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Where Love And Music Meet

Proudly South African, Spreading Musical Love Through The Universe

Join Our Vibe On Monday Evenings (CAT)

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Where Love And Music Meet

Proudly South African, Spreading Musical Love Through The Universe

Join Our Vibe On Monday Evenings (CAT)

    Episode 116

    Episode 116

    Great Vibrations And Soothing Sounds
    These Are The Vibes Episode 116 Bring To The New Week

    With A Mix From DeeWithThe2Eyes,The Team Speak On Recent South African Music That Has Been Released

    Right Here Where Love & Music Meet


    1)[Genesis] - Neyon-lites
    2)Omoide - That Thing You Do
    3)Yolophonik - Better Days Are Around
    4)Devin Morrison - No
    5)Emamkay x Aylaan! - Older
    6)BONI X MECCA - Sweet Candy Muzik
    7)Buck.fitches - Alibaba
    8)Dj Skinniez - Where Ya Money At
    9)Broken.flavour - Verbal
    10)Reon Vanger - I Used 2 Luv Her
    11)Zuluu.Q - Casio Flip
    12)Seansterfu - 1ThingInChurch
    13)2Ka - YKTFV
    14)Roy Woods - Menace
    15)PARTYNEXTDOOR - Don't Run
    16)Eli Soster - New Pirelli

    Mix 2
    1)TonicMotion - Utlwa ReRe (Feat Cosmicroche)
    2)Dj Kwamzy & MOJVKI - Wena
    3)MOJVKI & DJ Kwamzy - Drafts
    4)DJ Kwamzy - BlackLivesMatter (Feat KNVL & MOJVKI)
    5)TonicMotion - You Can't Go Wrong
    6)Kimetsu - Runya
    7)MK Clive - Raw House Elements (Kimetsu Touch)
    8)Mel Taro - Brazil Summer '13
    9)Dj Sley - Vida Loca
    10)Gina Jeanz - Body Bend
    11)Dotorado Pro - Marimbadas
    12)B I L L Y G x L Y C O X - Gasolina
    13)Lokowat - Cabana Furtiva
    14) Jelz - Astrogqom

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    Episode 115 Ft Grav

    Episode 115 Ft Grav

    Word On The Street Is,We Got A New Banger
    Episode 115 Of The Soundclub Is Out Now And We Got A Special Guest,Grav From Word On The Skreet Podcast.

    Join Us As We Go Into Who Grav Is,His Journey As A Podder And More


    1)Abrahambule - Deserve
    2)Kyoju - One Thing Tho
    3)El Saheed - Phyllis Joint
    4)Broken Transient - Relaxxx
    5)Heisuibeats - Bless
    6)Skinniez - Feel Me Flow
    7)Ross Martin - Tough Love
    8)Bateru - Untitled
    9)lwamii - Summertime Ft Thenett and Marviin

    1)Zuks - Coming To My Senses Ft Yolophonik
    2)Skinniez - Brights Ft THEO
    3)El. - Robyn III Ft ATP
    4)Prod By Holmes - BSMD Ft KP/909
    5)Money Badoo & SAUWCY - Lil Bih Ft VegasXCesar
    6)Ca$hpassion - Doubtin
    7)Jelani Blackman - Hello
    8)Hype1108 - Hard To Get Boyz Ft Cye & Espiquet
    9)Danileigh - Monique

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    Episode 114 featuring Nu_Edison

    Episode 114 featuring Nu_Edison

    Nu Week,
    Nu Energies,
    Nu Guest,

    For The First Time Ever, Soundclub Is Proud To Have @Nu_Edison Join The Fam As We Take A Deep Dive Into His Artistry, His Influences, What's Shaped Him Into The Artist That Blessed The World With His Latest Project "Light Bloomer", As Well Play Some Exclusives From Under Pressure Sundays, Mecca, And Many More.

    Keep It Locked With The Home Of South Africa's Soundcloud Community!

