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Learn Kiwi (New Zealand) English through our casual conversations! Good for Intermediate level and above.

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Learn Kiwi (New Zealand) English through our casual conversations! Good for Intermediate level and above.

    Life in NZ in 2020

    Life in NZ in 2020

    Welcome back to our first episode in 8 months!

    Nicki's art Instagram: @nickijackson_art 

    Be kind to yourself and others! Thanks for listening!

    • 41 min
    The Holiday Season in NZ

    The Holiday Season in NZ

    Happy New Year!!!

    Long time no see.... sorry.

    We had a nice, long break and are ready to make some more episodes for the Kiwi English podcast in 2020!

    We talk about NZ's summer Christmas, New Years Eve, and our thoughts about 2019 and plans for 2020.

    • 24 min
    Falling Inn Love

    Falling Inn Love

    Conversation points:

    Inn = B n B (NZ word)
    She`s a beaut (Australian saying) = That`s a really nice (thing/person).
    Hard Yakka (Australian saying) = Hard work
    have a squizz = have a look, look and check something
    stoked = really happy, really pleased
    butcher something = ruin, destroy something
    fawcett = tap
    soda = fizzy drink
    vegemite sammie = (marmite is a NZ food) sandwich.
    crap = means sh*t (but softer)
    gossip = casual or small conversations about other people that may not be true.
    kapa haka = Maori performing arts group
    Shortland Street = NZ medical drama

    • 27 min
    Studying abroad - with Chase

    Studying abroad - with Chase

    Our special guest, Chase, talks about studying Japanese in Hiroshima, Hiroshima dialect, what he learnt, some advice for others and about tendonitis.

    Conversation points:
    `weeb` - a person who is really interested in Japanese culture and anime.
    `improvisation` - doing a solo performance and making unique music without any preparation.
    "What you put in is what you get out."
    `blown away` - to be surprised, to be impressed.
    `happy-go-lucky` - to be a happy person.
    `Don`t let it get to you` - don`t worry about something

    • 29 min
    Music + being half Japanese-Kiwi with Andrew!

    Music + being half Japanese-Kiwi with Andrew!

    We talk with Andrew about his band, playing live shows and growing up in NZ as mixed Kiwi and Japanese.
    Andrew`s band: Temperamental   https://www.facebook.com/Temperamentalnz/
    Instagram: @andrew.takenaka

    0:33 – `gig` – a musical performance or show

    0:55 – Andrew talks about his bands

    2:00 – How Andrew got started with music

    3:30 – Andrew`s band`s facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Temperamentalnz/

    4:08 – `slack` – lazy; not trying very hard

    8:30 – Andrew talks about growing up in NZ with his Japanese dad and Kiwi mum.

    10:55 – `impeccable `– perfect and with no mistakes

    16:35 – Andrew talks about his Japanese and Kiwi identity

    21:15 – Andrew`s advice for other people of mixed cultural backgrounds

    • 25 min
    5. Is New Zealand safe?

    5. Is New Zealand safe?

    We talk about crime in NZ and how to be safe in NZ.

    • 19 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
25 Ratings

25 Ratings

AhsinCheng ,

It's really helpful in leaning kiwi English

It's so great to have a chance to get this podcast and listen your conversation in kiwi style. I'll keep staying in this channel to grabbing more culture on daily basis. 😂

Amyyy515 ,


Great for someone who eager to learn Kiwi English and culture!
I've been listening to your episodes again and again since I came to NZ from Japan last year. I'm getting used to lovely Kiwi accent, thanks to you guys!
Thank you so much, please keep it up 😊

Jabergh ,

A good source for Kiwi English

Good on ya girls. I recently found your podcast. I enjoy it and I'd recommend it.

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