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A weekly podcast talk show having serious talks about the sacred book. Hosted by Peter Enns and Jared Byas.

The Bible For Normal People Peter Enns and Jared Byas

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A weekly podcast talk show having serious talks about the sacred book. Hosted by Peter Enns and Jared Byas.

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4.9 out of 5
16 Ratings

16 Ratings

Carlos 689 ,

Giving the bible life in a 21st century world.

These podcasts open up thinking on the bible that causes one to rethink ideas and theological themes. Pete and Jared don’t try and defend the bible but let the text speak on its own terms. They do great interviews and don’t seem to have any agenda apart from subverting dumb bible thinking that stuffs up Christianity. Their style is refreshing and light hearted. I hope that St Peter has listened to these podcasts before they meet him, otherwise he could feel quite insecure upon their arrival due to the changes they could bring to heaven!

Rougetète ,


This podcast has explained throughout my own beliefs that I have never been able to get across to others without them thinking I was crazy some how! Haha! They ask themselves and others the difficult questions that the intellectual mind asks that for many years have been dismissed and treated as if walking in dangerous ground.
Thank you both for making this podcast, which I follow closely along with Rob Bell, and Pete Rollins.... All after my own heart and soul... if only there were a way for myself to reach those around me that have been previously scared away from the belief of Christ and God, BECAUSE their own inquisitive questions went unanswered... I wish I could somehow start a tiny gathering in my tiny town of whanganui in my tiny country New Zealand... I have thought of putting up flyers to start such a thing - but want to refrain from using the “words” (because of negative connotations) God, Jesus, or Bible for obvious reasons... I don’t use social media so can’t “tweet” you... but hopefully I might hear a possible title come from one of you one day on one of your podcasts... something that would spark so much curiosity- that people would just arrive to discuss the above in the intellectual, dangerous and debatable ways the Word should be thought about without fear.
Again thank you for your casts and the people you bring to interview.
Grace be upon you in abundance
Jade Turner, Whanganui, New Zealand xx

Logan Skerrett ,

Really, really, seriously good!

Every time I listen to an episode, I come away feeling intrigued, inspired, provoked and encouraged. I love the way Pete and Jared listen so deeply to the other, the Bible, themselves and to God, it makes me want to embody this myself! I know so many people who love The Bible for Normal People and who have been so helped by this podcast. I try to spread the word about this podcast to as many people who will listen to ramble on! Love, love, love your work and hope to say half as much awesome stuff in my lifetime as you guys have! Grace and peace

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