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The Basement Astrologers is a podcast where we discuss Astrology from different perspectives. Guest discuss current transits, astrology's philosophy, politics and pop-culture.

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The Basement Astrologers is a podcast where we discuss Astrology from different perspectives. Guest discuss current transits, astrology's philosophy, politics and pop-culture.

    Kamala Harris' Nativity with Patrick Watson

    Kamala Harris' Nativity with Patrick Watson

    Pod favorite Patrick Watson joined to discuss the nativity of VP nominee Kamala Harris. Along with a lively conversation about how the year's transits are hitting Harris' chart up-to and after the election, Patrick spent extensive time discussing Kamala's zodiacal releasing. The show includes a conversation about the astrology of the VP debate and a POTUS prediction from Mr. Watson.

    Find Patrick: https://patrickwatsonastrology.com/ and on twitter @pwatsonastro 

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    Exploring Pallas Athene with Erin Shipley

    Exploring Pallas Athene with Erin Shipley

    Erin Tack Shipley is a liberation-centered astrologer. She works to help you see yourself clearly and affirm your purpose, without burning out or abusing wellness tools.

    For over 3 years Erin has provided astrological guidance to socially-conscious individuals through 1:1 counseling, written content, and live workshops. Over the last decade she has worked as an advocate, educator and capacity-builder within multiple intersectional feminist organizations, learning first-hand the challenges that pervade social justice environments. Erin writes about the intersection of wellness and justice because she understands how vital the relationship between them is for liberation - and how often that relationship turns toxic. Most of her clients are bad-ass activists navigating burnout or compassionate healers who are seeking to be more mindful of their capacity to do harm. Erin believes that people who work in justice should have solid support and that wellness leaders should conduct their work with conscious integrity. She understands that being well and being free are inherently linked - and we need both to belong and affect change for a better world.

    Erin lives and works on unceded and occupied Native Karkin-Ohlone and Chochenyo Land (also known as Oakland, California). Her work is deeply influenced by her peers and colleagues as well as living healers, educators and activists such as Bayo Akomolafe, adrienne marie brown, Eryn Wise, Rachael Rice, Toi Smith, Carmen Spagnola, Jen Lemen, Joanna Macy, Donna Haraway and Layli Maparyan.

    Native Land App can be downloaded on the apple and android stores I believe or accessed via this website: https://native-land.ca

    Sogorea Te’ Land Trust is the Urban Indigenous Women-led organization in the Bay Area that I recommend anyone check out. I also suggest people look for Indigenous-led groups and organizations wherever they live.

    adrienne maree brown's most recent blog post on callout culture: http://adriennemareebrown.net/2020/07/17/unthinkable-thoughts-call-out-culture-in-the-age-of-covid-19/

    For the Wild Podcast episode 138 "The Bureau of Linguistical Reality” with Heidi Quante and Alicia Escott, which discusses the relationship between language and plants:


    For the Wild Podcast episode 193 “Rowen White on Seed Rematriation and Fertile Resistance":


    My Grandmother's Hands by Resmaa Menakem is the book on deconditioning racialized trauma in the body

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    Ari Felix Decolonial Astrology

    Ari Felix Decolonial Astrology

    The brilliant bruja, astrologer, & poet Ari Felix joined TBA to talk about practicing astrology for the revolution to come. As a practitioner Ari brings a mesmerizing blend of astrology, psychic talents and Afro-Caribbean traditional understanding. Ari applies their gifts towards the goal of decolonizing Western culture aiding their clients to lay down the burdens placed upon them by a  system none of them consented to be a part of. Ari put the host in his place on more than one occasion. Enjoy.

    Find Ari: https://www.saltwaterstars.com/ 

    Twitter @saltwaterstars_

    IG: saltwater.stars

    FB: Saltwater Stars @arianakfelix

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    Deon Mitchell - loud, Black, and trans traditional Astrology

    Deon Mitchell - loud, Black, and trans traditional Astrology

    Deon Mitchell is an eighteen year old traditional astrologer who spent COVID summer waiting to hear if they'll get to attend their first year at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in person. To keep themselves occupied Deon took Chris Brennan's course on traditional astrology, attended NORWAC, accumulated eleven thousand Twitter followers, and used their platform to tell white astrologers to take ten deep breaths before opining on how Venus retrograde impacted the riots following the  murder-by-police of George Floyd. Oh, and Deon will be speaking at the Queer Astrology Conference 2020 https://qac.queerastrology.com/ July 8-12. Please enjoy the chat with this delightful young leader.

    Find Deon on Twitter and IG: @astrobydeon


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    Gray Crawford - Planetary Nodes -> 2020

    Gray Crawford - Planetary Nodes -> 2020

    Gray Crawford is an Astrologer from Olympia Washington. Gray joined the pod to discuss the planetary nodes. The discussion began with the nodes of the Moon and explored the nodes of outer planets incorporating them with the Pluto-Jupiter-Saturn transits so many have linked to the times we're all living through. Specifically, Gray looked at how the South nodes of Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn are piled up in Capricorn and how events of the day reflect earlier transits through the bendings of those same planetary nodes.

    Find Grey: https://graycrawford.net/

    Twitter: @GrayCrawford6

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    Debbie Stapleton on Virtual NORWAC & the Current Astro-Weather

    Debbie Stapleton on Virtual NORWAC & the Current Astro-Weather

    Debbie Stapleton is an ISAR Certified astrologer, folk herbalist, artist, singer and writer for astrology.com. She explores where astrology, creativity, and healing practices meet through her holistic astrology consultations, writing, and classes. Her astrological paintings are part of her forecasting process, where she expresses planetary energies in color. Debbie joined to discuss virtual NORWAC and all our current astro-weather.

    Find Debbie:

    https://www.modern-mystic.com/about - Twitter @dsuede - IG @holistic_astrology

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