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'Conrad Speaks' is Mathijs Koenraadt /mɑtɛis kunraːt/ (1980) from The Netherlands. He writes books and makes videos for the conservative reaction.


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'Conrad Speaks' is Mathijs Koenraadt /mɑtɛis kunraːt/ (1980) from The Netherlands. He writes books and makes videos for the conservative reaction.


    Snowden Is a Communist

    Snowden Is a Communist

    In the wake of Facebook’s downtime, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, NSA-whistleblower Edward Snowden, and several other prominent figures all chimed in to condemn the spread of “misinformation” on social media platforms.

    This points to a simple conspiracy, namely that either the downtime or the response to it were coordinated. It also suggests state powers, especially those in the U.S., have an apparent need to begin controlling the flow of information. And that’s called censorship.

    Edward Snowden took it to the extreme yesterday and published an article titled “Apophenia”. This condition, first coined by Nazi psychologist Klaus Conrad, involves people looking for confirmation of their own biases, and then finding said confirmation in random coincidences.

    In his blog post, Snowden seems to argue that ordinary people who think they see patterns in information are likely conspiracy theorists, and that proper thinking is best left to professionally trained social theorists. This is Marxism in a nutshell, for it denies people can trust their own senses, and claims that those who try are “victims of institutions”. Where have we heard that before?

    Snowden further writes, “The easier it becomes to produce information, the harder that information becomes to consume.” Snowden means to say that when ordinary people—rather than trained experts—start writing blog posts on the internet, the information overload makes it harder for everyone to figure out what is true.

    If that sounds like an argument for censoring the internet … well that’s exactly what Snowden is suggesting.

    Except, it isn’t so. Snowden falsely assumes that by now limiting the production of information (say, through “fact-checking”), we somehow regain access to higher quality, more truthful information. But once we start censoring information, we don’t somehow get more condensed truths, rather, we get more refined b******t.

    What he really means to say is that common people shouldn’t be allowed to freely use social media anymore, for they may end up believing things that aren’t true. This is a threat to states and state media, for the public’s own opinions drown out the voices of state-sanctioned outlets. The greater diversity of thoughts among the public that social media has enabled diminishes the effectiveness of state propaganda.

    I find it odd that Snowden would not see that value in that. Whose side is he on, really?

    Snowden next calls human beings “meaning-making machines” and I thought that was a peculiar phrase, for two reasons. One, people are not machines. Does Snowden think of himself as a machine? Does he believe people ought to be programmed like computers? And two, people don’t just make meaning. They more often absorb it or cultivate it slowly.

    We are not meaning-making machines, we are sense-absorbing beings.

    Basically, Snowden’s grand argument is that the general public cannot be trusted to filter out truths from untruths on their own, and therefore, we ought to somehow start restricting people’s use of social media. Can you smell the internet passport already? Because I smell the internet passport and I wonder if the unvaccinated will still be allowed to have opinions online. We’ll see.

    (Apparently, Snowden himself is still allowed to “produce information” on his blog, and he perfectly timed his post for Facebook’s outage, as though he hadn’t already prepared the article long in advance.)

    No, people do not seek “order in the chaos”, either, as Snowden claims. This is a typical leftist trope based on the Left’s own inability to understand the populist Right. They mistakenly think right-wingers need order and closure, but we, on the Right, actually excell at dealing with unpredictable circumstances, whereas it is the Left that has the incessant need to make everything predictable.

    It is the Left that wants to capture the workings of the whole universe in unchangi

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    Age of Empires: Where Europe Stands

    Age of Empires: Where Europe Stands

    I talk about the post-national world, the age of empires, where elites are battling it out for global power. They are the European Union, the Commonwealth of Nations, the U.S. Empire, the Islamic/Arabic OPEC nations, the post-Soviet Russia, and China.

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    What to Do in Times of Collapse?

    What to Do in Times of Collapse?

    In times of economic collapse, the rich and powerful are overcome by a panic response. They will tighten the belts of society and begin cutting away middle-class fat. To avoid being eaten by the rich, I recommend people join the rebellion against them. But being a rebel also means the control state will come after you, for you represent the Unpredictable.

    (You are watching drone footage from the south of The Netherlands. I recorded it with a DJI Mini 2.)

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    Never Forget: The Media Did 9/11

    Never Forget: The Media Did 9/11

    Today is the twentieth anniversary of the September 11 attacks on the Twin Towers in New York City. Many people born since that day will only know of the event as historical. And though many more who lived through the deception no longer believe the official narrative, few people have a clue what really happened.

