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Two Writers, One Podcast, and Various Points-of-View

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Two Writers, One Podcast, and Various Points-of-View

    Episode #102: Collaborators in life and art

    Episode #102: Collaborators in life and art

    The video stream

    * We’re still social distancing, but we can still be social!* We welcome Aly Grauer and Drew Mierzejewski—another collaborating couple!

    Such an epic couple!

    * We’ve know each other… Aly and Drew are ‘like us but younger!’* Collaborators in life and art!* Aly produced two short stories for Tales from the Archives* Pip tries some new words from the youth! Vibe and dabbing are no allowed.

    6:05 Tee asks the hard question of Aly and Drew; Where’d this all start?

    * Like many collaborators, editing and brainstorming often comes off* Aly and Drew started on a project from the Renaissance Faire* Starting off sharing creative projects can be fun… but the rewards are worth it

    You can share it!

    * For a start, there are no rules* Writers are often imagined solitary- but they don’t have to be!

    Sad writer contemplates writing all alone…

    * People tend to think ideas are precious, and can be easily lost… but the truth is there are a lot out there* Tee admits thinking never to write another podcasting book.* …and is currently working on 4th edition of Podcasting for Dummies

    Pip and Tee fear becoming Taylor and Burton

    * Tee brings back the story of the Silver Pharaoh.* Aly and Drew share their own tense moment.* The truth of the matter is, everyone looks back at their first book critically.

    21:00 How do you navigate criticism between partners?

    * Talk about specifics, good and bad* It can be bad when you take criticism too much to heart, and let it break your confidence* Aly and Drew poured energy into Warda, and it became a podcast and a tabletop game* Aly finally found a way back in with Drew’s support* Drew points out, building a collaboration takes years* Pip recounts the path of collaboration for the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences* The couples talk about the strengths that make their collaborations work

    38:42 Let’s talk Skyjacks:Courier’s Call

    * Aly and Drew have a new podcast collaboration, Skyjacks: Courier’s Call* Skyjacks is a wider collaboration, but it wasn’t child friendly, hence the spinoff* Pip gets excited by large birds… especially large kiwis!* We touch on the advantages the Kickstarter campaign had* The nature of the podcast and the storytelling is very collaborative.* Tee waxes lyrical on the latest wave of roleplaying* Art is not created in a vacuum!* Pip and Tee call out some of the wonderful folks they’ve collaborated with in the past!* Pip talks about her own roleplaying fun with George the Dinosaur

    Ashimei and George- art by Candy Cane Studios

    * Aly and Drew’s Patreon* Aly Twitter and webpage. Aly teaches accent and dialect.* Drew Twitter and Courier Call. Drew also consultation on world-building, DMing, and acting for roleplaying.

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    Episode #101: Pandemic time

    Episode #101: Pandemic time

    The video stream

    * We’re in the middle of a pandemic.* Tee and Pip didn’t have the ‘rona, we had a cold each. * Shout out to all the magnificent health care works who are working and helping society through this.* Tee and Pip are raising money for No Kid Hungry, while streaming. They provide meals to children who otherwise would depend on school lunches. You don’t have to watch to donate.

    5:23 How to stay creative in a pandemic

    * How things have changed since Smoky Writers in North Carolina. We were so lucky to get it in before COVID-19* If you’re a long time listener to the show, you’ll be familiar with our yearly writing retreat* A beautiful house by the beach, with some of our favorite people in the world* The retreat this year was shorter, but we stayed in Wilmington, NC* We returned home, carrying a heavy cold each

    Much like this…

    * We recorded this episode once before, but we sounded awful.* Shortly after Virginia closed schools for the whole year* Now we are on lockdown. Grocery shopping is the only trip we make* We are getting comfort from New Zealand’s Prime Ministry, Jacinda Arden* Pip reminds Australia they can’t have her

