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High Quality Animal Training Content. Information on techniques that apply to all animals in all situations. Positive un-intrusive training techniques only.

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High Quality Animal Training Content. Information on techniques that apply to all animals in all situations. Positive un-intrusive training techniques only.

    Fom Tech to Tails: Andre Yeu's Journey to Dog Training Excellence [Episode 225]

    Fom Tech to Tails: Andre Yeu's Journey to Dog Training Excellence [Episode 225]

    In this episode of our podcast, we sit down with Andre Yeu, a visionary in the dog training arena, whose journey from tech entrepreneur to a leading figure in animal training is both inspiring and instructive. As the founder of "When Hounds Fly Dog Training" and a distinguished faculty member at the Karen Pryor Academy, Andre brings a wealth of experience and insight into the world of positive reinforcement training.
    Andre opens up about his transition from a career in technology to launching a successful dog training business. This episode explores the challenges and triumphs of Andre's entrepreneurial journey, including his initial struggles in sales, his bold leap into entrepreneurship, and the eventual establishment of his dog training academy, "When Hounds Fly." His commitment to ethical training methods and his dedication to providing quality education for both dogs and their trainers helping to set a high standard in the industry.
    Listeners will be treated to Andre's personal stories, including his life with his partner Hyedie Hashimoto, and their shared passion for rescuing animals. He shares the touching story of their rescue dog, Duke, and the challenges they faced in adapting to life with a hunting dog. These experiences have deeply influenced Andre's understanding of dog behavior and training, enriching his approach to teaching and animal care.
    This episode also delves into the technical aspects of dog training, with Andre discussing the importance of classical conditioning, counter conditioning, and the simplification of training plans to achieve effective results. His insights provide invaluable lessons for trainers of all levels.
    Andre's journey from "Sales to Dog Training" is a testament to the power of resilience, innovation, and a profound love for animals. His story is not just about the success of "When Hounds Fly" but about the transformative impact of positive reinforcement training on the lives of countless dogs and their owners.
    Links - whenhoundsfly.com
    Instagram >>> https://www.instagram.com/whenhoundsfly
    TikTok >>> https://www.tiktok.com/@whenhoundsfly
    YouTube >>> https://www.youtube.com/@whenhoundsflyonline Links - Andre Yeu
    Linkedin >>> https://ca.linkedin.com/in/andreyeu
    Instagram >>> https://www.instagram.com/andre_yeu
    TikTok >>> https://www.tiktok.com/@andre_yeu/
    Facebook >>> https://www.facebook.com/andreyeu

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    Cooperative Care: A Conversation with Eva Bertilsson - part 2 [Episode 224]

    Cooperative Care: A Conversation with Eva Bertilsson - part 2 [Episode 224]

    In Episode 224 of the ATA podcast show, host Ryan Cartlidge reconnects with Eva Bertilsson for an insightful part two of their conversation on cooperative care. Building on the foundational information from Episode 219, this session dives deeper into effective strategies and ideas. Through the lens of real-world scenarios, such as Fibi's [Ryan's dog] eye-cleaning discomfort, Eva shares her expertise in creating positive learning environments that respect animal autonomy and foster engagement.
    Here’s a breakdown of the key themes discussed in the episode;
    Understanding Animal Cues Observation is Key: Recognizing subtle behaviors in animals like Fibi can significantly enhance training effectiveness. Behavioral Responses: Discusses how animals communicate discomfort and stress, emphasizing the importance of adapting training methods accordingly. The Role of Start Buttons Empowering Animals: Introduces the concept of "start buttons" in training, allowing animals to initiate interactions and training sequences. Creating Comfort: Focuses on building a comfortable and stress-free training environment where animals feel safe and understood. Practical Training Insights Simplifying the Process: Advocates for a simplified approach to training that prioritises positive reinforcement and allows for opting out. Avoiding Aversives: Warns against the use of aversives in training, suggesting they can lead to avoidant behaviors. Engagement Over Rules: Encourages focusing on the overall attitude and engagement of learners, rather than strict adherence to specific rules. Through Eva Bertilsson's expertise and Ryan Cartlidge’s thoughtful questioning, listeners are offered a masterclass in refining their training practices to be more aligned with the needs and well-being of their animal companions. This episode serves as a reminder of the transformative power of empathy, observation, and respect in the world of animal training and specifically with cooperative care.

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    Unraveling ABA's Potential with Francesca Degli Espinosa [episode 223]

    Unraveling ABA's Potential with Francesca Degli Espinosa [episode 223]

