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A mountain biking podcast channel featuring in-depth interviews with world class riders and cycling industry professionals.

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A mountain biking podcast channel featuring in-depth interviews with world class riders and cycling industry professionals.

    Dak Builds a Track - B Practice Podcast Off-Season EP.2

    Dak Builds a Track - B Practice Podcast Off-Season EP.2

    These awesome brands make The B Practice Podcast possible!
    Maxxis | Burgtec | Industry Nine

    As a mountain bike fan, November is pretty boring. Everyone is patiently waiting for the new year to roll around to announce new team and sponsorship deals, and until then, not much happens. To help fill the void, we are back with another podcast to cover some really hard-pressing topics. 
    Dakotah’s journey to home ownership in Tennessee has become public knowledge, but building the house is only part of the project. We open this episode discussing his plans to build a moto track, pit bike track, and pump track over the next month. All part of his master plan to have the ultimate training playground; we then talk about why he rides with shorter cranks, the effects of lever angle and bar roll, one-piece handlebars, why Dakotah doesn’t race on tires that are more than three runs old, and pick components or gear that we think riders overlook their importance. Enjoy!

    • 1 hr 30 min
    JACK RICE - More Than Just a Bike Photographer

    JACK RICE - More Than Just a Bike Photographer

    Thank you Jenson USA | Maxxis Tires  | FOX Shox

    We're honored to have Jack Rice on The Inside Line. You probably know Jack as a mountain bike race photographer with his work from the World Cups and #USDH races featured on Vital. He was also the team photographer for Transition Factory Racing this season. However, just a few years ago, Jack had no significant photography experience and very little time on a mountain bike. So how did he become a successful photographer in our scene in such a short time? Through grit, determination, and a desire to never go back to what he calls his old life.

    Today Jack shares his story which includes growing up in Brooklyn, experiencing friends lost in the 9/11 terror attacks, tackling severe drug and alcohol addiction, and the power of community and family. We also talk about what it was like breaking into the World Cup MTB photography community and dig into what the future looks like.

    There are heavy topics covered in this episode, so please be advised if there are sensitive or younger ears listening.

    Thank you, listeners, for making Vital MTB such an incredible community. Stories like Jack's make us proud to be a part of this incredible two-wheeled family.

    0:00 - Intro
    3:57 - How I Met Jack
    10:59 - First Vital Assignment
    14:23 - Life in Brooklyn, School Sports Success
    20:29 - Experiencing the 9/11 Attacks at Age 13 in New York
    27:41 - Moving on from 9/11
    31:50 - Introduction to Alcohol, Drugs and Dealing
    37:58 - Drug Addiction, Rehab and Jail
    49:06 - Going to Prison
    53:35 - Recovering from Addiction
    1:04:01 - Mountain Bikes Come Into Jack's Life
    1:08:04 - Becoming a Mountain Bike Photographer
    1:18:29 - Media Squids and Photography Etiquette
    1:26:40 - The Community Buys Jack a Camera
    1:37:22 - Being Transition Factory Racing Team Photographer
    1:44:10 - The New Guard of MTB Media
    1:46:04 - Valentia Roa Sanchez, World Cup Champ
    1:51:25 - 2024 Outlook
    2:09:13 - Questions from the Homies
    2:14:18 - Warhammer Miniature Painting

    Follow Jack on Instagram - @jackiericecakes

    • 2 hrs 16 min
    B Practice Podcast - Off Season EP.1

    B Practice Podcast - Off Season EP.1

    These awesome brands make The B Practice Podcast possible!
    Maxxis | Burgtec | Industry Nine

    The leaves are falling, debates surrounding Rampage results are smoldering, and speculation about who is riding for what team fills the forums; it must be the off-season! Between Tanner shooting feature films, Dakotah building furniture, and myself making editorial plans for 2024, we found some time to record a fresh podcast riffing about bikes and racing.
    With the 2024 UCI Schedule just released, we discuss the cause and effects of a mostly European-based series and the complications of having a U.S.-based World Cup or National Series. We also chat about what trail bike I should get next (open to recommendations in the comments), touch on some team rumors, debate if bikes should be designed for the world's fastest racers or the average rider, Dakotah's contracts, and the importance of ex-racers being involved with brands and bike development. Enjoy!

