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Music plays a huge role in queer life. With so many memories, anecdotes and other stories that have songs attached to them, it would be a shame if no one would ever share them.

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Music plays a huge role in queer life. With so many memories, anecdotes and other stories that have songs attached to them, it would be a shame if no one would ever share them.

    Fear of your Thoughts

    Fear of your Thoughts

    cw: (Internalised) Queerphobia

    This episode could get quite confrontational. We’ve all had some moments where we would doubt our own identity, but a “fear of queer people” is very serious. We’re diving deep into Victoria’s psyche and try to untangle their thoughts. Latvia has a long way to go when it comes to the acceptance of queer people, so to have this as the environment to grow up in, comes with some severe consequences. Don’t worry though. It doesn’t get too graphic or painful.

    What’s more in this episode: Leather pants, more Eurovision and two people trying not to be horrible at playing guitar. We don’t actually play guitar on the pod though, so nothing to worry about there either.

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    Flashback Track: Iron Maiden – Fear of the Dark
    Queer Artist Spotlight: Destroy Boys – Nerve
    Best Live Experience: Måneskin – In Nome Del Padre
    Most Recent Discovery: Greta van Fleet – Heat Above


    active rainbow: https://www.instagram.com/active_rainbow/
    Destroy Boys Controversy: https://www.reddit.com/r/swmrs/comments/i0wbdi/what_are_people_thinking_about_destroy_boys/

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    Travel Europe, See What You Might Find

    Travel Europe, See What You Might Find

    When Cathy left Greece to travel Europe it was an opportunity to go on a journey of self-discovery. This wasn’t the intention they set out with though. The reason they left their birthplace wasn’t clear when they left, to be honest. However, the way they put it: as a child they were always destined for something great. They were right: they’re queer. Meeting new people in so many different countries helped Cathy to figure out their gender, their poetry and general love for life.

    What’s more this episode: a shameless discussion on American early aughts alt rock. This nostalgia fuelled subgenre is a surprisingly common spark to light a musical fire. It didn’t always age too well but the first time you hear 3 Doors Down on the radio can be weirdly impactful.

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    Flashback Track: The Calling – Wherever You May Go
    Queer Artist Spotlight: LP- Lost on You
    Best Live Experience: Natassa Bofiliou – En Lefko
    Most Recent Discovery: Todrick Hall – Nails, Hair, Hips, Heels


    Active Rainbow: https://www.instagram.com/active_rainbow/
    Tunefind: https://tunefind.com

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    Vienna Trans Central

    Vienna Trans Central

    Dominique Mras is the first Vienna trans politician in the city council. She’s a rising star in local politics, which makes interviewing her an absolute joy. Like a well-trained politician, she avoids answering questions directly. Instead, she tends to look at the bigger picture. I did manage to get some great personal stories though. So, she’s just as fun to listen to, as it is to talk to her.

    Amongst this bigger picture stuff is leftist infighting. As the occasional self-proclaimed centrist, she thinks providing social housing for people should not be seen as a radical left standpoint. However, both left and right-wing people tend to disagree. Another issue is, of course, Vienna trans healthcare. Transphobia, in *my* Europe? It's more likely thank you think.

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    Flashback Track: Gigi D’Agostino – L’Amour Toujours
    Queer Artist Spotlight: David Bowie – Space Oddity
    Best Live Experience: Linkin Park – Bleed It Out
    Recent Discovery: Gazal – Regenbogenlove

    Dominique on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/happysozi/
    SPÖ: https://www.alsergrund.spoe.wien/personen/dominique-mras/
    Districts of Vienna (wiki): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Districts_of_Vienna

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    Teenage Girls as Social Consciousness

    Teenage Girls as Social Consciousness

    For episode 50 I decided not to do anything special, but just a regular conversation with someone who feared to be too plain for this episode. Eva Marta, like other teenage girls, just tried to be normal. This led to her hiding her love for hugely popular boybands. It’s absurd to think that some people dismiss a widely popular act because it’s target audience is highschool kids.

