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New Orleans Pelicans Guard JJ Redick and his co-host Tommy Alter discuss the NBA, current events and interview some of the biggest names in the NBA, entertainment and political worlds. Launching from inside the NBA bubble, the show offers unprecedented access to the league while telling the stories of an eclectic rotating group of guests.

The Old Man and the Three with JJ Redick and Tommy Alter ThreeFourTwo & Cadence13

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New Orleans Pelicans Guard JJ Redick and his co-host Tommy Alter discuss the NBA, current events and interview some of the biggest names in the NBA, entertainment and political worlds. Launching from inside the NBA bubble, the show offers unprecedented access to the league while telling the stories of an eclectic rotating group of guests.

    Episode 28: Tyler Herro

    Episode 28: Tyler Herro

    On this episode of the Old Man and the Three, JJ and Tommy welcome in Miami Heat sharpshooter Tyler Herro. Tyler tackles questions about his trash talking, his swagger and where it comes from, the experience of flipping from the hometown Badgers to the Kentucky Wildcats, the Heat's title run, and much more. (Maybe a budding rap career??) Plus, there's the TOP 5/Draft that centers around the city of Miami and features many familiar names and faces - and... some not so familiar. (We're looking at you Mr. Alter.)

    ​​Tyler brings us up to speed on what he's been doing

    Discusses his new tattoo

    Talks about the differences between him and Duncan Robinson

    On his unique style of play and how quickly he picks up on new moves

    Who did he model his game after while growing up

    On being compared to other NBA players

    Where his swag comes from

    How the whole Heat team feeds off that type of attitude 

    On the importance of leaning on Jimmy Butler throughout his rookie year

    Does he use the "chip on the shoulder" approach for motivation

    Where does he get his confidence from

    When he feels the Heat really started to trust him

    What was it about Kentucky that made him go there

    Does he carry any animosity after de-committing from Wisconsin to Kentucky 

    On his high School mix tapes

    Breaks down how his shot has changed over the years

    When did he get into fashion

    Talks about his 'rapping'

    How did he connect with Jack Harlow

    What does year 2 look like for him

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    Episode 27: Megan Rapinoe

    Episode 27: Megan Rapinoe

    As a soccer superstar, Megan Rapinoe is beloved and admired worldwide. But as her millions of fans know, it's not just because of what she does on the pitch. A well known activist, she has been outspoken and a leading voice on several topics like salary payscales, gender inequality, and police brutality. She has also written a book titled "One Life" detailing her experiences in these particular areas, and in this episode she sits down with JJ and Tommy to discuss all of that and more. To cap it off, they all dig into a Top 5/Draft that will surely leave your mouth watering.   

    Megan discusses her motivation behind writing her new book

    Was it difficult to truly open up during the writing process

    On her and Sue's tweets that broke the internet

    Reflecting on this personal wave of good fortune that she is presently​ experiencing 

    Does she ever take a step back to recognize her legacy

    What motivates her to keep competing 

    When did she learn how to focus as a professional

    Is it difficult to compartmentalize her life 

    Breaking down the pay scale/inequality issue in women's soccer

    Undertanding how the players fighting for equal pay today will likely never see the benefits in their careers

    Did she fully understand/expect the backlash of siding with Colin Kaepernick 

    Discussing inequality in sports in general

    Has she ever second guessed herself and does she feel vindicated now

    On being keenly aware of the noise around her and the release of running through it to win it all

    How can the World Cup fandom translate over to the domestic league

    What play or moment stands out the most in her career

    TOP 5/Draft 

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    Episode 26: Matthew McConaughey (featuring A’ja Wilson)

    Episode 26: Matthew McConaughey (featuring A’ja Wilson)

    It's another double dose of star power on this week's 'Old Man and the Three'. First, JJ and Tommy welcome in Oscar winning actor Matthew McConaughey to discuss his new book "Greenlights", as well as his "Give Thanks" campaign with Wild Turkey, career highlights and lowlights, making friends with mountain lions, and much more. Then, to cap things off, WNBA superstar and reigning MVP A'ja Wilson joins the program to talk about WNBA news, current and past coaches Bill Laimbeer and Dawn Staley, her foundation for Dyslexia, and the TOP 5/Draft. 

    Matthew McConaughey

    Explains the "With Thanks" Wild Turkey campaign

    Talks about his new book

    Discusses a moment in rehearsals that changed his professional life

    On understanding the process of acting and what makes a take successful

    Retells a story about taking Peyote in Mexico and sitting with a mountain lion. 

    Where does his curiosity in life come from

    Is there a time where he exceeded his dreams and expectations

    How his journal has played such an integral part in his life - through good and bad

    JJ brings up one of MM's not so known films Reign of Fire

    How prevalent are existential crisis' in Hollywood

    Who has he worked with that he felt just really had it all together

    There's no secret sauce to acting, sports, etc. It's preparation and the basics

    On getting fully into character and having cast-mates do the same

    Breaking down Interstellar and it's impact​

    A'ja Wilson

    ​What her offseason plan is looking like and what she is expecting for next year

    Was the game different for her in the bubble

    On the current conditions and how next season will be effected

    Putting the WNBA MVP award in context within her career achievements

    What impact did being benched in her freshman year have on her career

    On the level of trust between her and SC Coach Dawn Staley

    What is Bill Laimbeer like as a coach

    Does the social justice movement help ratings in the WNBA as well as awareness​

    The importance of having the top players lead the movement by example

    Discusses her foundation for Dyslexia https://www.ajawilsonfoundation.org

    TOP 5/Draft

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    Episode 25: Fred VanVleet (featuring Sue Bird and Shea Serrano)

