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Jeb Blount is the bestselling author of People Buy You and an internationaly recognized expert on sales. He believes that Sales Professionals are the Elite Athletes of the Business World. On the Sales Gravy podcast Jeb teaches you how to open more doors, close bigger deals, and rock your commission check.

Sales Gravy: Jeb Blount Jeb Blount

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Jeb Blount is the bestselling author of People Buy You and an internationaly recognized expert on sales. He believes that Sales Professionals are the Elite Athletes of the Business World. On the Sales Gravy podcast Jeb teaches you how to open more doors, close bigger deals, and rock your commission check.

    How to Ramp Salespeople Up Fast On New Sales Technology

    How to Ramp Salespeople Up Fast On New Sales Technology

    Most sales organizations and sales enablement teams are actively seeking ways to ramp salespeople up fast on new sales technology.

    Likewise, many sales leaders and executives have experienced the frustration of investing in Sales Tech only to see it go unused by their sellers. If you've been there, you know that it's a huge waste of money when sales teams fail to adopt sales tools.

    On this episode of the Sales Gravy Podcast, Jeb Blount, Sr (Author of Fanatical Prospecting) and Sean Adams (Head of Sales for iorad), discuss how to ramp salespeople up fast on new sales technology and the keys to teaching salespeople how leverage sales technology to become more productive.

    At Sales Gravy we are constantly adding free sales training resources to our growing library of downloads. Check them out here: https://salesgravy.com/resources/

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    Sales Success is Paid For In Advance With Prospecting

    Sales Success is Paid For In Advance With Prospecting

     “God, when I cross the truth, give me the awareness to receive it the consciousness to recognize it the presence to personalize it the patience to preserve it and the courage to live it.” ― Matthew McConaughey, Greenlights

    The number one reason for failure in sales is an empty pipeline. The number one reason for an empty pipeline is the failure to prospect every day, every day, every day.

    This is the truth. A brutal, universal, and undeniable truth. But, of course, the truth, as the saying goes, is like poetry and everyone effing hates poetry.

    A few weeks back, my 24-year-old son was delivering a telephone prospecting workshop to a group of sales development reps (SDRs) who were all about his age. Early in the training, one of the reps pointed out that my mega-bestselling book Fanatical Prospecting, “Was written a while back.” And asked, “Is it even relevant anymore?”

    The young, always eager for the next bright, shiny thing and ready to chunk any ideas perceived to be “old.” That’s always been true from one generation to the other.


    What is also true though is that sales reps of all generations, for at least the past 125 years, have been willing to make any excuse, and I mean any excuse, to avoid the grind and pain of prospecting. And that’s exactly what this young man was seeking to do.

    He wanted my son to let him off the hook. To say that prospecting was old-school, that the marketing department should deliver hot leads on a silver platter and that he could while away the sales day sending asynchronous, automated email spam to prospects on his company’s sales engagement platform and call that prospecting.

    Mostly, he wanted validation that “that the telephone didn’t work anymore” and he could avoid talking to people.

    My son responded, “What do you think has changed in the past six years?”

    The young SRD shot back, “Well, nobody answers the phone anymore.”

    At that, my son pulled up his prospecting list for the day, showed it to the group, and said, “Ok, let’s test your hypothesis.” Then, he began dialing, right in front of the SDRs.

    In the first fifteen dials, he spoke to four decision makers and set two appointments. Then turned to the group and asked, “Any more questions?”

    Cased closed. As Elvis Presley said so aptly, “The truth is like the sun. You can shut it out for a time, but it ain’t goin’ away.”


    Of course, there are loud voices, mostly on social media outlets, who shout that cold calling is dead, the telephone is dead, sales is dead, and one form or another of prospecting is dead – depending on which way the wind is blowing that day.

    Still others shout loudly from their “holier than thou” mountain top that robots and AI should take the place of people for sales prospecting activity. They argue that allowing these bots to spam stupid humans via email, text, and direct messaging is the secret to all present and future sales success.

    It isn’t. People hate robots and spammers. Put these two annoyances together and it only serves to turn prospects off and teach them to ignore generic, mindless robot messages.

    “Being loud,” says Mark Homer, in Uncommon Sense, “doesn’t increase the value or validity of their opinion. In fact, often by the very nature of being the loudest, those opinions are typically the furthest from reality.”

    The young sales rep in the story above is among the multitudes of sales professionals who are susceptible to these messages that pander to their fear and discomfort with interrupting strangers with prospecting activity.

