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Courage and Valour: New Zealanders in the Italian Campaign of World War Two
An oral history series in which New Zealand veterans tell the story of their experiences in the Italian Campaign in the Second World War.

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Courage and Valour: New Zealanders in the Italian Campaign of World War Two
An oral history series in which New Zealand veterans tell the story of their experiences in the Italian Campaign in the Second World War.

    Episode 11 – The Engineers

    Episode 11 – The Engineers

    Episode Eleven:
    In this episode we hear stories from Engineers of the  New Zealand Army who served in Italy. The Engineers performed a myriad of important tasks that kept the Army moving forward, from building bridges over rivers and canals were previous bridges had been blown by the retreating Germans; to mine laying and mine clearing; to building construction, road repair and vehicle maintenance. In this bumper sized episode you’ll hear the memories of several Engineers who were there.
    Ted Gatfield (7 Mechanical Equipment Company, Headquarters, NZ Engineers)
    Tom McClennan (7th Field Engineers)
    Eric Bullen (2nd NZ Divisional Engineers)
    Ted Lees (Field Engineers)
    Stan Wall (Field Engineers)
    Pat Green (24 Battalion)
    Duration:  2 hours 21 minutes  53 seconds
    Narration provided by Dave Homewood
    Recordings and Editing by Dave Homewood
    Produced by Dave Homewood

    • 2 hrs 21 min
    Courage And Valour Extra – Kay de Lautour

    Courage And Valour Extra – Kay de Lautour

    In this Courage And Valour “Extra” episode Dave Homewood has a brief chat with artist Kay de Latour, who is the daughter of Italian Campaign veteran Eric de Latour. She lives very near to Cassino in Italy where her father fought, and she’s very involved with keeping the memory of the war veterans there alive through her art, her Legato exhibitions, her tour guiding around the battle sites, and as Chairman of the Monte Cassino Foundation. Click the player below to listen to the interview, or feel free to hit the download button to keep a copy.

    Left: Kay de Lautour with her father Eric de Lautour, who served in 25 Battalion in North Africa before transferring to 18th Armoured Regiment as a Signals Driver in Italy.
    Here are her websites:
    The Legato Exhibition
    Kay’s Art Page

    • 21 min
    Episode 10 – Life In The Poor Bloody Infantry

    Episode 10 – Life In The Poor Bloody Infantry

    In this episode of Courage And Valour, the veterans of the New Zealand Infantry Battalions talk frankly about the life of an infantry soldier in the front lines, and behind the lines, in WWII, both in Egypt and in Italy. This is a collection of memories, reminiscences and anecdotes from those men who were there at the sharp end. The detailed accounts after all these years are astounding, and the openness about life back then very refreshing.
    In this episode, in order of appearance, we hear:
    – Pat Green (24 Battalion, Mortar Platoon)
    – Ted ‘Bluey’ Homewood (21 Battalion)
    – Don Adams (21 Battalion)
    – Colin Murray (24 Battalion)
    – Norm Harris (24 Battalion)
    – Charlie Honeycombe (21 Battalion)
    – Te Puhi Patara (28 Maori Battalion)
    – Bob O’Brien (24 Battalion)
    – Harry Hopping (24 Battalion)
    – Nolan Raihania (28 Maori Battalion)
    – Aubrey Balzer (28 Maori Battalion)
    – Ted Waters (21 Battalion)
    Listeners will note I chose not to add any bridging narration for this episode, because I felt it didn’t need it and it simply flows like one long conversation. Plus all the participants are known voices from previous episodes. For those wondering who is telling which story, here’s a handy guide
    00:01:31 – Pat – Getting into a Battalion
    00:01.56 – Bluey – A day in the life of infantrymen at Maadi
    00:05.03 – Don – Route marches and showers at Maadi, and leave into Cairo
    00:06.19 – Bluey – Army teaching him self respect and more
    00:07.00 – Colin – The Division being self sustaining
    00:08.02 – Norm – Cook trucks
    00:08.18 – Colin – Food
    00:08.49 – Charlie – Don’t eat German food
    00:09.08 – Pat – Rations, cooking, stealing spuds
    00:15.44 – Te Puhi – Food and wine
    00:16.59 – Bluey – Old gear and bad tanks
    00:20.07 – Norm – Trucks valued more highly then men
    00:20.23 – Bob – One bloke letting him down
    00:21.27 – Colin – Let down by a guy too
    00:23.39 – Pat – Shorty’s fear, and joking in the front line
    00:27.35 – Colin and Bob – Fear, and moving forward against the enemy, short rounds
    00:29.53 – Colin – Friendly fire
    00:32.16 – Colin & Harry – Daytime attacks
    00:32.38 – Pat – Getting chased across a big field by mortars
    00:34.13 – Nolan – 12 Reinforcements baptism of fire
    00:35.08 – Norm – Dealing with death and losses
    00:35.51 – Aubrey – He and his brother Clarence wounded, and Mac killed
    00:47.50 – Colin – Firepower of an infantry platoon
    00:49.24 – Pat – Make up of Company structure
    00:53.53 – Charlie – Seven man section
    00:54.56 – Bluey – The big bed
    00:55.49 – Norm – Sleep and pickets
    00:56.30 – Pat – Left Out of Battle (LOB)
    00:58.23 – Nolan – LOB through Purple Death
    01:01.05 – Te Puhi – Freyberg and the “Wave out and they’ll wave back” story
    01:02.19 – Charlie – German flame throwers at Orsogna
    01:02.44 – Colin – Coming out of the lines for a rest
    01:06.59 – Pat – Coming out to rest, washing, hitting the Sgt with a tomato
    01:08.51 – Pat – Coming out of the line, MP argument
    01:11.53 – Pat – Christmas Dinner at Forli
    01:14.13 – Te Puhi – Rests and leave
    01:15.20 – Don – Leave at NZ Club
    01:16.47 – Colin & Harry – Kiwi Club, and Colin’s haircut
    01:19.09 – Don – Kiwi Concert Party
    01:19.57 – Colin & Harry – Leave and rest
    01:20.50 – Don – Italian opera
    01:21.16 – Pat – Getting into Venice
    01:26.42 – Ted – Leave in Venice
    01:28.01 – Don – Dome on St Peter’s Cathedral
    01:29.06 – Colin & Harry – Rel[...]

