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KissAutomation is here to show you how you can using Marketing & Business Automation to make life and business easier.

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KissAutomation is here to show you how you can using Marketing & Business Automation to make life and business easier.

    Using Automation In The HR Department

    Using Automation In The HR Department

    By creating automated workflows for a huge amount of tasks, Affinity’s software reduces errors and manual admin tasks across a wide range of business areas.

    The Director of Affinity, Dennis Pivac, shared with me all the tasks and processes within the human resource and payroll department which can be managed with an automation tool.

    These include:

    compliance and reporting,

    HR workflows from new hires to employees that leave

    payroll processing

    and more

    • 16 min
    Automating Advertising Delivery

    Automating Advertising Delivery

    Gone are the days when each radio ad had to be hand delivered to each individual radio station.

    Now there is the technology to automagically transport the radio ad from the advertising agency directly into the radio stations platform. Ready for use.

    Dave Cox, CEO of AudioNet is the creator of this platform. He stopped by the podcast to share how the technology works and what problems it has solved in his industry.

    If you read this and think it’s not for you because you’re not in the radio industry, think again.

    By listening to this podcast, not only are you opening your mind pods to learning about how automation works for different scenarios, you can learn about solving issues in your own industry.

    • 27 min
    Automating Your Workforce Management

    Automating Your Workforce Management

    With over 4000 clients worldwide, Mitrefinch systems clock on over 1 million employees every day.

    That’s a lot of information to be processed.

    In this episode of the show, the Asia Pacific Business Development Manager of Mitrefinch, Allan Murdoch shared all the different manual workforce management tasks that businesses can automate.

    Some of these include:

    * Recording who is at work or on site

    * Allocating employee time to specific job codes or cost centres

    * Highlighting exceptions for approval e.g. overtime, who’s late, who is absent, who left early

    * Automating award and entitlement calculations

    * Integrating with your payroll system (eliminates data entry, saving you time and reducing error)

    * Health & Safety (immediate access to information about who is on a particular site in the event of an emergency)

    • 19 min
    Can You Automate Your Inbound Marketing?

    Can You Automate Your Inbound Marketing?

    I love the image on the homepage of Spokal.

    It definitely sums up how a lot of us do our content marketing.

    You’ve got your SEO, your keyword research, images to find, backlinks to track, rank to track and a whole bunch more.

    As KissAutomation is all about using tools and automation to save time and sanity, the Founder of Spokal, Chris Mack came on the show to discuss how Spokal helps WordPress users automate the grunt work involved with content marketing.




    • 25 min
    Optimize Your Email Signups

    Optimize Your Email Signups

    Brandon Hilkert has created something I have been thinking about for years:

    A tool that gives you the ability to show different email subscribe forms to different visitors

    For example if someone signs up for your newsletter, the next time they come back to your website, they won’t see the same subscription form. They will see an offer to join your free course (or whatever you want them to see).

    So instead of your visitors seeing the same offer and email optin form every single time they visit your site, you can tailor the messages they see based on where they are in your funnel.

    That is incredibly powerful.

    This particular took is email service provider agnostic, meaning it will work with any provider that provides a html subscription form.

    Listen to this episode to learn more about how this could help your business and if you want to buy it for yourself you find the Funnel Tool here

    Let me know if you purchase it and how it works out for you.

    • 16 min
    Automated Marketing For Trademen (Tradespeople!)

    Automated Marketing For Trademen (Tradespeople!)

    If you know anything about me, you know that I love seeing different businesses in different industries using email marketing  

    So I was excited to speak with Matt Jones of Tradie Web Guys, where everyday he helps tradespeople use online marketing strategies like automated sales funnels and email marketing.

    There is so much service businesses can do with regards to marketing automation, however a lot of businesses are still not persuaded that online is for them.

    That makes me sad  

    However this chat made me happy as Matt told me he was making inroads with changing some peoples mind  


    • 28 min

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