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* Original 1980's recordings from Thameside Radio 90.2 London's Pirate Radio station

* A new podcast every week.

* More info on fmthen.com

Thameside Radio Revisited Thameside Radio 90.2

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* Original 1980's recordings from Thameside Radio 90.2 London's Pirate Radio station

* A new podcast every week.

* More info on fmthen.com

    Thameside 12Mar82 11:50 Morning has broken

    Thameside 12Mar82 11:50 Morning has broken

    More from Thameside's Easter broadcast. This
    recording is the next one in the series but comes from the
    Radio Eric
    archive.  The box that this recording should have been in
    actually had a Radio Floss tape. Talking about the other pirates -
    I do have some recordings of Thameside spin-offs such as Clockwork
    Wireless and Hilltop Rado. Anyone like to hear those?

    Unusually for a Thameside show Paul James gives us football
    results, weather news and travel updates. All very local radio.
     I do wonder if Thameside could have gone on to become
    something like Radio Jackie FM which is the local
    station for south west London.

    Mark is in the studio while we wait for Bob and building up for
    his show later that day. There is lots more about the picnic.

    Bob takes over about 12:30. 

    Bob chats with Dave who tell us that Ian has taken
    over the engineering from 10-1 Teddy who was thrown off the
    roof of Thameside Towers. Were also told that the first 5 Intrepid
    Birdman Appreciation Society Members that come to the Thameside
    picnic will receive a signed copy of the Intrepid Birdman. I still
    have my membership card somewhere... 

    By the end of the recording  most of the crew have left to
    get to the picnic. 

    Mentions for Matt, Sophie, Martin, Lisa, Andy, Lynne, Sam
    and Peter from Peter  in Harrow; Annette for Karen; Andrew Du
    Pre for Nervous System, Winston Smith and  Skinny; Paul in
    Clapham for Melanie and her fiancee; 

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    Thameside 12Apr82 10:20 Building up to the picnic

    Thameside 12Apr82 10:20 Building up to the picnic

    It's 10:20 and Paul James is sounding chirpy and enthusiastic. We get the "God Only Knows" Thameside Radio 90.2 remix (I remember buying the Beach Boys instrumental album he used at Beggars Banquet in Ealing. Did you know that the remains of Beggars Banquet is thriving as Banquet Records in Kingston now and doing well putting on gigs and a roaring trade in new vinyl.)

    We hear the the 12" of "Ever So Lonely" by Monsoon. The singer, Sheila Chandra, was the only Asian artist to have mainstream chart success in the 1980s (says Wikipedia). We also get "Happy Birthday Sweet 16" by Clive Pig and the Hopeful Chinamen. They don't make records like that anymore.

    Paul chats with Hilly and mentions a 2nd Division match between Chelsea and Crystal Palace! Also QPR are playing on their Astroturf pitch. We discover that Radio Caroline were meant to have come back on air the day before. But that didn't happen. I think offshore pirates had pretty much finished by this stage.

    There are trails for the live link with Uptown Radio later in the day. But sadly Ian the Engineer tells us that the link with Uptown won't work. I do remember a successful link up - so maybe it gets fixed - keep listening.

    The picture is of an "FB" (Fire Brigade) padlock. This was the standard padlock used to secure all London tower blocks. Of course having the right key meant you could access the roof to put up transmitters and aerials.

    Mentions for
    Ruth, Jane; Steve Scribbler; Mike of Chalfont; Brian of Amersham ; Timothy in Beaconsfield telling Dave to get a haircut;
    Dave Booth; The Mystics; The Cardinal of Walton on Thames; Kingston Polytechnic; Ansell for Andrew ; Alexandra for her granny ; Andrew Simpson;
    Mothball for Justin;

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    Thameside 12Aug82 08:45 More breakfast with Paul

    Thameside 12Aug82 08:45 More breakfast with Paul

    Paul James continues with the Thameside Radio breakfast show. It’s a lovely morning, the skies are blue and the birds are singing

    We hear more about the Free the Airwaves campaign stand at the CB 82 show in Wembley. Dave turns up with some breakfast from the local Wimpy.

    Unusually Paul does some weather and traffic reports – just like local radio! We are also promised a live linkup later in the day with Uptown Radio, a listener picnic at the top of Harrow Hill, phantom phone box and other Thameside delights.

    Mentions for Steve in the Thameside Radio kitchen and  Big Al for the Paraffin Ladies in a shop in Harrow

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    Thameside 12Apr82 8am Paul is the Morning DJ

    Thameside 12Apr82 8am Paul is the Morning DJ


    It's 8am on Easter Monday. Paul James is pretty much alone in the Thameside Radio studio. Dave Birdman is still in bed at home although Ian the Engineer is going there to pick some things up!

    The show starts with The Jam and Start - which you don't hear much any more. Did you know that The Beatles sued them for because the riff and the bass line were lifted from Taxman? Of course Taxman was written by Goerge Harrison, who was himself sued for the similarities between "My Sweet Lord and "He's so Fine". That's the start of my question for RBQ! At least now we have standard rates for tracks that use samples from other artists.

    Nine minutes in Paul plays the definitve Thameside Radio "Well Corporal" jingle.

