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Hear inspiring, smart and empowering leaders in sexuality, shamanism, and spirituality share their personal journeys and give expert insights on how to reclaim power, freedom and love.

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Hear inspiring, smart and empowering leaders in sexuality, shamanism, and spirituality share their personal journeys and give expert insights on how to reclaim power, freedom and love.

    The Sacred Dark: Welcoming Wholeness

    The Sacred Dark: Welcoming Wholeness

    Ever had a 'dark night of the soul' ? Or go through 'dark' periods? The darkness is not really what you think it is...

    We have a tendency to try to escape the dark. We’ve been taught to go toward the light, ascension, and upward growth. We tend to fear decay, destruction, and aging. We talk about the ‘dark’ and dark times as if it’s something to be feared. We run from the dark.

    There is a difference between dark, evil, and shadow... The true ‘sacred dark’ is highly misrepresented and misunderstood.

    It's actually a core and sacred part of nature and feminine power. The denser vibrations of matter is sacred. It’s not to be feared. Opening into the dark is the key to feeling truly grounded, whole, ecstatic, and joyful. It's the other side of the Yin & Yang circle and it's essential in order for us to return to wholeness.

    Discussing everything from how to relate to depression and untangle darkness and heavy emotion, grounded spirituality, spiritual bypass, Donald Trump, and womb wisdom, Janine Ma-Ree, ISTA Lead Facilitator and founder of the Red Earth Temple, guides us through the land of the dark in this episode.

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    Creativity without hustle: living loose and natural

    Creativity without hustle: living loose and natural

    Our entrepreneurial climate encourages us to ‘make it happen’, achieve, and ‘be the best you can be’. This gets tiring! Can our creativity and projects feel more effortless and joyful? How do we collaborate with the Universe, rather than push, push, push?

    Komala Lyra, ISTA Lead facilitator, Ayurvedic Doctor, author and filmmaker, is a master at allowing AND being really creative and productive. In this episode Komala shares about how to let life live through you, rather than try to control and manage every detail of life to feel some semblance of safety. This includes how to trust life, the keys for tuning into your inner compass, and dropping veils that obscure who you really are and what’s really possible. This conversation is really inspiring and will help you breeeathe and tap into your natural, effortless way.

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    Intuition and the quantum physics of holistic intelligence

    Intuition and the quantum physics of holistic intelligence

    We’re born with far more than our five dominant senses. Beyond our cultural allergy to anything that seems on the fringe of science, we have our INTUITION as an evolutionary capacity of intelligence. A sixth-sense, if you will. Intuition is power. Being able to follow our internal GPS means we’re able to make good life choices that genuinely expand and nurture us. We know if we should stay in this job / if this partner is really right for us / how to move forward in our life and lots more! This power awakens us who we really are.

    With a basis in quantum physics and modern science, Ricci Jane-Adams, Ph.D. the principal of the Institute for Intuitive Intelligence, speaks with us about how to understand and engage our intuition in the 21st century.

    In this episode, we cover:
    • Ways intuition speaks to us and how to recognize it’s voice
    • How to know the difference between fear, fantasy, imagination, and intuition
    • How to take action rather than go into self-doubt or people-pleasing
    • Ways to live in your intuitive power all the time (including building heart-coherence)
    • How to trust your body as the barometer of your soul and bring the mind on board as an ally
    • The importance of radical acceptance and receptivity in living an intuitive and fully embodied life
    • Understand why things don’t work out the way you anticipated

    Ricci-Jane Adams, Ph.D. is the principal of the Institute for Intuitive Intelligence.
    She trains women globally as clinically qualified Intuitive Guides. Ricci-Jane supports her students to increase their power to serve by activating the archetypal energy of the priestess, mystic and leader within them. Ultimately, Ricci-Jane’s work reminds women that they are infinite, unlimited, non-local God/dess consciousness.

    Ricci-Jane is an award-winning writer, and author of bestselling Spiritually Fierce. Ricci-Jane has a doctorate from the University of Melbourne in magical realism.

    Sign up for her Third Level course here: https://instituteforintuitiveintelligence.com/third-level/

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    Ending the gender war and creating real community

    Ending the gender war and creating real community

    In interviewed Estera Saraswati, sacred sexuality teacher Tantric Buddhist mystic, on the great wounding and resentment between men and women. It’s a vicious circle: who is the first to say sorry? Both sides feel hurt and wounded. Both sides demand respect. We stand in front of each other with closed and wounded hearts, so there is no resolution.

    It’s easy for women to see how we’ve been wronged my patriarchy. It’s tangible with salary gaps, domestic abuse, sexual pressure. It’s visible. But we lack compassion for men. Men are under huge oppression under patriarchy too.

    Let’s redefine what patriarchy is: It’s not about men oppressing women only, it’s about a system of domination and control of fear. The fear is of the unknown. It’s the same for men and women alike, though it’s expressed differently. Patriarchy allows us to be aggressive and blame and project onto others. We feel victimized and privileged to say THEY are wrong.

    It’s impossible to bring peace through war! Even if I have a good intention, I create war if I fight.

    So how do we go beyond the gender war and #metoo us/them abuse, victiming and blaming?

    This episode is so ESSENTIAL for every man, women, gender fluid, single, partnered person to listen to.

    We cover

    How patriarchy is produced and reproduced

    As above so below; as within so without: how I contribute to this gender war.

    We cannot find answers to our current issues by operating at the same level of consciousness. We need to upgrade our consciousness.

    Women need to address their inner masculine: If we want to heal our connection with the other gender, we need to find connection with our own inner self.

    Whatever’s triggering us on the outside, we need to address inside: You are Donald Trump too. Taking self-responsibility

    Why it’s so essential not to remain neutral

    How to go beyond social conditioning of dos and don’ts.

    Tender power: a new way of engaging with power

    Female predators: own that you’re a predator, not just men!

    We also talk about parenting, the privatization of children, education, fostering inner curiosity, and creating a new approach for society.

    The Egyptian mysteries as wisdom for contemporary life

    The Egyptian mysteries as wisdom for contemporary life

    Got questions about tricky, sticky things in life? The Egyptian mysteries may have just the remedy. Each Egyptian ‘god’ and ‘goddess’ figure are like medicines in a medicine cabinet, with specific wisdom and help for our current lives… Whether it’s relationships, sex, money, or art, there’s epic wisdom if you look.

    In this episode, Jasmeen Hana, an Egyptian Mysteries and Sacred Sexuality facilitator shares with us about the contemporary use of ancient Egyptian wisdoms. We also hear about Jasmeen’s personal and spiritual journey where leaving her highly religious Islamic home to discover her own truth, conscious sexuality and new depths of Egyptian cosmic wisdom.

    Magdelen Manuscript book by Judi Sion and Tom Kenyon

    • 46 min
    Pain is your doorway to bliss: open up

    Pain is your doorway to bliss: open up

    Pain and suffering are not the same thing. Pain is energy. It’s natural and okay! It’s our mind’s resistance to it that’s where the suffering comes in. The level to which we numb and resist pain also blocks our pleasure… Both pain and pleasure have immense gifts when we surrender to them. They’re power.

    Beyond the fluff and love-and-light type stuff, we talk with Chantelle Raven, a FIERY Tantra teacher, about how to consciously go into pain without getting lost in its stories. We learn how pain is a doorway to genuine pleasure: why you can’t experience peace and bliss without looking pain in the eye. We also discuss why stillness meditation is not enough to heal, how to get off the merry go round of striving to be better or perfect, finding genuine power and joy beyond stale positive affirmations, and lots more.

    Buckle up, this is a gritty, grunty and powerful episode!

    • 46 min

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