    Tracklist Part1:
    1. Apathy Rap - Hillary Wolfe
    2. Royal Streams - Lakei
    3. Keef - Leaf Beach
    4. Fall feat. Sly5thAve - Jesse Fischer
    5. Wub Wub - Upper Class
    6. LoveKills!!! - 9th Wonder
    7. Midnight Theme-Blind Men - Skinniez
    8. When Green Leaves Fall - Tsukudu
    9. We Gon Make It - PatFaded
    10. Get Yours - Audio Push
    11. Perfect For Her - Nathaniel x Beatsmith
    12. Purple Rain - Shane Eagle
    13. Fondle and Fiddle - Nu Edison

    Intermission: Let It Go - Nu Edison


    1. Bloom - Nu Edison
    2. Hunnid Bluntz - Cos.Eye
    3. What's Gucci feat, Lakei - VituXArcarde
    4. apartment. w/Mont Meri - Sptmbr Yngsta
    5. S P A C E Jam - Mecca
    6. Trip To The Cloud [flip] - three0three x Yolophonik
    7. (Under Pressure Sundays SZN 7 Exclusive) Older - EMAMKAY.

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    Episode 113

    Episode 113

    Brand New Week
    Brand New Episode With Us Soundclub As
    Dee, Pharoah and Oz Navigate You Through Episode 113

    Join Them As They Talk About The Muzi EP And Takealot Betryal

    Mix 1
    1) B-Free Ft Quentin Farr - Say It
    2) Ariana Grande - Into You (Remi Oz Remix)
    3) Agajon - Gotta Learn More
    4) Xander - Reclusive
    5) DeeDontCare & Unpronounceable - IONGIVAFUQ
    6) Jinji - Im Cool With Being Dangerous
    7) Seon Leon - Aquarius
    8) Mr.Genius Idiot - Hit Diffrnt
    9) MHMMD - Broken Clocks + Silk Pillows

    Mix 2
    1) Wowflower - I've Never Been Here
    2)Emamkay - Call Me Unique (ABitMo Remix)
    3)Buli - Pain
    4)ATP Ft Latin Shui - Circles (360)
    5)Omoide - No Ot Tonight
    6)Igory - Outta My M
    7)MV - Nao Tem Nada,Nao (Fuego Edit)
    8)See Dee - If Slowed
    9)Jhene Aiko - 10K Hours (See Dee Remix)
    10)KDaGreat - Full Circle

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    Episode 112

    Episode 112

    New Week,
    New Energies,
    New Episode..

    Soundclub Podcast Episode 112: We dive deep into NLite and Roho's new Albums (NLite, Ephemeral), With Songs From Both Being Featured This Week. We Also Talk About Mac G and Nota's Interview from The New Podcast and Chill Podcast.

    Keep Locked, With The Home Of South Africa's Soundcloud Community

    • 2 uur 18 min.
    Episode 111

    Episode 111

    New Week,
    New Energies,
    New Episode

    Episode 111 is curated by Pharoah, and we dive deep into SA hip hop topics from the past week.

    Tracklist 1:
    1)Remi Oz x Twenty Weeks - Dream About You
    2)Agajon - I Wanna Fck All Night unfinished
    3)Emamkay - Sum1 Demo
    4)Breaking Records - Love Myself,By Hassan
    5)Nu Edison - Get Down Ft Rams,Love Sechaba
    6)PM Neruda - Us/Ms.Kitt Quips
    7)Skinniez - Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck
    8)MP Light - Hearts & Bright Lights
    9)KMB - Summer Ends

    Tracklist 2:
    1)DJ Famous - Fire & Desire (Famous Remix)
    2)Nosidam - Losy.Love
    3)Yolophonik - Vision Flip
    4)Souleance - Mais Um
    5)Kozo - Crashlands
    6)Nami - Hold My Hand
    7)Ashton McCreight - Midnite
    8)DSMV - Flight 98
    9)Duncan Gerow 4 Ft PyrmdPlaza - Are You That Somebody
    10)DRB Lasgidi Ft Odunsi - Necessary
    11)Sej - B.O.B

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