    Whether it’s music or social issues, teenagers are a good insight into what’s current. Personally, I also had some issues with a n un just sense of cultural superiority back in the day. Did classmates ever shame you for something you liked? Share your stories though the contact link below.

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    Flashback Track: The Beatles – A Hard Day’s Night
    Queer Artist Spotlight: Sylvester – You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)
    Best Live Experience: One Direction – Best Song Ever
    Most Recent Discovery: The Boondocks – Whatever You Said Went Over My Head


    Hannah Ewens – Fangirls: https://www.vice.com/en/article/d3nnqx/hannah-ewens-fangirls-book
    Troye Sivan Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/TroyeSivan18/videos
    Eva Marta’s Bachelor Thesis: https://skemman.is/bitstream/1946/31506/1/Thesis%20Final%20Submission%20Eva%20Marta%20Sokk.pdf

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    Chaotic Good Eurodance Party

    Chaotic Good Eurodance Party

    It’s been a long time since the heights Eurodance Fad. Since then this specific subcategory of nineties and zeroes pop is surrounded by a stigma of poor taste and a lack of any credibility. Licia is here to throw all those preconceived notions right out the window. The enthusiasm with which Licia talks about subjects others might dismiss as a guilty pleasure is infectious. Nothing needs to make sense as long as you’re having fun.

    What’s more in this episode: getting into hardcore punk while trying to hide your love for Norwegian pop, dealing people who don’t know how to act around blind people, and our guesses for the 2021 song of the year!

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    Flashback Track: Dina – Bli Hos Meg
    Queer Artist Spotlight: Limp Wrist – Want Us Dead
    Best Live Experience: The Get Up Kids -Holiday
    Most Recent Discovery: Pitsa – Avokaado (leidsin ta)


    Finest fm: https://www.finestfm.fi/
    Raadio 2 Aastahitt (viki); https://et.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raadio_2_Aastahitt
    R2 Aastahitt Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4XbAXBJ9YSlDBGvrVN3WLF?si=f36c7b72803d41e0

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    The Bored Trans Parent

    The Bored Trans Parent

    You might think being a trans parent is very different from parenting as a cis person but that’s just a bold assumption. Sure, there might be some issues to get out of the way, but after that small extra step being a trans parent is, to use Aubree Calvin’s words: Uneventful. Trips to the playground, the much needed night off, Bree has been through it all with as much love as any other Maddy would.

    We totally failed to mention this on the pod, but I got in touch with Aubree through our mutual friend Leigh of History is Gay fame. I got the honour of co-hosting an episode of this wonderfully nerdy podcast, like Aubree has done before me. Check the links below to find out all about this and all her other work.

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    Flashback Track: Tiffany – I Think We’re Alone Now
    Queer Artist Spotlight: Chastity Brown – Whisper
    Best Live Experience: Corinne Bailey Rae – Closer
    Recent Discovery: Andrea Gibson – I Sing the Body Electric, Especially When My Power’s Out


    Southern Queeries: https://www.southernqueeries.com/
    Tommy James and the Shondells – I Think We’re Alone Now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hFWhTqLSVzE
    A sample of Aubree’s writing in Gay Parent Mag: https://aubreecalvin.com/2021/07/07/july-2021-gay-parent-magazine-alternatives-to-mothers-and-fathers-day/
    History is Gay feat. Aubree: https://www.historyisgaypodcast.com/listen/2020/08/15/episode-31-the-gaymother-of-rock-n-roll

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3 Ratings

NKapteyn_ ,

Queer or not...

Queer or not, this podcast has great talks to listen to! Truly covers every issue about the music industry, personal stuff everyone can relate to, and so much more. Keep on going Hannah !

faarax. ,


Recently discovered this podcast through lieven and i really like it a lot! 💜💜

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