchisees
    How a transparent work environment fosters successful results

    Guest Bio- 
    Rhyan Finch first entered real estate in 2006, and through trial, error and adaptations, today he is the broker, owner, and founder of 1st Class Real Estate & leader of The Rhyan Finch team. He is also the author of Explode: The Proven System To Sell 500 Homes A Year While Keeping A Balanced Life. 
    For Rhyan’s book, head to: https://www.amazon.com/Explode-Proven-System-Keeping-Balanced/dp/1514239213 
    You can also find out more about him on   
    And finchteam.com 
    You can also email him on rhyan@1stclassagents.com for more information, and call him on 255 504 4636

    • 35 min.
    Spotlight Episode of 2019 - “Century 21 Young Guns on How to Build a Listing-Based Business FAST! Btw...They are all under 25 Years Old!”

    Spotlight Episode of 2019 - “Century 21 Young Guns on How to Build a Listing-Based Business FAST! Btw...They are all under 25 Years Old!”

    As we enter 2020, we decided to take a look back at our show this past year and highlight an episode that we found important and our audience enjoyed. Here’s an episode from this past summer that showcases the drive of some of the young talent in our industry and what it takes to succeed. 
    In today’s world of instant gratification, a lot of people are looking for shortcuts to success. Are there any shortcuts we could be taking? What are the benefits of starting slow- and are there any risks of delaying our success by taking the long route? On this episode, we’re asking Century 21’s Young Gun Panel- Thomas o’Malley, Hunter Baiden and Anthony Velazquez- how they’ve set up great foundations for their businesses before the age of 25.

    The more time you invest in yourself, the better results you’ll get. -Anthony Velazquez
    Takeaways + Tactics 

    Establish a routine. The benefits of waking up early to exercise and performing a routine every single morning at the office are immeasurable.
    Focus on building a database. By establishing a routine in which we contact between 60 and 100 people a day, we’re building a solid database that will benefit us in the long run.
    Create a balance between focus and fun. Maintaining focus is obviously important at work, but it’s also vital that we take time away from work to have fun. By allowing ourselves to unwind, we can reset our stress levels and function optimally at work.

    At the start of the episode, the Young Gun Panel explained that their backgrounds in sports gave them a great foundation for working in real estate. However, all of them agreed that without remaining consistent and intentional, their businesses wouldn’t be as well-grounded as they are today. The episode ended with a reminder that building a good foundation is crucial in order to create a thriving business.
    On this episode we discussed 

    Why making cold calls trains us in how to deal with different personalities
    The importance of investing in ourselves and our businesses
    That we need to commit to a long-term game and acknowledge the risk for downfalls upfront

    The early stages of building a business are an exciting time. However, we need to remember that these early stages require a foundation to be built. Value this time as something that allows us to build databases and set up valuable routines. It’s important to stay focused on our goals, but remember no to burn ourselves out. The momentum stage is only the beginning of what’s to come.
    Guest Bio- 
    Thomas O’Malley is a real estate agent at Century 21 The Harrelson Group. While he grew up in New York, Thomas has been a regular visitor to the Grand Strand for as long as he can remember. His love for the area inspired him to begin a career as an agent in the Grand Strand. Today, he works alongside Brendon Payne at C21, and strives to provide a hassle-free experience to all his clients. 
    To contact Thomas, email him on ThomasOMalleyC21@gmail.com
    Hunter Baiden was born and raised in the Grand Strand area. Having grown up seeing the growth of the area, he was inspired to be a part of it all. He hopes to have as positive an impact on the Grand Strand community as it has had on his life. Hunter is a real estate agent at Century 21 The Harrelson Group, and is passionate about offering a transparent service to his clients.
    To contact Hunter, email him on hbaidenc21@gmail.com
    You can also call him directly on (843) 503-9988
    Anthony Velazquez is a real estate agent at Century 21 The Greg Harrelson Group. Anthony attributes a lot of his drive to seeing entrepreneurship first-hand, working for his father’s construction company from the age of 14. On top of this extensive work experience, Anthony is determined to further his skills through education. He’s currently enrolled as a full-time student at Horry Georgetown Technical College

    • 45 min.

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