    Episode 25: Fred VanVleet (featuring Sue Bird and Shea Serrano)

    It's another star studded episode of "The Old Man and the Three" as JJ and Tommy start things off with a wide ranging interview with Toronto Raptors rising star Fred VanVleet. He brings some brutal honesty in discussing topics such as free agency, his rise from the G-League, playing with Kawhi, and what it takes to win the chip. Then, to follow that up, it's a power packed Top 5/Draft as they welcome in journalist Shea Serrano and WNBA Legend Sue Bird. It's all here on OldMan3.

    Fred VanVleet

    Discusses the CBA and early start of the season

    How he is handling the free agency period

    Taking the average fan through what being a free agent is like

    On reaching a point in your career where a big payout is due

    How much does being given the opportunity to run a team factor into his destination  

    Breaking down the formula for winning and what they have in Toronto

    If he had to think of an NBA city to play in this year, where would it be

    How the Covid protocol is going to look in the 2021 season

    Discusses his bubble experience

    On his trajectory from the G-League to where he is now and the role it played​

    Did he ever have a low moment where he was bitter about how it started

    What was his thought process when he heard of the Kawhi trade 

    How Kawhi was as a teammate

    What did he learn about playing from behind during the championship run

    How the anonymity of that team assisted in their run

    How your perspective of the game can change after having children

    Was winning a championship the hardest thing he's ever done in basketball

    Is mental toughness the separator for a champion

    Discussing the mentally tough players throughout the league. 

    Feeling like an outsider making his way through high school and college

    On having a chip on his shoulder and using it to his advantage 

    Sue Bird and Shea Serrano

    ​Shea talks about his book and how it came about

    Congrats to Sue and Megan on their engagement

    TOP 5/Draft

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    Episode 24: Alex Caruso

    Episode 24: Alex Caruso

    Alex Caruso. Los Angeles Laker, Alex Caruso. NBA Champion, Alex Caruso. Not many would've expected that scenario just a few years back when he was in the G-League trying to break into the NBA, but here he is. In this episode of the "Old Man and the Three", JJ and Tommy sit down with Alex to discuss his incredible journey, what life has been like since becoming an NBA champion, where he goes from here, plus much more. Capping it all off is a Top 5/Draft that includes players even your great grandfather might have known. Enjoy. 


    What have the last few weeks been like after the championship 

    Getting recognized walking around in LA

    When did the Lakers really start to gel and turn it on

    Discusses how the Lakers would lock in during then playoffs 

    ​Why Frank Vogel was the right pick to coach this team

    What are some of the little things that make LeBron so great

    Who was his favorite player growing up​

    At what point this year does he feel he gained LeBron's trust

    What was his reaction to AD landing in LA

    Is he comfortable with his "celebrity"

    His favorite meme about himself

    Does it ever feel surreal to be where he is now

    What was his headspace like when he didn't get drafted

    What goes into being successful in the NBA

    What part of his game does he think needs the most improvement 

    Were there players he watched and aspired to be

    What was going through his head when he realized he was going to be an NBA Champion 

    Talking trash with Duncan in the finals

    How does he feel about the quick turnaround into the next season

    Why JJ and Alex wear their respective #4's

    TOP 5/Draft

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    Episode 23: Bradley Beal (featuring Jon Favreau)

    Episode 23: Bradley Beal (featuring Jon Favreau)

    It's a very special Old Man & The Three this week as JJ and Tommy welcome in Washington Wizards All-Star sharpshooter Bradley Beal. In a wide ranging interview the boys breakdown the flawed all-star voting process, the never ending trade rumors surrounding Beal, his workout routines, how to invest in the step-back three, and much more. But before all that starts, Pod Save America's Jon Favreau joins the show for an in-depth breakdown of what's going on with the election, the voting pitfalls to be aware of, and what Joe Biden's sell to America is. Plus a sweet Top 5/Draft that'll be sure to jar a few fillings loose. "Great draft Beal"

    Jon Favreau

    An overview of where we are a week out from the election 

    Jon explains "Vote Save America"

    Explains the naked ballot and how important Pennsylvania is to the electoral vote

    Explains the polls right now and how it relates to 2016

    What is your biggest sell for Joe Biden for President

    Bradley Beal

    What's the feeling concerning the proposed Dec 22nd NBA start date

    Takeaways from the bubble - outside looking in

    What was it like not being in the bubble

    Discusses the year he had

    The All-Star game being a popularity game

    How winning (or lack thereof) has affected his standing with the fans

    Who's the second best player he has played with

    Breaking down his long term deal with the Wizards

    How much of a distraction are the trade rumors 

    JJ reminisces about a January game in 2014 that changes his game

    What was his transition to the NBA like

    Discusses the physical challenges he faced in the beginning of his career

    Breaks down his workout procedure

    Investing in the "step-back"​ and dissecting the footwork involved

    How he never got to work with Kobe

    On Coach K comparing Bradley to JJ in the recruiting pitch

    Why he ended up at Florida instead of Duke

    On his relationship with Jayson Tatum 

    TOP 5/Draft

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