    Let’s begin

    * Let’s talk projects.* Pip and Tee have the rights back for Social Media for Writers* There are going to be re-writes in the next edition. Quite a few things have changed in the social media landscape.* Tee is working with Chuck Tomasi on a 4th edition of Podcasting for Dummies* Discord for Dummies is coming out in May. Pre-order now!* Secret of the Monkey God is on the docket too. Tee is not going to be left out.* Pip is working on Ride or Die, as well as Fierce Dead 2* Polishing up a few old projects too* Bear in mind, the current pandemic situation has a lot of consequences, not just health, but mental and economic* We’re all being creative with getting things done

    Working from home.. be like…

    * We need to look out for each other* And know, it’s OK to not be OK.* Use technology to check in on people, and don’t be afraid to ask for help from those that care about you.* Writers may need solitude, but we’re not used to not being able to go out to cafes… or libraries.. or anywhere

    Do not.. do not… go to a cabin in the woods.. At least this cabin.

    * Writers online, writing together while ignoring each other.* Being kind, also applies to yourself. Be kind to yourself* Have a routine. Take showers.* Get up, get dressed (except for those odd pj days)* If you feel you can’t write, then find another creative project.* Pip and Tee are currently working on their bathroom. It’s been needing an update for about… 10 years…* Clearing out the house, and organizing your books. * Gardening is great… and if you’re lucky you get fresh food* Pip bought supplies online from Lowe’s, and used contactless pickup* Give your mind a break, rather than forcing it to pump out content all the time* Pip thinks getting back to baking, brewing, gardening is great.* Limit your diet of news. Don’t spend too long scrolling through Facebook* Pip gets on her hobby horse of history.* The message from John Rhys Davies* Pip tries to post positive things.

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    Episode #100: What a RIDE!

    Episode #100: What a RIDE!

    New Show Art by Candy Cane Studios

    * They said we couldn’t make it… whoever they are…* Pip and Tee chose Birds of Prey for their Valentine’s movie!* We get cheers from chat!

    3:04 Let’s Look Back

    * Pip tried to count Dog Days of Podcasting that Tee did in 2018* Consistency… well not so much our thing….* Episode 1… we started off pretty exclusively about the craft!* And we started with the idea of half hour episodes…

    7:23 Types of episodes

    * We’ve done craft and business episodes* But our most downloaded episode was Episode 59, about Penny Dreadful from a writer’s point of view* Then we’ve covered, marketing, had guests in show, and recorded from events* Then there are the odd ones…* And the evergreen content ‘writers did what now?’

    9:29 Let’s talk about guests

    * Guests… we’ve been very lucky!* Piper J Drake and K T Bryski duke it out for most on show* Nick and Stacia Kelly also been on there quite a few times* Lauren ‘Scribe’ Harris has stopped on by a bit too!* The WINNER IS KT Bryski! (Also involved in beer talk)* Episode 30… what is a writer’s intern? K T came and stayed for quite a while.* We’ve had MK Backstrom, Alex White, Tim Dodge, Spence, Nobilis on the show

    14:02 We Tracked Smoky Writers

    * From the beginning, our beloved retreat was covered. Either there, or a post-retreat review* Our largest guest episode, with all the microphones!* Pip reflects on the fun stuff represented by the Shared Desk

    14: 55 Consistency? What’s that??

    * Sometimes we slipped…* Editing is a thing… we don’t like to just release into the wild* Deadlines and families to come first… podcasting fell by the way side* Some years have been easier than others* We started streaming in 2018, episode 90.* Streaming has kept us more on track

    17:28 Memories of past segments

    * Eagle vs kiwi — limited options after a point* Crazy Uncle Charlie — his time passed (Pip was happy about that)

    Charlie went to do his own thing…

    20:32 Picking out some favorite episodes and topics

    * Pip mentions episode 23, where we talked about a writer’s kit and giveaway swag* Tee diverts into Penny Dreadful side rant…* Pip and Tee discuss some of the changes to swag people expect* Pip mentions the 99c book promo choices authors make* The infamous way Goodreads reviewers mark books before they’ve even been released* Giving away your work, you need to be careful how you do it* The short story market has changed over the course of ...

