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The JP Tocker show talks to successful people that can share tips and tricks to help get through a tough period and what they do that makes them happy.

A few laughs along the way also.

The JP Tocker Show The JP Tocker Show

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The JP Tocker show talks to successful people that can share tips and tricks to help get through a tough period and what they do that makes them happy.

A few laughs along the way also.

    Episode 23 - Jay Reeve, the man and the myth

    Episode 23 - Jay Reeve, the man and the myth

    Jay Reeve is the peoples champion. His positivity is contagious and his ability to yarn is second to none. He has the sayings and slang of a farmer from Gore and nonce of a wallstreet businessmen.

    We conversed for 2.5 hours and covered pretty much all the problems of the world and solved most of them while consuming our favourite beverages.

    Highlights include learning about how Clark Gayford pulled Jacinda Arden, his paid for trip to the Rugby World Cup which he calls the best piss-up he’s ever had and his ability to stay mentally and physically fit all year round.

    Jay absolutely has his shit together. A lot of what he does is very calculated and you pickup on this as the chat progresses. Some people might call him lucky, in fact he thinks he is lucky but I don’t agree.  He is able to spot opportunities in business and life and seems to execute well. 

    You can’t help want to be a bit more like Jay Reeves after listening to this chat. That’s why he is the myth and the legend. 

    • 2 hrs 33 min
    Episode 22 - Joel Bouzaid

    Episode 22 - Joel Bouzaid

    Joel is one of New Zealand top leadership coaches and motivational speakers. All the way from Island Bay and a former St Pats Town student Joel is the man. 

    Joel seeks out all things improvement and is at the cusp of personal development.

    We talk about what steps we should be taking during this uncertain times and some great general advice.

    This has been in the making for a few years. Hope you enjoy.

    • 47 min
    Episode 21 - The Mana Mind with Jared Tuoro

    Episode 21 - The Mana Mind with Jared Tuoro

    A hooker turned educator.....
    JT is a rugby native who turned to coaching and ultimately educating when a career ending injury struck before the world ever got to see his best goose step. He has a way of getting people excited about anything….especially karaoke.

    Through years of mapping out kick butt learning solutions and making the hard to learn stuff fun, JT’s people and learning insights make him an all-around awesome guy as he genuinely wants others to be the best they can be.

    With his infectious personality, old-fashioned authenticity and valuable educating superpowers, JT is the guy everyone wants on his or her team. A natural and intuitive coach, he knows how to get the best out of people.

    Disclaimer: This is written by My Darling Wife so could be slightly biased.

    Our goal is to create the largest community of Maori Athletes (Current & Former) to help in the wellbeing development of the individual. Mana Maori - Where Maori go to succeed: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6515151304162185216

    Mana Mind 3 Day Challenge: https://www.sporteezinc.com/manamind3daychallenge

    • 1 hr 16 min
    Episode 20 - Haydn Wolfsbauer - The Wolfie Update

    Episode 20 - Haydn Wolfsbauer - The Wolfie Update

    This is the 3rd time I've spoken to Haydn. He is a Crossfit regional games athlete, former professional rugby player, business owner, Dad and Husband. Wolfie is my goto man for fitness health and how to balance life. In this chat we cover how to drop weight, training for a new event, managing family, training and work.

    • 53 min
    Episode 19 - Nu Filo - Unconquered

    Episode 19 - Nu Filo - Unconquered

    Nu is an ex-Infantry Soldier in 1st Battalion Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment and was selected to represent the New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) for the third time at the upcoming Invictus games

    After serving in the Army for 10 years he was injured in an accidental explosion, which caused a below-the-knee amputation to his right leg.

    Nu explains the battle he had on his hands to recover from the incident and the road to Invictus games.

    • 59 min
    Episode 18 - Daniel Flyn - Thank You bro

    Episode 18 - Daniel Flyn - Thank You bro

    Daniel Flyn is one of the founders of Thank-you. A business that gives 100% profit to provide a better life for those are less fortunate. Thank-you recently launched in NZ and its a truly remarkable story.

    Here is a snippet from the thank-you webisite.

    There’s a darkness in our world. 1 billion people live in extreme poverty.
    It’s made darker by the fact that in this same world, extreme consumerism exists.
    Each day as consumers, we give billions of dollars to the world’s largest multinationals for everyday products.
    Together, we think it’s time to bring the light.

    • 46 min

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4.7 out of 5
16 Ratings

16 Ratings

Nardine Ataera ,

Motivational Magic

I've listened to a couple of episodes and JP, as the host you manage to interview your guests and I imagine entertain your listeners, whilst having the rare ability to talk into a microphone unselfconsciously, as if living under a big, red button flashing Live is your natural state. Sharp enough to indulge any subject - business, sports, pop culture, geography, ethics — I can see why listeners would tune in to hear your spiel. Plenty to take away from your chat with Makaia. Nice work.

TimRansby ,

Loved it ... this shows a must listen

Binge listened the first 4 episodes... the easy listening style makes this show easily digested and interesting.

Will Mcgee 123 ,

Jp Tocker show

Orsum to hear light hearted interviews from one sportsman to another. Great information and well presented. Keep it up JP.

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