    I could give you the names of some of the high-ranking conspirators who perpetrated 9/11. I could tell you they were former Secretaries of Defense Paul Wolfowitz and Donald Rumsfeld, former Vice President Dick Cheney, former Secretaries of State Henry Kissinger and Condoleeza Rice, owner of the Twin Towers, Larry Silverstein, and on the Israeli side, former Mossad agents Ehud Barak and Benjamin Netanyahu, the later premier, and former deputy Prime Minister Shaul Mofaz.

    I could tell you the conspirators publicly organized themselves behind PNAC, the Project for the New American Century, or that the Bush family was deeply involved, but that we must consider George W. Bush a puppet cast for his Christian family appeal rather than for his involvement, let alone for his intellect.

    Before I explain more about motive, let me shed a light on how it was done. German journalist Gerhard Wisnewski seems to have been the first who put the missing pieces together in his book Operation 9/11, so here’s a summary added with my own insights:

    No civilian planes ever hit the Twin Towers. What you saw on TV was computer-generated imagery to make it look like planes hit the Towers, thereby causing the explosions. The explosions were real, but the planes were not. Most of the fake footage was produced by MIT’s own Media Lab, at the time the most advanced cgi facility.

    Some of the videos you’ve seen were staged by secret service actors dressed as firefighters and police officers (such as this one). Other civilian home videos were hunted down by secret police, and some were coerced into redubbing their footage to fit the ‘correct’ narrative.

    Actual planes did take off from JFK and other airports but were rerouted hundreds of miles to the west of New York City. Under normal circumstances, hijacked planes should have been intercepted by fighter jets, as has happened over a hundred times before. On 9/11, however, drones intercepted the aircraft.

    The conspirators directing the attacks from somewhere within the United States managed to switch over the transponder signals from the civilian airliners to the drones in mid-air, suggesting the drones turned on preprogrammed devices while those of the civilian planes were switched off. Two drones then continued en route to Manhattan, and possibly two missiles or smaller drones set course for the Pentagon and the White House.

    The four passenger planes, each carrying around fifty passengers, landed at various airports nearby. Flight United Airlines 175, for example, which was supposed to have hit the North Tower, actually landed at Cleveland airport. The American FAA, the Federal Aviation Authority, listed flights UA 175 and UA 93 as “active duty” aircraft until September 28th, 2005. Only when conspiracy theorists began writing the FAA asking about these planes did the FAA change the planes’ status from “active duty” to “canceled”--but not to “destroyed” as is customary if planes have crashed.

    In other words, the FAA’s actions suggest both these planes kept operating regular flights around the USA, even after 2005, and were never destroyed, proving the drone theory is right. No planes ever hit the Towers.

    The passengers aboard these planes were mostly government employees who had volunteered to participate in a military exercise, which indeed took place that day, as civilian and military branches coincidentally staged a mock terrorist attack that very morning. That means it’s possible some of the families left behind were also in on the conspiracy, but others were not.

    The military exercise certainly added greatly to the confusion among air traffic control

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    Call for a New White Nobility

    Call for a New White Nobility

    Western civilization, spiritually and racially speaking, reached its pinnacle around the 1870s. That’s almost 150 years back. The seeds of our modern age—telephones, photography, the headphone jack, and consumer cars—had just been invented. This was the age of Richard Wagner’s Ring of the Nibelungs, of Jules Verne’s Around the World in Eighty Days, and the beginning of the German Empire, the Second Reich.

    In that same decade, however, everything came crashing down. The Industrial Age that had uprooted millions of rural families looking for a better life in the new bustling cities proved an illusion. It was the Panic of 1873, following the collapse of the Viennese Stock Market in May of that year, which set in motion the events leading up to the First and Second World Wars.

    Earlier that century, in 1806, the Holy Roman Empire had been dissolved, i.e., the First Reich, a deeply religious Catholic empire ruled by a feudal Germanic backbone stretching across Central Europe from Southern Denmark to Northern Italy. Now, a small but cunning financial clique had bankrupted Europe. The colonial powers in the West, such as France, Britain, and Spain, won great riches overseas and wrestled themselves free from Germanic feudalism.

    By the late nineteenth century, French socialists had won the culture war, and governments around the West began playing to the new tune of scientific atheism, for the age of machines and computers had started. Laborers across the world saw their demand diminish as machines took over, a trend that still continues into our time as robots and algorithms are filling ever more job openings.

    At least Western Europe’s populations still kept growing in absolute numbers until around the year 1990 when most of Western Europe’s native populations began stalling in absolute numbers and have since seen a slow but steady decline. Quality of life has panned out. The struggle for life is noticeably worsening; the loss of our freedoms is casually mentioned on the daily news.

