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Humor based podcast discussing women's issues and trans-women's issues.

Sugar and Spice baileymeansbusiness@gmail.com (baileymeansbusiness@gmail.com)

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Humor based podcast discussing women's issues and trans-women's issues.

    They're Baaack 3-24-15

    They're Baaack 3-24-15

    A nearly two hour long return with Jen Richard and Bailey Jay! A little gossip. Bailey rambles about how neurotic she is and Jen battles a cold and acts like a complete nerd per usual. 

    • 1 hr 50 min
    Bailey & Jen: Together Again

    Bailey & Jen: Together Again

    On this week's episode of Sugar&Spice The gals discuss:

    -Their deep hatred for one another

    -Bailey's desire for a chromosome test

    -Eating healthy

    -Jen has a crush

    -Voice training, and surgery

    -Not feeling sorry for yourself no matter when you started your transition

    -Finding your healthy amount of delusion 

    • 1 hr 26 min
    6 -Monika MHz so good

    6 -Monika MHz so good

    This week..

    -DJ Monika MHz hangs out.

    -The gang takes some messages from The Trans Advice Line.

    -Michfest has a very ignorant view on transgender women.

    -Bailey potentially offends: Michigan, Flordia, West VA, "lady cops", women in general, and the people of Saudi Arabia.


    -Monika talks a bit about her book.

    -Jen is still a hoochie.

    -Bailey can't find her e-cigarette and tries not throw herself from a window

    -Bailey talks about her boobs (yes, again.)

    -Jen discusses trabsitioning at work.

    • 1 hr 13 min
    5 - "Moms and Anal Beads"

    5 - "Moms and Anal Beads"

    On this week's Episode:

    -The beautiful and brilliant Angelica Ross hangs out with Bailey and Jen for over 2 hours!

    -Trans news

    -Big Dildos

    - "Hey anal beads!"

    -Messages from the Trans Advice Line

    -Tales of Jen's dating disasters

    -Bailey admits she is an attention whore (finally) (jk) (but she is)

    -First time out presenting as female

    -Jen has an orgasm (like everyday)

    • 2 hrs 7 min
    4 - "Bailey or Not, Here I Jen"

    4 - "Bailey or Not, Here I Jen"

    • 2 hrs 1 min
    Get Shadi

    Get Shadi

    On this week's episode Bailey and Jen:

    -Hangout with Shadi Petosky

    -Discuss LA, going to the DMV while trans, the arrest of a TG woman, confidence, feeling "trans enough", the good side to aging while trans, outdated gender psychology practices, being a negative Nancy, and cross dressers.

    -Listen to music by Rae Spoon

    -Take messages from The Sugar & Spice Trans Advice Line

    -Assign homework

    *****Share your opinions or ask for advice by calling the Sugar&Spice Trans-Advice Line and leave us a message!******


    • 1 hr 31 min

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