    There are a couple of technical problems at the start of the show - hum, hiss, setting levels and all that. Usually those issues were dealt with during the 10 minute warmup but it took a bit longer. They are all fixed in the end: so hang in there.

    We are told that there will be a treasure hunt for an easter egg hidden somewhere in London. Also a picnic which we will be told more about later (it ended up at Harrow on the Hill).

    Loads more from the 1982 Easter Monday show to come

    Mentions for Dave in Croydon and Hilly.


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    Thameside 11Apr82 CB radio live into the night

    Thameside 11Apr82 CB radio live into the night

    This is the second half of the Thameside Radio 90.2 Easter Sunday broadcast starting at 10pm.

    We're reminded that the pubs close at 11pm. Remember those days?.

    Bob Edwards makes it into the studio and tells us he has been out with the transmitter guys.

    Really Saying Something by Bananarama and The Fun Boy Three is a new release. We get the 12" version.

    Later in the show Dave tells us about CB radio which has only been a "thing" for a few months  - Bob gets a CB radio and has a chat with a number of breakers on Channel 31 live on air.

    We also hear a bit about CB 82 show in Wembley which also had a pirate radio stand.

    There are still technical problems in the broadcast - interference from TV transmitters. And the transmitter is switching itself off during quiet moments in songs. The technical problems seem to get better about 11:30pm (an hour and a half in to the show)

    Mentions include: CBers Orange Club, Action Man, Dopey,  Black Jack, Batman, Weazel and Photon

    Also: Rupe from Barnes for Trisha and Josh, Dec and Prudence, Miker of Chalfont, Brian of Amersham for Denise, Chris and Sarah of Kew, Les Keely, Dave Booth for Mazzie & Andy, Anthony for Lyomie, Lynne, Kevin Tom and Catherine, CBers, John in Finchley, Elaine in LA, Annette for Karen, Gilllian and Buzz, Tigermoth, Dominic from Strange Pursuasion.

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    Thameside 11Apr82 The show before the Harrow picnic

    Thameside 11Apr82 The show before the Harrow picnic

    We're told about a game called Obliterate which BT have released on Prestel. You command a submarine and torpedo Argentinian submarines including one called "Fray Bentos". (You may have to look Prestel up on Wikipedia, it was like the internet but 1980).

    The phone lines are open for the Thameside listener charts. This week's chart is - 10:Layla/Derek and the Dominoes; 9:I Ran/Flock of Seagulls; 8:Nowhere Girl/B-Movie; 7:More Than This/Roxy Music 6:Fantastic Day/Haircut 100; 5:Is it a Dream/Classix Nouveaux; 4:Ghosts/Japan 3:The Damned Don't Cry/Visage; 2: Love Cascade/Leisure Process 1:Ever So Lonely/Monsoon.

    The broadcast is briefly introduced by Bob Edwards, but Paul James takes over. Paul has just come back from a working holiday in Cornwall, Sarah is also in the studio as is Ian the Engineer. After an hour (and a transmitter change) we get The Intrepid Birdman Show. There was a problem in the first 10 minutes with the batteries running flat in the cassette player. You can hear the the show sounding a bit slow. It then goes back up to speed.

    Dave tells us about the CB show at the Wembley conference centre which is relaying the broadcast. There is a pirate radio stand at the show.

    The first part of the show was broadcast from the Brentford tower blocks on Green Dragon Lane. This was used in 2014's "People Just Do Nothing" which started on YouTube and moved to BBC3 as the location for the fictional pirate Kurupt FM. Now Kurupt FM are real and playing festivals! Life imitating art imitating life.

    We learn that the site changes are done by "10-1 Teddy" and Ian the Engineer who has injured himself.

    There are brief moments during quiet patches of the songs where the transmitter switches off - the transmitter were designed to switch off quickly when the audio finished because it was the end of the show or when there was a transmitter change but they could be a bit enthusiastic and switch off briefly during a show! We're told about an experiment in 3D TV. However demand for the special glasses is so high they have had to delay the test to make some more. It will be broadcast on May 4th in a programme called "the Real World". 3D TV, 1982, maybe technology isn't moving on as quickly as we think. You can watch it here.

    After an hour with Paul and two with Dave this podcast  finishes at 10pm or so. But keep an eye on your podcast feed or the siteas  there is more to come on Thameside Radio Revisited from the same day and the next. We have Bob Edwards from later on this evening and the  Thameside Radio picnic from Harrow on the Hill the next day (it was Easter Monday).

    And finally: Did you know that the voice on the "Thameside Radio Plays Good Music" is one of Dave's children? Recorded in Hyde Park during an OB!

    Dedications and letters from Robert, Mike of Chalfont, the Intrepid Birdman Appreciation Society, Andrew Pearce from Hindhead, Steve Scribbler, John H, Richard, Annette, Dave and Pete. Hugh Gunning, John of Edgware, Bill Popstar, Tom Grady, Lynne Steele, Wendy and Cathy from Frank Kennedy from Norwood Green who gets a kiss from Sarah.  Paul Marshall (age 13) from Chalfont st. Giles. Chalfont Secondary School

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