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    Episode #99: Looking Ahead

    Episode #99: Looking Ahead

    00:00 Introduction

    We can smell episode 100! We had to stream this twice though….

    01:22 Into 2020

    * Tee and Pip have plenty of plans* Time for prohibition?* Check out where we will be in 2020* Tee helped found RavenCon. So we will be there this year!* Escape Velocity in Washington DC

    Tee’s Dream…

    * Tee guesses wrong* Gencon bound!!* We had a time a great time last year, looking forward to more shenanigans in Indy* Next up Key City Steampunk Festival which is now in Gettysburg, PA* And then venturing into Florida, as Guests of Honor at Necronomicon in Tampa Florida!* Tee heads back to TwitchCon* Twitch for Dummies is now a year old!* These old bones can manage this schedule* Tee and Pip have a few requirements for traveling to events…* …but they will do a Shared Desk LIVE!* Asking the organizers of events works- but get in advance* Our writers’ retreat is coming up… and this year, we’re heading to the beach!

    16:49 Talking Publications

    * Pip has a schedule… with a nebulous section* Didn’t work out so well last year, but that is why we go with nebulous* Chuck Wendig’s post on write what you want, because everything is falling apart.* Pip and Tee put a lot of expectations and pressure on writing last year.* However Tee’s 2020 started off with a bang.* Podcasting for Dummies is going* Discord for Dummies is currently under construction, but Tee just lost a month* So let’s write what we want to write.* Pip *sigh** The Weald, is Pip’s current WIP. A fantasy novel set in Regency England* At the same time, she’s editing the first book of the Spectral Protectors. The Fierce Dead– now available for pre-order* Pip and Tee argue about The Secret of the Monkey God release date* Pip also plans book Two of the Spectral Protectors.* Death and the Falcon or Falcon and the RAVEN, the story of Henrietta Falcon and Sophia del Morte are planned for the end of the year.* Tee’s heart is calling him to write, Villainy LLC, a story of the B List superheroes. Setting it in Richmond, VA* Check in with us at the end of the year* Pip wants Tee to get back to enjoying the pure creativity of just writing* Tee is still thinking about retooling Dope story.* Pip suggests putting away a project for awhile to give perspective

    Feeling 2020 like…

    * Pip is resetting, by making sure to read every day.* No faux Jane Austen though.

    31:35 Writers Off the Clock: The Witcher

    * Pip wants to find a show where Henry Cavill takes a bath* Tee brings an ear worm * Based on the books from Poland* Prepare for the cosplaying!!* Party City wig was replaced… thank goodness!!* The separate timelines took a bit to work out* Episode 4 was a little wobbly… but we forgive them* Pip starts streaming Philippa’s Freaky Friday playing Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt. Check in on Friday nights for fun times…* Stealing from peasants is part of the story… morally wrong as that is.

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    Episode #98: RWA Implosion

    Episode #98: RWA Implosion

    00:00 Introduction

    Pip and Tee are ready for the New Year, and we’re kicking off with a show many tongues are wagging about: The RWA Bruhaha Extraordinaire!

    Follow or subscribe to https://twitch.tv/theteemonster

    Above you got the live open mic segments and tangents a-plenty, and we’d love to see you come by and visit us when EPISODE 100 rolls around. Be there for the fun and we will gladly take your questions LIVE on stream.

    Join us for a good time as we take a good look at what is going on with the RWA.

    01:05 The Romance Writers of America

    * Tee and Pip are not romance writers, but they have an RT Award, and write stories with romantic elements* America is changing and so should its writing.* Check out Claire Ryan’s ongoing chronicling of the situation* It all kicked off when Suzan Tisdale filed an ethics complaint against Courtney Milan* It spiraled from there into resignations, cancelling of events, and people cancelling their memberships* Just own your mistakes.* Now the original complainant says she only ever wanted an apology* But at the same time threatened legal action!* Karen wants to see the manager!!* Another example of keeping your receipts…* Presidents have toppled…

    * Chuck Tingle got involved. Nora Roberts got involved* Pip The best disinfectant is sunshine.* Hopefully there will be good things from this* SFWA offers a safe haven for those with spec fic elements* The whole affair has esculated akin to the Thing

    Everyone wants to get the hell away from this….

