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Two Writers, One Podcast, and Various Points-of-View

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Two Writers, One Podcast, and Various Points-of-View

    Episode #107: Writers and the 1st

    Episode #107: Writers and the 1st

    Pip and Tee host Michael Ventrella to talk about publishing, writing, and the 1st Amendment.

    The Shared Desk has tried to remain politics free, but then politics collided with writing and publishing.

    * 8:46 : Michael has been involved in the Tales from the Archives, but he is currently a practicing defense lawyer, and has taught the Constition. He is the author of How to Argue the Constitution with a Conservative.* Tee has some background with the 1st Amendment…. Pip has of course none.

    Well, one of us isn’t…

    * 05:55 : So of course, Pip reads the 1st Amendment…* Michael points out why the 1st is so short and succinct.* 08:22 : Tee brings up, why we are discussing this on the Shared Desk. A fresh senator got his book contract cancelled, and tries to use the 1st Amendment as a shield.* Michael points out, that there are plenty of dumb lawyers out there.* Many lawyers read the Constitution to be what they want it to say.

    * 11:03 : We touch on the other hot button 1st Amendment, people being blocked off social media.* Pip (the foreigner) points out the very first word.* Michael says a smaller publisher will probably pick his book up. (Addendum: He was right… Apparently the senator has found a new publisher.)* 14:33 : Isn’t it more about that sweet advance?* That’s part of it, but also playing to the base with an eye on a presidential run.* 15:21 : Pip wonders about ‘morality clauses’.* 16:12 : On the left side of the aisle, writers have run into those too.* Writers have to be aware of them, and understand that they also can’t claim oppression. Most contracts have provision these days to protect the image of the corporation.* 18:02 : Social media rights as far as the 1st Amendment.* Michael points out if you want to talk about regular conservative talking points you can.* What you cannot talk about is violence and racism. * All social media platforms have Terms of Service… even if people click through them without reading. They are there.

    * Michael points out the peaceably portion of the 1st Amendment.* 22:47 : Tee posits a question to Michael* Michael says not with the 1st, but contractually there are more grey areas depending on the situation.* 24:27 : Michael brings up how some authors make claims of being censored.

    * The government censors, but everything else is editing.* No Shirts. No Shoes. No Service. But it has to be applied in a non discriminatory fashion.* Shout out to the Legal Eagle

    * 34:58 : Tee, Pip and Michael discuss WandaVision on Disney+ NO SPOILERS!* Plenty of throwbacks to Bewitched and I Love Jennie, Pip enjoyed it* Michael enjoyed the first ten minutes, and then wanted a bit more to happen.* There were a lot of deep cuts for those deep into Marvel history. * Tee brings up the excellent HBO Max show Snowpiercer* More clues are revealed in the second episode.* Pip enjoyed how they used vintage feel to full advantage- including consulting Dick Van Dyke!

    Find Michael A Ventrella here, and pickup his book a href="https://www.

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    Episode #106: Let’s Talk Blogging

    Episode #106: Let’s Talk Blogging

    (Podcasting for Dummies, the 4th edition is out in the wild today… pick up a copy from your favorite online store!)

    Pip and Tee take on the subject of blogging. Is it still useful? Relevant?

    00: 58 Intro

    * Amanda J Surowitz sent us an email complimenting Social Media for Writers, which includes a Discord chapter (or you can do a deeper dive with Discord for Dummies.)

    04:11 Tee Talks about his experience with blogging

    * Tee has worked professionally for universities, and the government. Writing blogs was part of what he did every day.* Amanda drops into chat* Tee was on a roll, then the world changed.

    Everyone knows that feeling

    * Tee then had back to back projects, but blogging is still his thing* Pip hasn’t blogged for awhile. Now she thinks the space is a lot more crowded, and now you have streaming competing.* Pip makes the internet noise and Tee joins in.* People like Chuck Wendig make a success of it, but has a very particular style.* Tee found he would spend days writing a blogpost on writing, and getting behind on his actual writing.* Pip feels like she never found her niche in blogging… and worried she just whined a lot.* Pip wonders about jumping on current events… say ‘Waffle House fights’* We mention Chris Evan’s… moment and how he turned it to his advantage

    * You can tap into what is trending, as Pip points out they have from time to time. Tee agrees as long as it is within your field, jumping on current issues is a good policy.* Pip tries to justify her next Waffle House fight blogpost…* When you sit down to write, have a point to it* Keep an eye on comments on the blog and your social media* Blogging for blogging sake is problematic

    24:34 Pip has a question

    * So lists were popular a while go ‘top five’ or the ‘five worst’. Are they still popular?* People do still seem to want to read quick articles * Tee suggests setting a word limit.

