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Weekly running pod with @mattclowesy (2:13), @aaronscottruns (2:16) and @josh_lunn (2:17). Talking training & interviewing big names on the UK scene

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Weekly running pod with @mattclowesy (2:13), @aaronscottruns (2:16) and @josh_lunn (2:17). Talking training & interviewing big names on the UK scene

    Episode 22: Phil Sesemann

    Episode 22: Phil Sesemann

    Big week coming at you as we talk to the new King of London and 2:12 man, Phil Sesemann. We chat about his build up, what it was like on race day, plus get the scoop on his big new sponsorship deal with dog food brand Skinners.

    Matt has been getting stuck into some sewing this week, trying to repair a coat or something along those lines. He's already back knocking out sub 5 minute pace tempos, that's despite consuming a Lindor ball or two a day.

    Josh is back in Peterborough and completed his first week of running post marathon. He's on a mission to get hench this winter, so has been frequenting a friends local gym, but worrying has been doing his exercises in just a pair of lycra shorts and a pair of Invicibles.

    Aaron is also on the road to recovery and completed a week of over 50 miles at an average of sub 7s! He's delighted to have Josh back in town, but is worried that Josh is in fact the mystery fly tipper of Wrexham and brought his dirty habit across the country with him.

    There's the usual listener questions and news roundups, where the boys divert onto many tangents, such as how long to moths coccoon for?

    Have a terrible week, people. IJP 😉 (Matt's emoji of choice)

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    Episode 21: Manchester, Chicago & Boston marathon recaps

    Episode 21: Manchester, Chicago & Boston marathon recaps

    Back again, with a shorter show for once as all three of us are still in recovery mode for one reason or another. I think this is the lowest ever combined mileage training week, so instead we recap the marathon in Manchester, Chicago and Boston and answer some listener questions.

    Josh Lunn must have the sorest thumbs in Britain from all the DM’ing he’s been doing since the great social media blackout, and after his many London marathon posts. He once again got locked out of his flat this week and now thinks he's a master in breaking and entering. He also discusses his diet this week and gets into trouble with Matt for his unscheduled gym work.

    Matt Clowes is adjusting back to the running life after 9 days off running, he ponders why there's so much toilet roll in lay-by's and has been busy blagging himself a new job. He also delights Aaron by admitting he does love cats after all, with a particular shining to little Suzie.

    Aaron Scott has been on a stag do in Newcastle and once again failed to complete a week of running. He performed poorly in the beer mile, but thinks maybe the alcohol related events might have helped kickstart is Seville marathon training block. 

    Right, that's what we've got, we will be doing some guest interviews this week, so stay tuned for some more interesting content soon.

    Love you lots, IJP.

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    Episode 20: Josh Lunn London Marathon Recap

    Episode 20: Josh Lunn London Marathon Recap

    Big week coming at you as we get a full race debrief from Josh Lunn after his little jog around the streets of London.

    His 14th place finish at London means he has the highest place finish at a marathon major amongst the other hosts, so he is now officially king of the pod... well for a few months anyway.

    Just before we went to record, the world has imploded, with WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram all going down. So we won't be able to promote this show much yet, other than pushing it out on iTunes, Spotify, and all other podcast platforms.

    For now then, that'll do. I'll post more when the social networks return, and Josh can get back DM'ing.

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    Episode 19: Matt Clowes Berlin Marathon Recap

    Episode 19: Matt Clowes Berlin Marathon Recap

    Episode 19 is here, day later than usual as we let Matt come off his IV drip and recover a little before interrogating him.

    As you might have seen, things didn’t go quite to plan for Matthew Clowes in Berlin, who like many others struggled in the humidity. Matt discusses his race in detail and despite being disappointed with the outcome is still thankfully in one piece. Look, he’s still our hero and that final 2.2k of his shows the depths he can go to when the going gets tough.

    Josh Lunn manages to irritate Matt more than that 35-40k of his marathon did, as Josh tells us how he has been up late playing his silly games and wants to start doing yoga during his final week of the taper.

    Aaron Scott is on the mend, and nearly hits 50 miles for the week. He’s seen the doc this week, who has given the green light to continue training at a low intensity, so is ready to start planning for Seville marathon in February.

    Thanks for downloading people, and remember when the going gets tough, drink some Maurten. 

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    Episode 18: The Taper - Marathon season is here

    Episode 18: The Taper - Marathon season is here

    Episode 18 is live, and we talk through all the important topics of the week, such as how you pronounce brands such as Bose and Ritter Sport (other electronic and confectionary brands are available). We also go deep into our milk preferences, so if you want to learn some valuable insights into Josh’s ‘intolerances’ then you won’t want to miss this show.

    Matt’s fully into his taper now and wonders why the people of Wrexham are so keen on Fosters. We learn about his chocolate intake per week (basically a lot of Lindor balls), and we link his taper into listener questions this week, so go through all your race week taper queries.

    Josh has been racing again in Swansea, he talks us through his hair dye colour of choice, his thoughts on full tracksuit runs and learn the revelation that he has never had a kebab before. Josh spends the show doing a range of weird stretches, much to the distraction of the others, so apologies for the bad radio it produces.

    Aaron’s had a poorly daughter this week, so on Matt’s advice is considering reducing her alcohol intake to singles moving forwards. He’s been up to watch the Northern Road Relays in Redcar, done a little bit of running and is keen to kick start his running career again now he’s feeling a bit more normal.

    Enjoy the show, people, and have a bang average week.

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    Episode 17: John Beattie & Josh fangirls at Great North Run

    Episode 17: John Beattie & Josh fangirls at Great North Run

    Episode 17 is here and it's a big one as we finally catch up with John Beattie and talk all things Great North Run.

    Josh has been practicing his marathon effort in Newcastle, but got very distracted by the big boys lining up. He spent more time fangirling Stewy McSweyn than he did playing his silly games on the computer this weekend, which says it all.

    Matt finished off his last big week of training with two quality sessions, but more importantly he fills us in on his review of a flat white in a can, in addition to updating us on his fruit harvest this week. Matt puts out an appeal for people to grow up and stop using acronymns in text and in life... FML he is hardwork.

    Aaron has had a bit more discussion with the GP's on his health issues, but helps read out Josh's week of training, due to Josh being in the car whilst recording. He is not best pleased with Josh still wearing spikes on the track for his marathon sessions, but the question is, will Josh ever take note?

    Thank you for all your 5 star reviews last week, feel free to comment a review too if you get two minutes spare and can think of anything useful. All of this will help us reach even more people, which should help us be able to bring you more great content ideas we have such as the tales of the farmers dog, or soiled pants weekly. 

    On that note, we’d love it if you tag fellow runners when we post out this show on social, if you don’t that’s of course your choice, but what I will say is that i’ll think much less of you as a person. We haven’t quite come up with the right idea for thanking our listeners just yet, as Clowesy is too busy to provide home delivery of his fruit produce, so drop us a message if you have any ideas, maybe some merch or a spot in Josh’s computer game team.

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