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The Bitcoin Magazine Podcast is on a mission to stay on top of what's happening with everything Bitcoin, guiding listeners through the major stories shaping the price, philosophy and community around the financial revolution. The show will also feature brief interviews from leading experts in the space.

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The Bitcoin Magazine Podcast is on a mission to stay on top of what's happening with everything Bitcoin, guiding listeners through the major stories shaping the price, philosophy and community around the financial revolution. The show will also feature brief interviews from leading experts in the space.

    All In On Bitcoin w/ Gary Leland

    All In On Bitcoin w/ Gary Leland

    This week on the Bitcoin Magazine Podcast, host Christian Keroles sits down with the Bitcoin Boomer Gary Leland. Gary is a life long entrepreneur where he created several small business, pioneered podcasting and founded one of the largest Podcasting event in the world.
    Gary has since fallen deep down the Bitcoin rabbit hole and become an instrumental member of the Bitcoin community! Gary has gone all in on Bitcoin in a number of ways, first with his investments but also with his time, businesses, and energy. Gary has founded one of the best Bitcoin event in North America BitBlockBoom in Dallas Texas, he also hosts a daily Bitcoin podcast, and monthly Bitcoin Maximalist BBQs.
    Gary and Christian discuss the benefits of selling all of the fiat collectibles and stores of value for Bitcoin. Gary has personally sold thousands of dollar worth of memorabilia in order to buy Bitcoin. He is confident that Bitcoin will serve his children much better as a fungible store of value and it relieves him to remove clutter from his life. Gary is an incredible example of the positives that come from embracing Bitcoin. Please enjoy this wide ranging conversation with Gary Leland.
    Going all in on Bitcoin The Bitcoin Bull Run Bit Block Boom 2021 Bitcoin 2021 Embracing Bitcoin culture Texas Bitcoin and Freedom Selling your stuff for Bitcoin Educating Boomers on Bitcoin Learn more about BitBlockBoom https://bitblockboom.com/ @bitblockboom
    Follow Gary on Twitter @GaryLeland

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    Fed Watch - Central Banks Update Q1 2021 - FED 48

    Fed Watch - Central Banks Update Q1 2021 - FED 48

    Do not forget to subscribe to the new Fed Watch: Bitcoin and Macro new feed. Search for “Fed Watch - Bitcoin and Macro” on your podcast app.
    iTunes: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/fed-watch-bitcoin-and-macro/id1543640492 In this episode of Bitcoin Magazine’s Fed Watch podcast, Christian Keroles and Ansel Lindner reminisce about the year on the podcast so far and cover recent developments from the major central banks of the world.
    There have been so many great guests on Fed Watch this year so far that span a unique swath of bitcoin and macro. If you haven’t listened to these past episodes, subscribe and check out the back catalog. This year’s list of guests includes Max Kaiser, Nik Bhatia, Michael Lebowitz, Elliot Johnson, Mark Moss, Greg Foss, and Daniel Prince.
    Fed Watch has established itself as the bitcoin podcast which goes past the surface arguments about the monetary system, uncovering uncomfortable topics and diving deeply into how bitcoin will reshape that system. The main part of this episode is summarizing central bank related news for the last month, particularly the People’s Bank of China (PBOC), the European Central Bank (ECB), and the Federal Reserve.
    Articles mentioned in the episode China Digital Yuan Will Co-Exist With Alipay, WeChat, PBOC Says https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-03-25/china-digital-yuan-will-co-exist-with-alipay-wechat-pboc-says
    China Asks Banks to Curtail Credit for Rest of Year https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-04-06/china-is-said-to-ask-banks-to-curtail-credit-for-rest-of-year
    ECB tries to dispel myths about CBDC https://www.finextra.com/newsarticle/37744/ecb-bids-to-bust-cbdc-myths
    Lagarde Says Market Can Test ECB Resolve as Much as It Wants https://archive.ph/SyLZK
    Treasury General Account balance https://fred.stlouisfed.org/series/WTREGEN
    Thanks for listening. Make sure to visit our Sponsor b.tc/conference and find our new RSS feed!
    Written by Ansel Lindner
    Economist, author and bitcoin specialist. Find more from Ansel at the Bitcoin & Markets podcast (bitcoinandmarkets.com), the BitcoinDictionary.cc, and macro blog Bitcoin & Markets Research (BTCM.co).

