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Life Skills 101 Lisa Nehring

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Homeschool encouragement and podcast

    Working Homeschool Mommas

    Working Homeschool Mommas

    Working Homeschool Mommas

    Are you clear about what you are called to? Homeschooling is a job, managing a home and rising kids is a job and paid work is a job. If you are clear about WHY you are doing what you are doing, it will make it easier to work hard and slog through the tough seasons. I have worked 11 of the 30 years we’ve homeschooled.

    Proverbs 31 Women- hard working, critically thinking, resourceful and wise with time, money and provisions.

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    The Future of Work

    The Future of Work

    Our people must learn to devote themselves to doing what is good, in order that they may provide for daily necessities and not live unproductive lives. Titus 3:14

    Career Stages

    * High school

    * Launching as an Adult can include college

    * Early Career

    * Late Career

    * Mid-Career

    * Retirement

    What Economies will Play a Role in the Future?

    * Big Tech Economy

    * Precision Economy

    * Exodus Economy

    * Empath Economy

    * Gig Economy


    Future Workers will need Technical Skills as well as Soft Skills, particularly Creativity, Critical Thinking, Collaboration and Communication Skills. The good news is that a solid high school course of study will lay a solid foundation for these type of skills. Additional, future workers will need the ability to upskill and re-skill, as well as have a zeal for life long learning.

    What is the best way to navigate the future? As always, I recommend start with the end in mind and working backwards. What kind of lifestyle does your student want to have, where do they want to live, what work do they believe in and want to invest in doing?

    Assess your student, your current resources and your location, as all of these offer various challenges and opportunities. And don’t forget that you are one of your student’s best resources. What are your areas of interests and trained vocation? Your kids have a jump start on whatever it is you share with them, because of what you already know.

    Craft a clear plan that includes

    * Vocational Training

    * Physical Training

    * Emotional Skills

    * Spiritual Discipleship

    * Social Skills

    * Soft Skills / Executive Functioning Skills

    True North Homeschool Academy classes that will set your student up for future success


    Life Skills

    101 Personal Finance


    Photography & Digital Tech

    Video Editing


    Survive Homeschooling High School

    Young Professionals Series

    Academic Advising & Testing




    Fall Class True North Homeschool Academy


    Life Skills

    101 Personal Finance


    Photography & Digital Tech

    Video Editing



    Survive Homeschooling High School

    Young Professionals Series

    Academic Advising & Testing

    FB lives and Info Meetings

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    Rethinking College

    Rethinking College

    Rethinking College

    Welcome to this episode of Life Skills 101! This week the topic of this podcast is Rethinking College.

    With the rising cost of college, it's important for parents to take time to evaluate with their students, the academic, financial and world view Return on their Investment (ROI) of college costs and debt. The average college graduate (does not include students who do not graduate but still have debt), takes 6 years, not 4 to graduate, with an average of over $35,000 in debt

    A college degree is no longer necessary for a rewarding career or to ensure an upwardly mobile life-style. In fact, crippling college debt can make the American Dream an impossibility!

    As parents, how do we guide and direct our young adults as they plan for the future?

    In this episode, we explore ways that students can get a head start on college, by starting by taking CLEP or  Dual Enrollment courses, specifically targeting Gen Ed Courses.

    General Education Requirements:

    * 6 credits of English.

    * 3-6 of Math

    * 3-9 of Science

    * 3-6 of Social Science

    * 3-6 of Diversity

    * You can get an associates, or even a bachelors from the Big Three of the CLEP world. These are

    * Thomas Edison

    * Excelsior

    * Charter Oaks

    It makes good sense for young adults to learn how to navigate the digital world. Starting an online business in high school can set them up for future success, setting up an online educational business is even better as the online education market is estimated to be between an over $350 billion dollar market by 2025.

    Students should consider what kind of life-style do they want to have as adults and work backwards from there. What kind of training, income and skills will they need to attain that? The future will demand that our young adults have Critical Thinking Skills, Adaptability and Flexibility and the ability to Collaborate.

    Below are resources offered by True North to help families navigate the rapidly changing world of college.

    * Orienteering (Vocational Exploration)

    * Entrepreneurship 

    * Photography & Digital Technology

    * Photoshop

    * Video Editing

    * Life Skills 101

    * Survive Homeshooling High school: full of worksheets and great information!