    In the second instalment of our enlightening conversation with Francesca Degli Espinosa, we venture further into the realm of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and its transformative power across species. Francesca, an acclaimed behaviour analyst and board member of the B.F. Skinner Foundation, shares her expansive journey and pioneering research in ABA, from groundbreaking work with children with autism to exploring the cognitive underpinnings of behaviour in both humans and animals.
    What You'll Discover in This Episode:
    The Science of Behavior Analysis: Francesca delves into the critical importance of controlling variables in child development and the innovative strategies for fostering generative learning and verbal behaviour. From Theory to Practice: Insights into Francesca's approach to translating complex cognitive processes into practical interventions for children with autism, emphasizing the pivotal role of early social responding and joint attention. A Unified Approach: The compelling narrative of Francesca's quest to bridge the gap between behaviour analysts focusing on human learners and those working with non-human animals, including her own journey into professional dog training. The Art of Communication: Francesca and Ryan discuss the essence of true joint attention, the challenges of rapid word acquisition, and the broader implications for teaching and learning across species boundaries. Why This Episode Is a Must-Listen:
    Dive deeper into the science of behaviour analysis with Francesca Degli Espinosa, exploring the nuanced parallels between human and animal learning. This episode is a testament to the universality of ABA principles and their potential to enrich lives, regardless of species. Join us for a thought-provoking discussion that spans the spectrum of behaviour analysis, from theoretical foundations to practical applications.
    Engage With Us:
    We’re eager to hear your thoughts on this episode and your own experiences in behaviour analysis or animal training. Connect with us through our membership subscription, share this episode with your peers, and become part of our vibrant ATA community for more enriching conversations.
    Looking Ahead:
    Stay tuned for more episodes that challenge, inspire, and educate. Our journey together continues to unfold, bringing new insights and discoveries at the intersection of human and animal behaviour analysis. Thank you for being an integral part of the ATA community.
    www.abaclinic.net Francesca Degli Espinosa on Facebook

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    Bridging Worlds: Francesca Degli Espinosa on Behavior Analysis & Dog Training [Episode 222]

    Bridging Worlds: Francesca Degli Espinosa on Behavior Analysis & Dog Training [Episode 222]

    In this episode, dive into the unique journey of Francesca Degli Espinosa, from her groundbreaking work in behavior analysis with children with autism to her personal exploration of dog training [stared during the pandemic].
    With the adoption of her Labrador puppy, Darwin, Francesca opens up about how her professional life influenced her dog training and vice versa.
    What You'll Discover in This Episode:
    Francesca's transition from using Applied Behaviour Analysis with human learners to dog training and the lessons learned along the way. Insights into behavior analysis and its application in understanding and training dogs. The story of Darwin, the pandemic puppy, and the challenges and joys of training him. Why This Episode Is a Must-Listen:
    Francesca shares her insights into the parallels between behavior analysis in humans and animals, emphasizing the importance of communication, understanding, and empathy in both fields. Whether you're a seasoned animal trainer or just passionate about behavior analysis, there's something in this episode for everyone.
    Engage With Us:
    If Francesca's story has sparked your interest or if you have your own experiences to share, we'd love to hear from you. Subscribe to our podcast, share this episode with your network, and join our dedicated membership for more discussions.
    Looking Ahead:
    Don't miss our next episode, where we'll delve into part two of our conversation with Francesca. Thank you for tuning in and for being a part of our ATA community.
    www.abaclinic.net https://www.facebook.com/francesca.d.espinosa  

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    Setting Boundaries: A Path to Professional Well-being - Jessica Dolce; part 2 [Episode 221]

    Setting Boundaries: A Path to Professional Well-being - Jessica Dolce; part 2 [Episode 221]

    In this compelling continuation of our discussion with Jessica Dolce, a certified compassion fatigue educator, this episode of the Animal Training Academy podcast delves deeper into the challenges of burnout. Ryan opens the conversation by addressing the critical need to redefine success in the face of burnout. Jessica elaborates on burnout as a syndrome stemming from chronic workplace stress, asserting that it is a condition of the work environment rather than a personal failure. The dialogue uncovers the primary causes of burnout, highlighting the systemic nature of this issue and offering insights into creating a healthier work-life balance.
    Further, the discussion pivots to the growth mindset and the strategic approach of setting "enoughness" conditions for personal and professional satisfaction. Jessica shares her methodology in coaching and public speaking, demonstrating how specific, measurable goals can alleviate decision fatigue and contribute to a more fulfilling career.
    The episode also delves into the importance of self-compassion and setting boundaries within organizational structures to mitigate workplace stress. By embracing a redefined measure of success and acknowledging one's achievements, Jessica and Ryan illuminate a path towards a sustainable and joyful career in animal welfare.
    Find Jessica online at:
    https://jessicadolce.com and https://www.compassioninbalance.com

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    Practicing Compassionate Badassery with Jessica Dolce [Episode 220]

    Practicing Compassionate Badassery with Jessica Dolce [Episode 220]

    In this episode of the Animal Training Academy podcast, Ryan Cartlidge has a conversation with the insightful Jessica Dolce, a certified compassion fatigue educator. Jessica, with her extensive background in animal welfare and education, delves into the often-overlooked realm of compassion fatigue, an issue prevalent among animal caregivers and welfare professionals.
    Her journey, beginning with a personal dog walking business and evolving into co-founding a non-profit, illustrates the deep emotional investment inherent in animal welfare. Jessica's firsthand experience with burnout and compassion fatigue while working in shelters led her to become a certified educator in this field, offering a lifeline to those struggling with the emotional toll of intensive caregiving.
    Throughout the episode, Jessica illuminates the concept of compassion fatigue, describing it as a complex mix of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual exhaustion. She stresses the significance of replenishing empathy to maintain joy and satisfaction in life and work. Jessica and Ryan explore strategies for managing these challenges, including the importance of hobbies and activities unrelated to work, differentiating active from passive rest, and embracing practices like gratitude exercises.
    This episode promises not only to educate but also to inspire and empower animal welfare professionals in their journey towards a balanced, joyful, and sustainable career in animal care.
    Find Jessica online at:
    https://jessicadolce.com and https://www.compassioninbalance.com

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5 Ratings

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