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Hosted by award-winning author Robert Rodriguez, Something About The Beatles is an intelligent but entertaining examination of The Beatles' music and career. Smart, funny and surprising - just like the Fab Four.

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Hosted by award-winning author Robert Rodriguez, Something About The Beatles is an intelligent but entertaining examination of The Beatles' music and career. Smart, funny and surprising - just like the Fab Four.

    226A: The Musician's Get Back part one

    226A: The Musician's Get Back part one

    Any analysis of the Get Back documentary would be remiss in not factoring in insights gleaned from those who've followed in The Beatles' professional footsteps: working musicians. To that end, I assembled a panel of some illustrious pros who also happen to be hardcore fans. Three are returning guests; one is new to SATB: 

    Luther Russell: (Those Pretty Wrongs) - multi-instrumentalist
    Currently performing as one half of the duo Those Pretty Wrongs alongside ex-Big Star Jody Stephens, Luther has become a semi-regular on the podcast. As a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist/producer, he has discussed The Beatles' recording techniques, work as a collaborative, and the magic of Ringo's drumming.
    The first two albums from Those Pretty Wrongs are being reissued as a double album set, while a third is due out this year. He will also have a new solo set out as well. 
    Arion Salazar: (ex-Third Eye Blind) - bass
    In his first appearance on SATB, he discussed Paul McCartney as an innovator, impacting generations beyond the 1960s. It was Arion who offered up the back cover design of Third Eye Blind's multi-platinum 1997 debut ("Semi-Charmed Life") which evoked the back cover of The Beatles' 1966 Revolver album. In early 2021, the bassist put together ensembles of musicians from bands including Smash Mouth, Smashing Pumpkins, Stevie Wonder and Testament, among others, to perform heartfelt covers of Beatle-related material for the first Fab4ConJam. He recently recorded with Flipsyde in Muscle Shoals for a pending release this year.
    Pat Sansone: (Wilco) - multi-instrumentalist
    He waxed eloquently for over two hours on the Sgt. Pepper album on a 2021 episode of SATB.
    Pat's radio show: Baroque Down Palace - a 2 hour show every month that centers on Rock, Pop, Soul, Folk music of the 1960s and 1970s that feature symphonic embellishments, or influence in some way from the classical music world:https://wyxr.org/baroque-down-palace/
    Pat has released a 7" vinyl single ; a book of his photography, 100 Polaroids, was recently reissued. 
    New to the show (but not The Beatles): drummer Dennis Diken, founding member of The Smithereens. In addition to their work over the course of several gold and platinum releases, he and his band recorded a pair of studio albums and one live one honoring The Beatles. They currently continue to perform live, alternately fronted by Gin Blossoms vocalist Robin Wilson and recording artist Marshall Crenshaw (also a previous SATB guest), in place of the late Pat DiNizio.  
    He also records with Bell Sound, whose critically acclaimed album Late Music was released in 2009. Look for new material from both bands in '22.
    Dennis's radio show: Denny's Den airs weekly on Wednesday at 2-4pm Eastern Standard Time. 
    Go to wfmu.org and hover over "LISTEN" then go down to "ROCK 'n' SOUL RADIO", slide to the right and click on "ROCK 'n' SOUL RADIO HOMEPAGE" to access archives and the weekly broadcast.

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    225B: Beatles Olympiad II

    225B: Beatles Olympiad II

    In which returning guest Gary Wenstrup and I continue our ranking conversation of faves, discussing A Hard Day's Night and Beatles For Sale.  Along the way, we analyze their vocals and blendings, as well as what personal experiences may inform the writing. 

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    225A: Beatles Olympiad

    225A: Beatles Olympiad

    In which we pull away from the Get Back film for a while and converse about something completely different. Returning guest Gary Wenstrup and I conduct a conversation going through the first four Beatles albums, selecting our picks for Gold, Silver and Bronze status. Along the way we examine our criteria for what constitutes "favorite" songs, and how the criteria is fluid and evolving.  

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    224C The Making of Get Back part three with Peter Jackson

    224C The Making of Get Back part three with Peter Jackson

    In the third and final hour, Dan Rivkin (They May be Parted blog) and I explore more of the Get Back project with its director.

    Among the subjects discussed: 
    ~ Coordination between the Get Back book, the Let It Be

    album reissue and this film (hint: none)

    ~ Directives from the Beatle heirs and Apple (hint: none)

    ~ Michael Lindsay-Hogg’s original draft of Let It Be

    ~ The missing Nagra audio

    ~ An extended cut?
    Be sure to check out party one and two, as well as the write up in Forbes.

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    224B: The Making of Get Back part two with Peter Jackson

    224B: The Making of Get Back part two with Peter Jackson

    Dan Rivkin (They May Be Parted blog) and I continue our conversation with director Peter Jackson about the innovation used to create the film -  some technique used to advance the story - and a number of other observations gleaned from viewing so many hours of footage, both in and outside of the final cut. The history of the Get Back project is at last coming into focus, challenging a number of previously held assumptions. 

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    224A: The Making of Get Back

    224A: The Making of Get Back

    Well, it's finally here. Worth the wait? Oh, we think so! But before we get into discussions on SATB about what we thought about it, we thought it would be worthwhile to discuss the making of it - the intent behind it; the goals; the challenges; the nuts-and-bolts - with someone who worked on it. To that end, a listener in New Zealand offered himself up as a guest who could offer an insight or two. 
    My co-host for this one is Dan Rivkin (They May Be Parted), who of course is one of the leading scholars on this material, presented on his blog. Normally, Dr. Duncan Driver would be part of the discussion too, but he had beg off on short notice. (We'll have him back next time...) 

    Meanwhile, we hope that this - presented in the grand tradition of Peter Jackson - in three parts - will suffice.    

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Sgt Tjepper ,

Excellent, in-depth Beatlism

New angles in every single show. Indispensable for every fan!

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