    * Our genre has had plenty of its own problems too…* But what will rise from the ashes…* But wait… the original complainant has remembered something differently* What is the takeaway from all this?* Diversity and representation does matter* Pip is dealing that right now. The Fierce Dead coming in February. * Sensitivity readers are important.* Also check out Writing the Other* The balance is delicate* Keep your receipts* And we’ll see how this all plays out

    27:38 We’re in the Kitchen

    * Don’t freak out, we’re detoxing* Yes, we’re aware we have livers, but this is for something else

    Gotta have em

    * Stevia is not Tee’s thing* Monkfruit all the things!!* Tee is caffeine free… for now, but it’ll be first up!* Lots… and lots… of water…

    36:50 Wrap Up

    * Thanks again to Claire Ryan for chronicling all the RWA shenanigans* Don’t forget to join us live on Twitch, we have a post show not in the podcast

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    Find us on Twitter at either Tee’s or Pip’s account,leave us a voicemail or questions for the show at 703.791.1701,or leave us a comment here at the blog.We’ll talk about it!And remember, you can find the show on Spotify,  a href="https://itunes.apple.

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    Episode #97: Diving into the River

    Episode #97: Diving into the River

    00:00 Introduction

    * Tee and Pip are in a metal mood thanks to Halloween* Their velvet purple skull Twitchy is here for the season.* Welcome to new listeners

    02:30 The James River Writers Convention

    * Ways to read signs ahead* The James River Writers Conference is an example of a well run convention. Others should take note of some of the things they do.* Pip can’t leave Twitchy alone.* JRW Conference has been going for many years.* JRW provide year round support to local writers.* Pip recalls with relish the first contact where Tee was her +1

    Pip be like…

    * Tee tried to stream… and failed…* Conventions have to fork out a lot of money for wi fi* Seriously Pip leave the skull alone!* Follow Tee on Twitch to find out when we go live.* JRW make an effort to have a diversity of writers, agents and publishers* Tee missed out on the Dating Game

    What, my name got called?

    * Tee did a pitch and met some agents* How many people attended?* Pip feels a little out gunned* Not just chairs—tables too!* Moderators are prepared and know who their panelists are* Shout out to Bill Blume* Panel on podcasting moderated by Sharvette Mitchell was a good time* Tee’s Shop Talk was about writing what you don’t know* Writing outside your experience? Reach out to those who are in the community* Pip feels uncomfortable writing from a first person POV outside her community* The importance of beta readers* Tee recounts a tale from his theatre days* The naming of a podcast… like the Shared Desk?* Tee really gets into what the theme music is. It’s important!!* Tee did a branding panel. Why does branding matter to authors?* World building… important but not everything

    World building is important… but so is writing!

    * Your world can change… and that’s OK* The James River Writers Convention is worth attending as a panelist, or if you want to improve your writing.

    28:50 Pip and Tee go into the Kitchen

    * Pip and Tee stayed at the Linden Row Inn supposedly haunted, but no ghosts came to visit* Pip has a crazy idea…* Richmond has speakeasies… with 100% less poisonous bath tub gin* Grandstaff and Stein Booksellers.

    Felt like this…

    * A bookseller, a secret password, and there you are!

    Flaming Youth

    * Tee and Pip enjoyed a flight!* Some interesting history behind speakeasies, helped along with some well dressed servers.* Not just drinks, the food was also excellent* The whole thing was streamed* Seriously, Richmond has it all!

    43:19 Wrap up

    * What shall we do for our 100th episode?* Tee is working with Steve Saylor for the month of October to raise money for Able Gamers. Go here to donate. See if two knuckleheads can beat Mountain Dew!* Tee shaved his beard for this… and Pip is still recovering…

    * If you have an event and want The Shared Desk to appear there, or if you just want to share an opinion about the show, here’s where to find us… 703.791.1701pip@pjballantine.comtee@teemorris.com…and social media, of course.

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