    27:07 Tee has a question

    * As pros, with other projects how do you manage blogging?* Add it to your weekly schedule.* Tee suggests some people are using Twitch, as a video blog.* But do all authors think on their feet quickly? A riff can easily become a ramble.* Bullet Alexander returns… and Pip is not impressed.* What are authors most comfortable doing?* Social Media for Writers is out now, and has new chapters, including one on crisis management.* It’s made trickier when you don’t have a book to promote, but publishers these day want you to have a platform before they’ll give you a book deal.

    * So figure out if you have a purpose and do you have the time for it?* But at the end of the day deadlines have to come before blogging.* If it is making you miserable, then you don’t have to blog.* Your platform should include blogging only if you enjoy doing it, and can remain consistent.

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    Episode #105: Is Jack Evil?

    Episode #105: Is Jack Evil?

    We welcome our pal, Jack Mangan to the Shared Desk, and back into the writing gig. Jack’s new foray into creativity is a graphic novel. We dig deep into this process and how Jack’s getting it done with crowdfunding.

    0:45 Jack Mangan introduction

    * Though he has no AKA name, we’re glad to see him.* You might know Jack from Spherical Tomi and Deadpan* From back in the days….

    Podcasters from 15 years ago

    * Jack talks about his podcast trajectory… and then life intervened.* Known as a novelist, and podcast, we dive into how Jack’s moved into the new arena of graphic novels.* Pip and Tee discuss how much they loved having Jack in the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences. Find it in the second collection of Tales from the Archives

    7:29 What were the challenges of changing genre

    * Jack researched the masters of this new genre* At first he tried drafting out instructions to the graphic artist.* You have to form a relationship between writer and artist- collaboration!* Pip contemplates a Ministry graphic novel…

    12:48 Pip asks ‘But what is this project?‘

    * Jack’s history as a music journalist, brought him into contact with Diamond Head.* Yes, this project is so METAL!

    * Jack got all the relevant permissions* Am I Evil, is a song with a story to tell.* Now to the funding of it! Challenges Jack faced… well pandemic!* Kickstarter didn’t work out, but now I Am Evil is live on IndieGoGo* The idea is to make sure every professional gets paid* Meet the team!

    * This is Jack’s passion project, that he wants out in the world.* Marketing is always tough. But you have to find the right time to launch and promote.* Pip and Tee popped by to Jack’s live launch* Everyone delves into their metal credentials…* Jack has been writing as a journalist, but he is getting back to fiction—including coming back to Spherical Tomi* Many of the original podcasters, are going back to their original fiction worlds.* When you are part of a team, you don’t want to let people down.* Jack talks about being a mature writer* Check out the video!

    * Jack explains how he created the video.* Pip brings up stretch goals, and the dangers of pineapple related ones.* Jack teases us with royal connections…* Am I Evil campaign is live now!

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    Show art by Candy Cane StudiosFind us on Twitter at either Tee’s or Pip’s account,leave us a voicemail or questions for the show at 703.791.1701,or leave us a comment here at the blog.We’ll talk about it!And remember, you can find the show on Spotify,  a href="https://itunes.apple.com/nz/podcast/the-shared-desk-podcast-feed/id457757337?

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    Episode #104: Hugo and toxic fandom

    Episode #104: Hugo and toxic fandom

    * Technology works, and we shout out to the live audience who joined us on Twitch* Our cat is recuperating from surgery, and we’re recuperating from the Hugos. Makes him rather grumpy…* Guess what made Pip and Tee grumpy* It’s not the gloves from Ritual Motion

    Pip and Tee can however…here we go…

    2:31 Let’s talk about the Hugo Awards

    * The latest Worldcon was held in Pip’s hometown of Wellington, New Zealand, but the pandemic made it have to become virtual* The Hugo are fan voted, and are not strangers to controversy * Pip and Tee discuss that ‘golden age’ of science fiction* George RR Martin was asked to be toastmaster* Tee has been the MC at Pip’s brother’s wedding.* The role requires you talk about the people who the event is for.* The Hugo Awards were about the nominees, but GRRM didn’t get that memo* He then proceeded to pine for the good ole days of John W Campbell, Heinlein, Asimov et al

    * All of GRRM’s parts were pre-recorded* Tee asks Pip how she feels as a New Zealander and a writer

    * ConZealand was planned for many, many years* Pip was angry, disappointed and mortified… New Zealand is better than this* Even assuming GRRM was not sent pronunciation, that doesn’t let him off the hook* Pip and Tee remain unsurprised at how his recordings went down

    * The Hugo Awards have become more diverse but it has a history of being exclusionary* Lots of inside jokes, name dropping… all of these things make sure there is an ‘us’ and ‘them’* Making community means being welcoming* Harking back to an age GRRM has nostalgia about, brings a lot of baggage* Pip talks about the nature of fandom in New Zealand

    * Fandom needs to think about how they empower people by ignoring their behavior* The award winners were a diverse, world-wide group of people, but GRRM barely mentioned them* The always popular apology-non-apology* Pip dives into how women (especially of an older generation) are taught not to make a fuss in order to be part of the boy’s club

    * New Zealand’s specific national psyche may have fed into this.* Pip wonders what happened? Did they watch it? Were they afraid of GRRM?* Tee reminds every writer, that this is a professional setting.* Pip confirms New Zealand is massively passive aggressive * There is a way to own it though* But not just GRRM and the con organizers should own it.* We need to be better… as fans and writers.* The Hugo Awards are meant to celebrate about what is best during the last year* Young authors need to feel that they can be in the space of the Hugos. This is a place for them.* Hopefully good changes will come out of this.