    * Young Professionals Series –ebooks to help your student gain skills while still in high school: Lawyer, Mental Health Care worker, Educator, Health Care Occupations, FilmMaker, Writer 

    * Academic Advising & Testing

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    Authentic Values: Who We Are

    Authentic Values: Who We Are

    Authentic Values; We Hold these Truths to be Self-Evident

    The Articles of Confederation declare who WE are. “WE” as former loyal subject to the Crown of England, now separated from fidelity and loyalty to the Crown and committed to the understanding and values of natural law, which the Crown no longer recognized in regards to the colonists. .

    The Declaration of Independence gave legal form to the United States. It establishes the “We” in “We the People…of these United States…” There is no authentic “We” in America apart from the Declaration of Independence!

    The Constitution provides the rules of the game.

    Liberty- to enact values and understandings of who they are under natural law

    Bible- clarification and codification of God’s design

    Americans- located in time and space

    America- based on ideas and values, principles of Declaration-natural law and authentic values. The Declaration is the answer key. How Americans behave is the performance

    Because there been poor performances on the test, people keep coming up with different answer keys. Once you do that you no longer have a class-or a country- you have a mess.

    If you are going to be fully alive and press into what God has for you in life, it’s probably going to be an adventure.

    Is fealty to a country important?  A country is a system that allows manifestation and application of authentic transcendent principles that make for a dignified society that American has been to planet earth.

    “If you are not proud to be an American, you don’t understand what America is.” Dr. David Nehring

    Politics, Philosophy and Economics 


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    We'd love to hear from you! What are you thoughts on the Constitution an Authentic Values?


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    Authentic Values: Recent History

    Authentic Values: Recent History

    Recent History -

    Habits of the Heart by Sullivan, Bellah, Madsen

    Chronicles the the shift in the 1970’s to postmodernism and political correctness, which has lead to the socially predatory rhetoric of critical race theory and the language of intersectionality.

    The 80’s and 90’s synthetic values took over the Media and the educational academies.


    * Postmodernism –doesn’t accept truth claims. It is time bound and doesn’t recognize timeless truths. This is the beginning of tyrannical language cloaked in victimization.

    * Axiomatic Truths – basic starting places-“Properly basic;” truth claims;; Ethical economy.

    * Critical Theory- power dynamics regarding race, sex, culture, etc. based on relative power dynamics; who has power and who doesn’t.

    “There are two sides to every argument but one side to facts.”

    Relationships are more complicated when cultures are breaking down. Culture provides a common frame of reference that makes meaning and communication easier and more straightforward.


    * Neil Shevnia 

    * Monique Desun

    * Race, Injustice and the Gospel of Critical Race Theory

    How to Equip your kids?

    * Study History

    * Study Logic

    * Study Bible

    * Ethics

    * Emotional Skills

    Find these classes and more at TrueNorthHomeschoolAcademy

    “American society as drifted away from its natural law understanding of society, the Republic, of people and we’ve lost the common frame of references to have real conversations with one another about what is right, good, and proper. That’s applying to all levels of society now. For us to be able to keep our heads in all of this, it’s important that we really focus on authentic values and natural law and apply that first in our own life and then with others. This is the basis of Christian faith and values.” Dr. David Nehring

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    Authentic Values: The Cause of Polarization

    Authentic Values: The Cause of Polarization

    Authentic Values: The Cause of Polarization

    What is causing Polarization?


    * Authentic Values- genuine and trustworthy- it is what it is. Our design and purpose as humans.

    * Synthetic Values- made by humans by adding or removing substances.

    * Metaphysics- provides the basis for understanding what is true, good, beautiful, rational and just. It is the basis for understanding our understanding; the framework.

    * Religion- how we engage with God

    * Natural Law- transcends individual, culture, gender or race.

    Scripture References

    * Ecclesiastes3:11 – Eternity in their hearts

    * Romans 2-3- the Torah within them

    Book Recommendation

    * That Hideous Strength C.S.Lewis

    * The Space Trilogy by C.S.Lewis

    Examples of Synthetic Values – certain values are inverted above others.

    * Communism

    * State Mandated Socialism

    * All Marxism

    * Facism

    * True Racism

    * Transhumanism

    * Atheistic Capitalism

    You can be an authentic person with synthetic values.

    Being True to yourself is not the same as being True, trustworthy or honest. Telling my own “truth” is about perception and opinion. It is not necessarily fact based.

    “The Social chaos is not created by the polarization. The polarization is a result of a mass misunderstanding of natural value.” Dr. David Nehring

    Check out Authentic Values: Part I:Recent History  and Part II: Who are We? in this six part series on Authentic Values.

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