    • 2 hrs 23 min
    Episode 9 – Trieste and War’s End

    Episode 9 – Trieste and War’s End

    This episode covers the New Zealand Infantrymen of the 2nd NZ Division who had been sitting for months at the Senio River. We follow their story as they break out north in the spring offensive, rolling north up through the top of Italy all the way to Trieste, where the war ended. But the kiwis found themselves facing another very potential enemy in that city, the Communist forces of Yugoslavia.

    In this episode you’ll hear:
    Ray Moncur – Divisional Signals
    Ted Waters – 21 Battalion
    Nolan Raihania – 28 Battalion
    Te Puhi Patara  – 28 Battalion
    Morris Johnstone  – 27 Battalion
    Harry Shirley  – 21 Battalion
    Gordon Briggs  – 23 Battalion
    Norrie Miller  – 22 Battalion
    Ted “Bluey” Homewood  – 21 Battalion
    Pat Green – 24 Battalion
    Haddon Donald – 22 Battalion
    Aubrey Balzer – 28 Battalion
    Norm Harris  – 24 Battalion

    • 1 hr 15 min
    Episode 8 – The Adriatic

    Episode 8 – The Adriatic

    Following the victory in taking the vital city of Florence from the Germans, the New Zealand Division rested and re-equipped at Impoli for a short period. They also took on reinforcements here. Then when ready again for action the Div moved back east across the Appenines to rejoin the fight. Now they were formed into the Canadian Corps, with their first task being to support the Allied moves to take Rimini.
    Between September and December 1944 the New Zealand Infantry were a spearhead in moving the Allied lines forward through Rimini, onto Forli and then taking the city of Faenza. But winter arrived and the Allies could go no further than the southern banks of the Senio river. The Germans were poised on the northern banks, and from December through till the last day of March 1945 a stalemate of sorts ensued. This did not mean the work stopped, and the kiwi infantry carried out daily and nightly patrols, manned listening posts and lobbed mortar and artillery shells across the river at the enemy.  The enemy did the same back.
    In this episode we hear from men who were there, in that cold, bleak landscape risking it all.
    In order of appearance we hear:
    – Gordon Briggs (23 Battalion)
    – Ned Nolan (22 Battalion)
    – Nolan Raihania (28 (Maori) Battalion)
    – Te Puhi Patara (28 (Maori) Battalion)
    – Don Adams (21 Battalion)
    – Harry Shirley (21 Battalion)
    – Ted Waters (21 Battalion)
    – Ted “Bluey” Homewood  (21 Battalion)
    – Harry Hopping (24 Battalion)
    – Brynn Hughes (22 Battalion)
    – Fred Preece (28 (Maori) Battalion)
    – Charlie Honeycombe (21 Battalion)
    -Norm Harris (24 Battalion)
    Thanks to the Te Awamutu Returned and Service Association, Richard Carstens, Harima Fraser, and the 28 (Maori) Battalion Association for their assistance in making this episode

    • 55 min
    Wounded at El Alamein

    Wounded at El Alamein

    In this Courage And Valour “Extra” we hear the vivid memories of 24 Battalion soldier Pat Green recalling not only his first battle but his first wound in battle too, in the first battle of El Alamein in September 1942. This story is pieced together from several memories that came out over several recordings, but show how strong they remain in Pat’s memory more than 70 years later.
    WARNING: Strong Adult Themes Within This Episode, Parental Guidance Strongly Advised

    • 30 min

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3.8 out of 5
6 Ratings

6 Ratings

z-dawg16 ,

Breathtaking honesty and heartbreaking experiences

At the time of writing this I'm 28, older than most - if not all - of the men interviewed were during their wartime service. I don't think I could've lived through and accomplished what they did. Dave Homewood's work in compiling this series is to be commended as already some of them have died. Their stories need to be recorded for future generations to learn from and enjoy. Thanks Dave for your efforts and please do give this series a listen.

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This is truly amazing! Leaves me speechless. (just one down pint could you push the sound of the old boys up just a tad but more?)

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