    • 1 hr 56 min
    Talking Carbon Wheels with NOBL

    Talking Carbon Wheels with NOBL

    Thank you Jenson USA | Maxxis Tires  | FOX Shox

    Today we speak with Christopher Arruda, Brand Manager at NOBL Wheels. They've been producing carbon rims and wheelsets for mountain bikes since 2012 and continue to refine and develop their lineup. We wanted to hear about their journey and learn why they think a rider might choose carbon rims over aluminum.

    Recently released is NOBL's G2 carbon rim range. The new hoops are more impact-resistant and durable while remaining lightweight and we find out how they landed on this current design. Additionally,  one of NOBL's specialties is custom wheel builds, and we unpack the variety of configurations available, including wheels using space-aged BERD spokes. 

    Enjoy the show!

    • 1 hr 2 min
    THAT'S A WRAP! Vital's B Practice Podcast MSA

    THAT'S A WRAP! Vital's B Practice Podcast MSA

    These awesome brands make The B Practice Podcast possible!
    Maxxis | Burgtec | Industry Nine

    The 2023 season is over! What a season. Eight races, seven winners, five first-time winners, and 22 points-paying races (if you include qualifying, semi-finals, and finals). Rachel Atherton made her return to DH and won another World Cup; Vali Holl became the first female to win Worlds and the World Cup Overall since Rachel in 2018; Loic Bruni took his third World Cup overall title; Ryan Pinkerton won the Junior Mens overall for U.S.A; Valentina Roa Sanchez became the first South American to win a UCI World Cup overall; and our boy Dak added two more podiums to his name. Arguably one of the most exciting World Cup seasons to date, it also brought a lot of change with Warner Bros/Discovery taking over the broadcasting, the addition of semi-finals, fewer riders in finals, and a bit of unknown looking towards the future of downhill. 
    In this episode, the crew reflects on the good and bad from the 2023 season, Dakotah breaks down his best World Cup season yet, we speculate on what is really underneath the Specialized diaper that they are trying to hide, the conclusion of Vital's Shorts Bounty, Takis banners in the rock garden, why MSA is still the sickest track on the circuit, overall standings, break out rides by Gaetan Vige and Ethan Craik, how the hell Jackson goes so fast, and finish thing off with plans for the podcast going into the offseason.
    Thank you for listening all season long, and we will be back for some off-season podcasts, so stay tuned!

    • 1 hr 52 min
    Is Downhill Better Off?

    Is Downhill Better Off?

    Thank you Jenson USA | Maxxis Tires  | FOX Shox
    We have another great Inside Line with passionate interviews from the ground at the last World Cup Mountain Bike Downhill of 2023 in Mont-Sainte-Anne. Jack Rice talks to Elite riders, mechanics and team managers and asks if they think downhill is in a better place now than it was a year ago after the change from Red Bull's involvement to Warner Bros/Discovery. Bernard Kerr, Loic Bruni, Abigail Hogie has a lot of insight, Jordi from FOX and more. There are timestamps of the individual interviews in the description below.

    0:59 - Bernard Kerr
    5:07 - Loic Bruni
    16:14 - Abigail Hogie
    25:03 - Jordi Cortes
    31:59 - Colin Esquibel
    38:43 - Aaron Gwin
    44:10 - Wyn Masters
    46:31 - Evan Warner
    53:00 - Eddie Masters
    57:21 - Jorge Gomes
    1:03:10 - Nina Hoffmann
    1:06:14 - Sian A'hern
    1:09:02 - Danny Hart
    1:13:07 - Mikayla Parton
    1:14:35 - Chris Grice
    1:18:46 - Jim Bland
    1:21:07 - Austin Dooley
    1:24:29 - Tyler Ervin
    1:27:30 - Dave Richards

    Everyone here at Vital would like to thank Jack, John Lawlor and Rick Schubert for their hard work during this World Cup season and we hope you're getting out on the trails. Enjoy the show!

    • 1 hr 30 min

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4.9 out of 5
18 Ratings

18 Ratings

Genkijane ,

Puts a smile on my face for real 😆

Best MTB Podcast hands down! Celebrating athletes and innovators journeys while keeping it honest from the glory to the grit and plenty of laughs in between. Keep doing what you’re doing 🤙

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