    The financial implosion of nineteenth-century Europe ultimately gave birth to the United States as the global superpower, and for some time, Americans proudly carried on the European soul. But the U.S., too, today, is falling for the same scams that killed Europe before, namely: mass immigration of rural peoples into the cities, mass exploitation of said peoples, and the inevitable financial rug-pulling as soon as another banking elite decides the time is right.

    Ordinary people have been bred for the slaughterhouse. There is no chivalric white nobility left, so to speak, no self-respecting class of whites in leading positions willing to brave uncertainty and doubt. There seem to be no higher-ups willing to win victories for the people. There is only the sort of misfits left with billions of dollars to spend on their personal reigns of terror.

    I presume the people in power of Western media and politics are handing down the abuse they themselves suffered as children, now taking it out on society at large. The speed at which they brought the communist dystopia online says two things: 1. The new totalitarians had been planning to cancel our freedoms for decades if not centuries in advance, and 2. Most of the technology used to control the herd is Made in China.

    You see, we are still living with the consequences of what happened in Vienna in 1873. For almost 150 years, white people have had no faith in themselves, only in money and technology. If we do nothing, China is going to win the war on the West, not by firing a single shot but by buying us out, by bribing the traitors who presently pose as our leaders, by making deals with our depressed ruling classes.

    Western peoples are at risk of being put up for sale to Chinese bidders. How much Chinese yuan do we get for the Eiffel Tower? How much for the Akropolis? How much is our nation worth to your investors?

    Having effectively lost the Cold War and the Gulf Wars and the War on T

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    The School of Life (Spoof)

    The School of Life (Spoof)

    Imagine you’re about to parachute out of a plane on your first solo jump. You push yourself out the door and plunge to earth, some fourteen thousand feet below. It’s exciting and you’re enjoying yourself.

    But right after you pull the cord, you notice the chute appears to be stuck. The wires are all tangled up, and the canvas won’t unfold properly. You can’t help but notice the surface below is closing in at alarming speeds. You start to panic.

    Overwhelmed with immense fear and stress, not knowing what to do, you all of a sudden experience a pop in your head. Your mind has fled to a safe space. It’s as though you are observing yourself from a distance.

    In this condition, you seem to be controlling your body the way a driver controls a car. The fear you felt before has gone away. You feel calm and focused, and know exactly what to do.

    You make a rational decision that is about to save your life. You release the failed parachute by pulling a cord strapped onto your chest, and you activate a second chute—the emergency chute—by pulling another. You land safely in a maize field.

    What happened to your mind is called dissociation. Under extreme anxiety, fear, or stress—or God forbid, pain and torture—people’s minds can seemingly detach themselves from their bodies, stopping us from going insane.

    The ability to dissociate our minds from our bodies, then, is a life-saving quality of the human psyche. But when we permanently dissociate from ourselves and from reality, we are suffering from Dissociative Rational Politics, or DERP.

    Research shows that men suffering from dissociative politics are more likely to be physically smaller and shorter in stature than their less frightful compatriots. They feel a constant need to dissociate from “the others”, such as rural conservatives or religious people, or from anyone else they deem “too emotional”.

    It is from this sterile condition that a host of delusional side effects arise. So disconnected from reality, rationalist political thinkers begin to see an imaginary world, one in which all people are somehow born equal.

    They see a world without class differences, without races and religions, without financial inequality, a world in which rational minds all work together for the common good rather than compete against one another.

    In this Rational State, ordinary people may even discard the very notions of biology and family, for a mind without a body has no history, no gender, no family, no class, no face, and no life.

    This is the world of DARPA and of Boston Dynamics, a world in which robotic machines may become replacement vehicles for our bodies; a world in which people with physical disabilities may, one day, upload their minds to a computer and live on forever.

    To usher in the victory of the Rational over all things Natural, the dissociated person must avoid any and all confrontation with the real world. Rational Man prefers to flee into logic in order not to provoke emotions among those he perceives as threats.

    All rational politics, then, is deeply rooted in an irrational fear of the outside world, or rather, in the inability to overcome said fear. Should we allow the Rational Left to design a technocratic world for all, one in which faceless and gender-neutral people are ruled by algorithms?

    Perhaps people should be careful not to succumb to the paralyzing fears that shut themselves in. Instead, we should confront our weaknesses. We should always strive to reunite our bodies with our minds.

    And people suffering from Dissociative Rational Politics would do well to note that, without their bodies, they would be nobodies.

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