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A podcast for seekers of Truth and freedom that focuses on the inner journey of waking up.

Inner Awakening Anita Toi

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A podcast for seekers of Truth and freedom that focuses on the inner journey of waking up.

    Creating from Love with Emma Galloway

    Creating from Love with Emma Galloway

    Emma Galloway is the bestselling author of three cookbooks. She's also a former chef, photographer, creator of the award-winning food blog My Darling Lemon Thyme and in the last few years has embarked on a creative journey which has led her to pottery. 

    She lives in Raglan, New Zealand, with her husband and two children. You can find Emma's wonderful creations at all the links below;

    In the episode Emma and I riff on balancing public and private personas as an online entrepreneur, how to stay healthy and balanced and nourish yourself.

    We also talk about how hard the last four years have been when it came to speaking your truth as a business owner, where this had real repercussions that impacted our families as well as us. And then the flip side too of how rewarding the last four years have been in terms of personal growth and learning theh true meaning of life and what we value. 
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    Waking up with Ben Hawkes

    Waking up with Ben Hawkes

    Ben Hawkes is the host of The Wake Up Podcast. He declares himself a master at knowing something about nothing and nothing about everything. But actually, it turns out he knows quite a bit about a lot. 

    His podcast "The Wake Up" brings to bear that expertise to provide insight and perspective on the state of the world, the state of humanity. If you're looking for an irreverent take on The Great Reset, The Great Awakening, The COVID Fraud, and the challenges facing humanity that simply need to be laughed at, then I encourage you to go take a listen at https://www.thewakeupmovement.co.uk/thewakeuppodcast
    We also discuss the Ley Love down project, an initiative to re-energise our ley Lines and fill these natural spaces with Love and Joy, reclaiming them from any dark agendas. Find out more here https://www.leylovedown.com/
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    Slow Flow with Jo Hand

    Slow Flow with Jo Hand

    In this episode I chat to Flo-Jo, no not Florence Griffith-Joyner, but my friend Jo Hand whom I met on the Surfcoast of Victoria. She self-coined the term 'Flowologist' and it couldn't describe her better. 

    Jo uses a combination of functional neurology, functional nutrition and kinesiology to help herself and her clients gain more ease and flow within their own bodies. 

    We talk about her journey through a crippling injury in which she listened deeply to what her body was asking for and said 'No' to a lot of pressure from the mainstream system that was offering drugs and surgery. 

    We also chat about her passion for Mountain biking and how she has managed to achieve a beautiful balance between the desire to push her own limits and listening to what her body is trying to communicate through symptoms such as pain and discomfort. 

    Find Jo at;
    Website: www.johand.com.au
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jo.h.a.n.d/

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    Confidence, for a Healthy and Happy Life with Sonja Courtis

    Confidence, for a Healthy and Happy Life with Sonja Courtis

    Loved this chat with Sonja, a coach and healer from Christchurch, NZ with over 25 years of experience in education and personal development. Specialising in supporting people to break down their barriers to living a healthy and fulfilling life.

    Sonja is trained in Mind and Body healing modalities that address the root causes of physical and emotional conditions. She supports people to heal past trauma whilst also change their limiting mindset and beliefs, by overcoming chronic stress and negative emotions. This allows people to feel excited and positive about life.

    She helps people transform their reality and create the life they deeply desire. She is a published author in four books ranging from topics such as Integrated well-being healing tools and Manifestation using Law of Attraction. She also has her own podcast called “Healthy and Healed with Sonja” on Spotify.

    Find Sonja at:

    Website: https://www.sonjacourtis.com/
    Her Podcast on Spotify
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sonjacourtis_biz/
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sonjacourtis/

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    Nutritious Conversation: Duncan Mac interviews Me

    Nutritious Conversation: Duncan Mac interviews Me

    In this episode we turned the mic's around and I was interviewed by Duncan MacMartin from Nutrition Conversations on The Wellness Couch. It was fun to be the one answering questions this time and in this free flowing conversation we hit on a number of topics including health, well-being, human design, channeling, energy lines in nature, and how to be a free-thinking human with love at the centre of your Being. 

    I hope you enjoy learning a little more about my story and approach and big thanks to Duncan for the invitation to be a part of what he's doing. 

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    Advocate for the people, Lynda Wharton

    Advocate for the people, Lynda Wharton

    Lynda Wharton has had a 35 year career in sole practice as a Naturopath and Reg Acupuncturist specialising in Holistic Woman's Health. She also enjoyed a parallel career as a health researcher, writer, columnist and book author. She is the author of 3 Holistic Woman's Health books
    In 2020 and 21 Lynda watched the "warp speed" development and roll out of covid vaccines, with growing alarm. When nobody in New Zealand stood up to challenge the sole messaging of "safe and effective", she started a Facebook group called The Health Forum NZ.
    The aim was to share the pre print and peer reviewed science, and esteemed voices of concern from around the world. The group grew rapidly and soon attracted New Zealand's covid vaccine injured...and later those mandated out of professions because they refused to comply.
    This group lasted 9 months before being de-platformed by Facebook. During the 9 months it grew in size to 58,000 predominantly New Zealanders. 
    For almost 2 years The Health Forum has been compiling a comprehensive detailed Citizens Database of serious adverse events and deaths following the covid injections.
    Lynda is currently awaiting a Legal Review document that will point the way to a Class Action legal case on behalf of New Zealand covid vaccine injured and deceased. The comprehensive database will be essential for this case.
    The Health Forum continues to work with and support vaccine injured and bereaved New Zealand families through awareness, advocacy, practical support and resources.

    Connect with Lynda Wharton at:
    Website: www.thehealthforumnz.co.nz
    X - https://twitter.com/HopeRising19 (we are called NZ and the MRNA)
    Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100083428746830  ((True Stories From The Health Forum NZ) 
    Telegram:  https://web.telegram.org/k/#@TheHealthForumNZch (The Health Forum NZ)
    Email: thehealthforumnz@protonmail.com 

    Connect with me & my work:

    Website: www.anitatoi.com

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/anita_toi_/

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