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Health Professional radio gives you access to interesting and entertaining interviews, news updates, professional profiles, research updates on a broad range of topics related to health.

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Health Professional radio gives you access to interesting and entertaining interviews, news updates, professional profiles, research updates on a broad range of topics related to health.

    Sigyn Therapeutics - Blood Purification Technology to Treat Cytokine Storm

    Sigyn Therapeutics - Blood Purification Technology to Treat Cytokine Storm

    Jim Joyce, co-founder, chairman, and CEO of Sigyn Therapeutics discusses the development of Sigyn Therapy, the company's blood purification technology to overcome the limitations of drugs and other devices to treat Cytokine Storm induced inflammatory conditions that lead to sepsis. He explains the relationship between Cytokine Storm and COVID and how this blood purification technology is an approach that is getting alot of attention right now. He talks about how this technology differs from current blood purification technologies and what the current treatment landscape looks like.

    #SigynTherapeutics #BloodPurificationTechnology #CytokineStorm

    James “Jim” Joyce has 30+ years of diverse public market experience, which includes two decades of public company CEO and Corporate Board leadership roles. He is also an inventor or co-inventor underlying 18 pending or issued patents.

    Prior to establishing Sigyn Therapeutics, Mr. Joyce was the founder and former Chairman and CEO of Aethlon Medical, a therapeutic technology company that he navigated from single shareholder start-up to Nasdaq-traded Company with 8000+ shareholders. During his tenure at Aethlon, Mr. Joyce oversaw the development of the Hemopurifier®, a first-in-class blood purification technology to address life-threatening viruses and cancer-promoting exosomes. Under his leadership, the Hemopurifier® became the first therapeutic candidate to be awarded two FDA “Breakthrough Device” designations and was the first and only device to receive “Emergency Use Authorization” (EAU) approval from both the FDA and Health Canada to treat Ebola virus. Time Magazine named the Hemopurifier® one of the “11 Most Remarkable Advances in Healthcare” and designated the device to its “Top 25 Best Inventions” award list. The Hemopurifier® has since been cleared by the FDA to treat severe COVID-19 infections in a clinical setting.

    Under Mr. Joyce’s leadership, the Hemopurifier® was the subject of two Department of Defense (DOD) contract awards and a National Cancer Institute (NCI) contract. Mr. Joyce led the completion of approximately $100 million of equity financings on behalf of Aethlon Medical and established preclinical and clinical collaborations with more than twenty government and non-government research institutes.

    Based on the use of the Hemopurifier® to treat HIV and Hepatitis-C infected individuals in India, Mr. Joyce was the recipient of the “Spirit of India Award” sponsored by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and awarded each year by the American India Foundation to the American business leader who has demonstrated a commitment to accelerate social and economic change in India.

    Mr. Joyce testified before Congress and lobbied Capitol Hill to promote the Hemopurifier® as a broad-spectrum countermeasure against bioterror and pandemic threats, which contributed to expanding the government-wide definition of treatment countermeasure to be inclusive of medical devices under U.S. law.

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    New Study - More Than 50 Percent of Patients with Diabetes Fall Short on Protein Intake

    New Study - More Than 50 Percent of Patients with Diabetes Fall Short on Protein Intake

    Sara Thomas, PhD, RD, registered dietician and research scientist at Abbott, discusses a new study from Abbott and The Ohio State University that was published in "Nutrients" that showed that adults with diabetes with low protein leads to physical limitations, lower overall diet quality, poorer nutrition density and more carbohydrates consumed.

    #Abbott #Nutrients

    Sara Thomas , PhD, RD is a registered dietitian and a research scientist supporting the Global Science team at Abbott. Sara provides clinical and scientific expertise for Abbott’s adult nutrition products and specializes in diabetes and oncology.

    Previously, Sara has worked in various roles in the field of nutrition including academic, government, and industry settings. Her previous nutrition research experience includes carotenoids, adult obesity, and dietary supplements.

    Sara earned her master’s degree and PhD in Nutrition Science and completed her dietetic internship at the Ohio State University and conducted her post-doctoral training at the USDA.

    Areas of Expertise: Adult nutrition, diabetes and prediabetes, and oncology

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    Saniona - FDA Orphan Drug Designation for Tesomet in Hypothalamic Obesity

    Saniona - FDA Orphan Drug Designation for Tesomet in Hypothalamic Obesity

    Rami Levin, President and CEO of Saniona discusses Tesomet, the first and only investigational treatment for Hypothalamic Obesity (HO) to receive orphan drug designation. This marks a major milestone for the patient community as there are currently no medications specifically approved for HO. Patients living with this disease experience uncontrollable hunger and intractable weight gain, which is often complicated by depression, impulse control issues and increased risk of cardiovascular and metabolic disorders. This milestone builds on the orphan drug designation granted by the FDA earlier this year to Tesomet for the treatment of Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS) and Saniona is preparing to initiate Phase 2b studies of Tesomet in HO and PWS in the second half of this year.​

    #Saniona #HypothalamicObesity

    Rami Levin, President and Chief Executive Officer.