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    Bitcoin Smart Contracts with Ben Carman

    Bitcoin Smart Contracts with Ben Carman

    In this episode of the Bitcoin Magazine podcast, host Christian sits down with rising Bitcoin developer Ben Carman to discuss his cutting edge work in the Bitcoin Smart Contracting space as well as controversy and disputes Ben finds himself in as he trolls Bitcoin Twitter.
    Ben and Christian first met far before Ben's rise to prominence int he Bitcoin community at the Bit Block Boom Conference in 2019. Since then, Ben has joined SuredBits as a leader in DLC technology. DLC's show promise as the smart contracting and oracle layer for the Bitcoin financial stack. Ben has since built Krystal Bull which is a wallet for hosting an oracle. Ben throws in his two cents on the Taproot activation discussion and educates CK about all of the benefits and features that Taproot enables.
    Lastly we dive into a recent confrontation between Eric July and Ben. Eric is a prominent libertarian pendent who does not really recommend or educate his following on Bitcoin. Ben and other Bitcoin plebs joined Erics podcast to call out the fact that Eric and other libertarians that do not take action are LARPS and the fall out from that confrontation.
    DLC's Bitcoiner Libertarian Show down.
    Intro to Ben,
    Krystal Bull
    Why run an oracle?
    Lot True v False
    The future and nature of Bitcoin finance.
    Why are libertarian's that deny bitcoin Larps
    Eric July's podcast.

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    Banking on Bitcoin with Max Carjuzaa

    Banking on Bitcoin with Max Carjuzaa

    This week for the Bitcoin Magazine podcast, host Christian Keroles sits down with Max Carjuzaa the cofounder and ceo of Money on Chain. Money on Chain is a fascinating new trustless application built on the RSK side chain. RSK is a sidechain that pegs 1 to 1 with Bitcoin and allows users to leverage a turing complete computing environment. Money on Chain is part of the emerging decentralized finance and banking movement coming to bitcoin in a more native way. Money on Chain allows users to leverage their bitcoin collateral to mint dollar backed tokens as well as their B2X token that enables the users earn a 2x leveraged bitcoin position all with minimized trust on the RSK sidechain. 
    Carjuzaa explained the story behind money on chain and how he and his team conceived of the idea and leveraged RSK and learning from other ecosystems to build the MoC system in the most Bitcoin native way possible. Money on Chain is built to enable bitcoiners to express short and long sentiments on Bitcoin while also creating a dollar synthetic token that is permissionless and censorship resistant. Carjuzaa explains how RSK and Money on chain are thriving in Latin America where financial services and fiat currency are much worse and there is a substantial need for alternative banking solutions. 
    Follow Max on twitter @maxcarjuzaa
    Learn more about Money on Chain on twitter @moneyonchainok
    or https://moneyonchain.com/

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    Optimizing Bitcoin with Gloria Zhao

    Optimizing Bitcoin with Gloria Zhao

    This week for the Bitcoin Magazine podcast, host Christian Keroles sat down with young Bitcoin developer Gloria Zhao to discuss her story and contributions to Bitcoin core. Gloria grew up in the bay area and led the elite Blockchain at Berkeley group at UC Berkeley. Gloria discusses the misaligned incentives for top college developers pulling them toward altcoin and defi projects. Gloria stated that she needed to be in tune with herself and her motivations in order to see Bitcoin Core as a viable and exciting career path.
    Gloria's talent was quickly discovered by top Bitcoin contributors and she started as the first fellow of nonprofit Bitcoin development organization, Brink Bitcoin. Gloria is currently working on the very important and thankless work improving the p2p layer between nodes. Her specific projects are called Package Mempool Acceptance. P2P development is incredibly stressful because it is how nodes talk to each other and there is massive opportunity for an attack on Bitcoin. 
    We cover the following topics:
    Gloria's Bitcoin story
    Experience at Cal and Blockchain at Berkeley
    Bitcoin v blockchain in education
    What is it like learning the technical side of Bitcoin
    Advice to young aspiring bitcoin devs
    what is package accept or package relay
    Gloria's most profound lesson form learning the technical side of  Bitcoin
    Follow Gloria on twitter: @glozow
    On Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/glozow/

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    Bitcoin Failure Scenarios with Keagan McClelland

    Bitcoin Failure Scenarios with Keagan McClelland

    This week for the Bitcoin Magazine podcast, host Christian Keroles sits down with Bitcoin engineers and cofounder of Start9 Keagan McClelland to discuss different ways he sees Bitcoin potentially filing in the future. 
    Start9 is a hardware and software company dedicated to making individuals more sovereign. Start9’s flagship product is the Embassy personal server. Start9 sees individuals running their own server for things like email, encrypted messaging, and Bitcoin as being critical for the future of individual sovereignty. The Embassy is designed to make it easy for none technical users to run all of their core software services themselves at him. 
    Keagan is a Bitcoin and is extremely bullish Bitcoin however because of his engineering focus and experience with lightning he is no stranger to the challenges Bitcoin faces. Keagana nd ck discuss fees, centralization risk, attacks on Bitcoiners, the potential for 6102 scenarios and much much more. 
    Don’t miss this wide ranging, mildly technical episode of the Bitcoin Magazine podcast.
    Follow Keagan @ProofOfKeags

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