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Talking about things that interest me, that’s mostly game development these days! ;)

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Talking about things that interest me, that’s mostly game development these days! ;)

    Thank you for listening to Season 1!

    Thank you for listening to Season 1!

    Hey guys! Thank you so much for listening to Season 1 of Hitchcock Barbie! This has really been a fun ride so far! I can't believe you guys have stuck with me! 
    Of course I'm continuing next month with Season 2. It just felt like the right time to shift gears and level up the podcast a little! So I'm just going to get a jingle made, do a new intro and focus the attention of the podcast! 
    Thank you for listening and I hope to see some of you on at the Norwegian Game Development Awards in Oslo on April 2nd! Get your tickets here: https://www.virke.no/kavalkaden

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    Game Studio Bizdev

    Game Studio Bizdev

    This week I talk with Martijn van Zwieten who is a business developer within the games industry. We barely scratch the surface and talk about money, scalability and business management of game studios. 
    I was on the verge of editing this thoroughly but decided against it since it is a conversation and I want to continue in the streak for this season. That said, however, I am going to end this first season of Hitchcock Barbie very soon and revamp with some better planned and edited episodes soon. 
    So, in other words, this will be my last episode where I just have an unrehearsed conversation. 
    Martijn would like you to know that:
    1. The Dutch Indie Game Fund he mentions is called Midgame Fund: https://midgame.fund/
    2. Visakan Veersamy is not from India as Martijn mentions but from Singapore

    Hope you enjoy! 

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    The Art of Game Sounds

    The Art of Game Sounds

    This week I talk to my good friend and sound designer, Martin Kvale about what it's like working as a sound designer, what his creative process is and how he tries to put his personal touches on the soundscapes he creates in games. 
    Together with his equally awesome friends, Oda and Ali, he runs the games audio company Nok Nok Audio. 

    It's always delightful to talk to Martin about sound. He's a fountain of inspiration. 
    Games mentioned:
    Among The Sleep 

    I hope you enjoy! 

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    Join Global Game Jam this month!

    Join Global Game Jam this month!

    This week I had the opportunity to talk with Kate Edwards, the Executive Director of The Global Game Jam! Kate is awesome and always has some great reflections on the cultural importance of games. 

    She was an amazing guest who was very patient with my stuttering questions and provided some eloquent answers. I had a lot of fun and my belief that game jams are magnificent has only strengthened! 

    Make sure to join one here: https://globalgamejam.org/

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    Chatting with Frictional Games, developers of Amnesia

    Chatting with Frictional Games, developers of Amnesia

    Sorry for the delay folks! I promise it won't be that long til the next episode!
    This Fall I played Amnesia: Dark Descent and I cannot stop talking about it! I loved so much about that game and I'm so proud that I managed to finish it! 
    So it felt only natural to reach out and see if I could find someone who worked at Frictional Games and on Amnesia to be a guest on this podcast. I put a call out on Twitter and the marvelous Natascha Roosli and the exceptional Mariela introduced me to Luis Rodero Morales, programmer at Frictional Games and have been with the team from the start! 
    After a lot of back-and-forth we finally got together digitally during Christmas and had a really good chat about how to get into the industry, Amnesia, finding our love for the industry and working with Frictional Games. 
    I loved every minute of this conversation and I hope that it translates well into a podcast episode. We had a few internet issues - but I think the flow works well even though!
    I hope you enjoy it!
    Games mentioned:
    Alone In The Dark 
    What Remains of Edith Finch 
    Unfinished Swan 
    Last of Us Part II 
    Red Dead Redemption

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    My first podcast episode is ready!

    My first podcast episode is ready!

    It took longer than I thought to figure out what I wanted to say, and it took longer than I thought to figure out how to say it!

    I look forward to listening to this episode one day, laughing, and saying "what a noob"! The sound levels aren't always even, the soundbites are off and I fumble a lot in my monologue!

    I'm very happy to get started, though! So I'm looking forward to seeing where this journey takes me! 

    This episode is only 20 mins long and is all about why I want the name "Hitchcock Barbie". My hope for this episode is that you are left with a understanding of why this is the perfect name for this podcast. I hope that I explain it well enough. 

    And pretty please - all feedback is welcome! I really will appreciate it. I still think this is kinda scary and although you get used to editing your own voice ... it's kinda scary revealing my own thoughts. 

    Let's get this party started! 

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