    Rami Levin (born 1969) is a seasoned biotech leader with over 24 years of experience in rare diseases and central nervous system disorders. Prior to joining Saniona in January 2020, he most recently served as President of Sobi Inc., the North American affiliate of international rare disease company Sobi. At Sobi, he built and led the North American organization from infancy to a team of approximately 300 employees generating over half a billion USD in annual revenue. Levin’s experience in mergers and acquisitions resulted in the successful acquisitions of Gamifant, the first FDA approved treatment for primary hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis (pHLH), and Synagis, the only FDA approved prophylaxis for respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). Under his leadership, the Sobi team launched Gamifant and integrated the entire Synagis sales and medical organizations, retaining 100% of the team.

    Prior to joining Sobi, Levin held commercial leadership roles of increasing strategic importance for 16 years at Merck Serono in a number of countries, including the U.S., Sweden, Switzerland and Israel. Levin earned his MBA from the Recanati Business School at Tel Aviv University in Israel, majoring in International Marketing, and has a BSc in Biology from Tel Aviv University.

    In addition to his current position as President and CEO of Saniona, Levin serves as a member of the Board of Advisors for Life Science Cares.

    Levin holds 10,000 shares and 710,313 options in the options program 2020/2024 and 1,262,000 options in the options program 2020/2031.

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    The Asthma Toolkit Bootcamp - Bridging the Gap Between Urban and Rural Healthcare

    The Asthma Toolkit Bootcamp - Bridging the Gap Between Urban and Rural Healthcare

    Dr. Bruce Bender, PhD, lead researcher and co-director of the Center for Health Promotion at National Jewish Health discusses recent research published in "The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology: In Practice" about The Asthma Toolkit Bootcamp, a program that improved physician adherence to current guidelines, leading to fewer hospitalizations, emergency room visits, and decreased use of oral medications.


    Dr. Bender is a member of the faculty at National Jewish Health, where he initiated the pediatric neuropsychology service. From this service, he began a research program designed to examine incidence and correlates of cognitive impairment in children with asthma, leading to a series of studies on the neuropsychological side effects of medications used to treat allergies and asthma.

    He has an ongoing research program that investigates health care behaviors that moderate asthma treatment effects, and the psychological disorders that undermine adherence. Dr. Bender is the head of the Division of Pediatric Behavioral Health, a team of seven psychologists, social workers, art therapists, and psychiatrists who provide services to children with chronic illness and their families.

    In 2006, he helped to establish the Colorado Asthma Tool Kit Program to address medically underserved asthma patients around the state, including those with low incomes, who speak Spanish as a first language or who live in rural locations. This program teaches health care providers to deliver care that is consistent with the most current evidence-based guidelines and, importantly, how to provide effective self-management education to adults, children and parents.

    The Asthma Toolkit program has since become the Respiratory Toolkit program, providing primary care training in both asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Dr. Bender is a fellow of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, and the recipient of a lifetime achievement award from the American Thoracic Society.

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    Personal Growth and Healing After Trauma

    Personal Growth and Healing After Trauma

    Daniel Shapiro, author of "The Thin Ledge: A Husband's Memoir of Love, Trauma, and Unexpected Circumstances" shares the reality of the fifteen years he spent living and caring for his wife, who suffered two massive brain hemorrhages and a personality change, while also single handedly raising their three young children. He discusses moving on and growing from trauma, moral issues, the struggle of a caregiver, and his perspective as a male caregiver. This book addresses questions that people living through unspeakable misfortunes may never mention, but almost always ask. ​​

    #PersonalGrowth #HealingAfterTrauma

    Dan Shapiro is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Brain Research Foundation, a foundation that exists to accelerate discoveries of the human brain by funding pioneering neuroscience research. Dan’s three children co-founded the Young Leadership Board in 2016 and have raised more than $260,000 for BRF. Dan is a graduate of the University of Chicago Law School. A lifelong Chicagoan, he has practiced trial law nationally for many years. He enjoys spending his time reading and hanging out with his grown children The Thin Ledge is his debut book. He is currently at work on a second book, a novel about an aging lawyer, late career ambition, and ethnicity in a changing, woke world.

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    Vicarious Surgical – The Next Surgical Robotics Disrupter

    Vicarious Surgical – The Next Surgical Robotics Disrupter

    Adam Sachs, co-founder and CEO of Vicarious Surgical, a company backed by Bill Gates and Vinod Khosla, discusses the company's Fantastic Voyage inspired-surgical robot that uses immersive reality to guide today's surgeons inside the body with new, groundbreaking technology that sets it apart from competitors. The system has received FDA Breakthrough Device designation.

    #VicariousSurgical #SurgicalRoboticsDisrupter

    Adam Sachs is CEO of Vicarious Surgical, a surgical robotics company he co-founded in 2014. Sachs leads the development and commercialization of the company’s surgical robots to increase the efficiency of procedures and improve patient outcomes. Prior to founding Vicarious Surgical, Sachs worked at Apple in manufacturing. He holds a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering from MIT and has worked for more than 11 years as a volunteer emergency medical technician for MIT EMS, an ambulance serving the MIT community.

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