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Thomas Eriksen is the creator of the Norwegian Black Metal band Mork. Support is appreciated: morkisebakke.no/shop and paypal.me/officialmork

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Thomas Eriksen is the creator of the Norwegian Black Metal band Mork. Support is appreciated: morkisebakke.no/shop and paypal.me/officialmork

    Ep. #18: Fenriz (Darkthrone & Isengard)

    Ep. #18: Fenriz (Darkthrone & Isengard)

    What can I say, Fenriz is probably the most well known and respected spearhead of Black Metal or even Metal ever. What I really like about this man, is that he is 100% true to himself, his values, tastes and musical barometer. An inspirational figure for sure. I am lucky to have this man in my circle, and to be able to lure him into gabbing into my microphone recently.

    Packed with interesting stuff; Death metal years, black metal years, later crust punk metal years, future Darkthrone, Darkthrone live... to mention some. And have you ever wondered about a little project called, Eibon with Phil Anselmo and Satyr? Well I have, and made him explain.

    Enjoy our recent hang! UGH! Merch: morkisebakke.no

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    Ep. #17: Vicotnic (Dødheimsgard & Ved Buens Ende)

    Ep. #17: Vicotnic (Dødheimsgard & Ved Buens Ende)

    I am back. It’s been over a month since the last episode. But, here it is. I am joined by the one and only Yusaf Parvez, aka Vicotnik (Dødheimsgard, Dold Vorde Ens Navn and Ved Buens Ende). Great inside look at the man's early years going into black metal and beyond. Fenriz, Helvete and Dimmu Borgir are just some of the interesting stories and facts that comes up. A intelligent, interesting and talented man, for sure. Enjoy! Merch: morkisebakke.no

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    Ep. #16: Seidemann (1349)

    Ep. #16: Seidemann (1349)

    I am back. Episode number 16, people. I have more or less given up on having a new episode every single week. It’s a passion project, as I have mentioned before. However, during my recent road trip of Norway, I visited my friend Seidemann (1349, Svart Lotus, Morten and more). I was a good boy and brought my recording equipment with me, just in case. And behold, we ended up with a new episode! Tor “Seidemann” Stavenes is a talented bassist and musician and has contributed to many bands through the years. Enjoy! Merch: morkisebakke.no

    Tor "Seidemann" Stavenes:

    1349: facebook.com/1349official instagram.com/1349official

    Svart Lotus: facebook.com/Svart-Lotus instagram.com/svartlotus_official

    Mortem: facebook.com/mortemnorway instagram.com/mortenofficial

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    Ep. #15: Morten Shax (Endezzma)

    Ep. #15: Morten Shax (Endezzma)

    Episode 15 is here. I am joined by Morten Shax of Endezzma. Morten tells the story about his journey, fanzine, label, band and black metal. Some words about the late Trondr Nefas of Urgehal, as well. Tune in and enjoy! Merch: morkisebakke.no

    Morten Shax Links:



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    Ep. #14: Jon Bakker (Kampfar & Fester)

    Ep. #14: Jon Bakker (Kampfar & Fester)

    Thomas Eriksen is the creator of the Norwegian Black Metal band Mork.

    And I am back. This week the podcast is a «fjortis», as some may say in Norwegian. Episode number 14, that is. This time around I am joined by a calm and fine gentleman, who happens to be the bass-player of Kampfar. He has alot of milage in the Norwegian metal history, and we talk about it all here. I present to you, mr Jon Bakker. Enjoy! Merch: morkisebakke.no

    Jon Bakker's Links:






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    Ep. #13: Haavard (ex-Satyricon, ex-Ulver & Dold Vorde Ens Navn)

    Ep. #13: Haavard (ex-Satyricon, ex-Ulver & Dold Vorde Ens Navn)

    Thomas Eriksen is the creator of the Norwegian Black Metal band Mork.

    There’s been a couple of weeks since the last episode, which is the first time since I started releasing these episodes there’s been a gap. This is due to some scheduling conflicts and so on. BUT, here I am, back at last. There will probably be more gaps like this in the future. However. Great guest this week, as I am joined by Haavard (Håvard Jørgensen). This man formed Satyricon, was in Ulver in the beginning, and is currently active with Dold Vorde Ens Navn. Some “breaking news” and “revealing” stuff in this one. Join us and enjoy! Merch: morkisebakke.no

    Haavard (Håvard Jørgensen):



    Dold Vorde Ens Navn:



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