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Geologic stories from the Pacific Northwest.

The Nick Zentner Geology Podcast Nick Zentner

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Geologic stories from the Pacific Northwest.

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Arne in Trondheim ,

Geology 101 is great!

Nick: thanks so much for communicating geology 101 in such a great way. I have seen most of your downtown lectures on youtube, and now I could listen to it while travelling to work as well. Your podcast series is well built up, building the information stone on stone, as we say in Norway. All the sudden I see the landscape in Norway with new eyes, and I’m even able to discuss with geologists I meet. Looking forward to more geology communicated in a way that most people can understand. And you have the guts to dare to talk about climate change based on geological evidence in a long perspective of time. I admire you for that.

Best regards,
Arne Bjerge
Trondheim, Norway

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