    On a perpetual trip to delusionville and burdened by confirmation bias,

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    How to Sell More and Still Have Fun Over the Holidays

    How to Sell More and Still Have Fun Over the Holidays

    During the holiday season, sales professionals face a host of difficult challenges. The holidays offer a perfect excuse not to go out and prospect new business. It is harder to close deals in December and create urgency with pipeline opportunities, let alone engage and get meetings with new prospects.

    And now more than ever, it's critical to have proper time discipline to reach your goals and crush your number as the end of the year approaches, while also setting yourself up to have a robust Q1 pipeline in the new year.

    In this conversation between Jeb Blount (Fanatical Prospecting) and Anthony Iannarino (Eat Their Lunch), they break down exactly how to deal with these end of year roadblocks and truly outsell the holidays.

    You'll learn how to sell more and still have fun over the holidays!

    You get specific tips, tactics, and techniques for compelling buyers to act, prospecting, time management, and keeping your pipeline full so you start the new year strong.

    Jeb and Anthony will also teach you how to:

    Target high potential prospects who have an urgency to buy now— maybe they have left over budget or are looking for year-end specials for products or services

    Create urgency with pipeline opportunities by using the emotional and business outcome value equation

    Build your Q1 pipeline with targeted lists and daily outbound prospecting

    Develop a daily battle rhythm with high intensity activity sprints and time blocking strategies

    Also find out:

    How much is too much when it comes to holiday promotions and marketing offers.

    Listen to the podcast or watch the video HERE.

    You may also want to read: Why Holiday Parties Can Make or Break Your Sales Career


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    The Making of a Sales Champion #AskJeb

    The Making of a Sales Champion #AskJeb

    This is another episode of #AskJeb where Jeb answers a question, from Justin, a sales leader based in Dallas. Justin asked: "What's the best predictive indicator of a person becoming a sales champion."

    Sales Champions Are Optimists

    This is a question that sales leaders all across the globe grapple with because they all want to hire sales champions and build sales champions. The answer is relatively simple, and it's based on studies that have come from numerous places. It comes down to optimism. Salespeople who have a higher degree of optimism tend to become champions, and for good reason.

    Salespeople face a lot of defeat, a lot of rejection, and so many things can go wrong in sales that salespeople who wallow in that defeat have a tendency to crash and burn pretty quickly.

    Sales Champs Forget Failure Fast

    However, the salespeople who forget rejection fast or forget failure fast and see the next yes, the next opportunity around the corner— those are the salespeople who are more likely to be more mentally resilient. They have a stronger ability to make a shift or be more agile.

    They're the ones that when things go wrong, rather than saying, "Why me? Why is this happening to me?" they're more likely to say, "What am I supposed to learn from this failure? What am I supposed to learn from this defeat?" Therefore, they continue to grow and improve over time.

    So How Do You Find Salespeople Like That?

    The key is in your interview process. During the interview, you're looking for that glimmer of optimism. You need to ask questions about what they have done in the past when they faced defeat. Have them give you a specific situation where they failed and what they did next.

    Create A Winning Atmosphere

    As a leader, you want to hire people who have a high degree of optimism, but you also want to build that optimism by creating an atmosphere that people want to be in.

    That's a winning atmosphere that rewards people for the good work that they do by patting them on the back and doesn't beat them up for the things that they do wrong.

    Instead, it coaches them when they do things that don't work out to get better or to learn from that.

    Through your coaching and through your leadership, you want to build an environment where you're fostering and nurturing that optimism because optimism is the greatest predictor of a person becoming a sales champion.

    Take your prospecting campaigns to the next level, get into more doors, build deeper relationships, and close more deals with the techniques in our FREE guide, The Seven Steps To Building Effective Prospecting Sequences.

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    It’s Not What You Sell, It’s How You Sell That Matters

    It’s Not What You Sell, It’s How You Sell That Matters

    It's How You Sell That Matters Most

    On this episode of the Sales Gravy Podcast, Jeb Blount Jr. and Larry Levine, author of Selling From the Heart, discuss why how you sell is often more important than what you sell.

    Larry and JBJ break down why sales professionals who demonstrate authenticity and empathy gain a clear competitive advantage and what it really means to sell from the heart.

    Watch the Video



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    What to Do When Prospects Hang Up on Cold Calls | #AskJEB

    What to Do When Prospects Hang Up on Cold Calls | #AskJEB

    On this #AskJeb, Jeb Blount takes a question from Becca who wants to know what to do when prospects hang up on cold calls.

    Getting hung up on can be disconcerting, discouraging, and often feel like rejection. But, they don't have to be.

    Jeb gives you tips and tactics for dealing effectively with prospects who hang up during cold calls.

    Listen above or watch the video below.

    Pro Tip: Play this at your next weekly sales meeting.

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