    If you have an event in 2021 and want The Shared Desk to appear there, or if you just want to share an opinion about the show, here’s where to find us… 703.791.1701pip@pjballantine.comtee@teemorris.com…and social media, of course.

    Show art by Candy Cane StudiosFind us on Twitter at either Tee’s or Pip’s account,leave us a voicemail or questions for the show at 703.791.1701,or leave us a comment here at the blog.We’ll talk about it!And remember, you can find the show on Spotify,

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    Episode #103: Savan Gupta on Collaboration

    Episode #103: Savan Gupta on Collaboration

    We welcome Savan Gupta to the show, but Tee is audio only… and it had nothing to do with Pip!

    * Savan kicks it off, and the party begins. * Having a company is apparently just as stressful as kids

    We welcome Savan and all his universes

    3:07 Savan begins to unravel all his creative endeavors

    * Steam-funk Studios– a multi-media and marketing firm* From that came the Living Multiverse, a cross-media fiction project… and World Domination* The Unconventional champions journalist and academic excellence in fandom—The Rolling Stone of Fandom. Fanthropolgy* Sepia Riot, a project in development, championing Indian, Arab and Asian representation in fandom* The Unconventional will be coming this year!

    8:03 Tee asks Savan how he manages all these amazing projects

    * Savan keeps a regular schedule, military like* Manage expectations with those that are working with you* Savan vets everyone and gives them an orientation so that people are ramped up* Communicate any problems that crop up in life* Tee throws himself under the bus, but also owns his problems* Savan points out that when you act like a professional everything is simpler

    We call it that too!

    12:29 Pip asks Savan just how many people he’s collaborated with over the years

    * Savan remembers another collaboration, Geeks Gone Wild* Collaborating means having standards and processes to encourage others who want to work with you* Savan comes to this from a financial market* Pip gets jealous of Savan’s organization* Tee points out the collaboration with Galileo Games was very well organized* Savan mentions that he’s spent years all over the country, finding talent* Savan says past and present he’s worked with hundreds of people

    17:41 Tee asks, so what do they all do?

    * Everything began as a performance troupe* In 2014 critical mass happened. Slick-brass and the Crew of the A.S.S. Titilus was joined by Rohan and the Dogs of War. Then more… and more… and consulting for others* It got so big, that they needed residuals to support the performance, so Savan changed tack.* Rebooting the brand, they turned inward to evaluate what goods and services work best, to make money* The Unconventional is free, because its aim is to make a community- but it gives plenty of attribution, and a bio * Attribution is something we need more of* Savan answers the question about how many people who work in the company* Shout out to Savan’s teams!* Pip’s mind is blown

    27:01 Tee asks Savan how he handles when collaboration goes bad

    * Savan makes clear what expectations are, and how much time it will take to his collaborators * His exceptions clauses are; your health (you don’t have to disclose what those are, legally as well), day job/school (hell weeks do happen in both), and finally your family.* Everyone needs paperwork!* Tee, Savan and Pip discuss about deadlines* Savan describes his ‘break glass’ situation

    No one wants to do this, but sometimes it is necessary…

    * Now the Hobbit comes up… we have all been forged by fire* Savan calls back to his father, for his fortitude and persistence

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    Episode #102: Collaborators in life and art

    Episode #102: Collaborators in life and art

    The video stream

    * We’re still social distancing, but we can still be social!* We welcome Aly Grauer and Drew Mierzejewski—another collaborating couple!

    Such an epic couple!

    * We’ve know each other… Aly and Drew are ‘like us but younger!’* Collaborators in life and art!* Aly produced two short stories for Tales from the Archives* Pip tries some new words from the youth! Vibe and dabbing are no allowed.

    6:05 Tee asks the hard question of Aly and Drew; Where’d this all start?

    * Like many collaborators, editing and brainstorming often comes off* Aly and Drew started on a project from the Renaissance Faire* Starting off sharing creative projects can be fun… but the rewards are worth it

    You can share it!

    * For a start, there are no rules* Writers are often imagined solitary- but they don’t have to be!

    Sad writer contemplates writing all alone…

    * People tend to think ideas are precious, and can be easily lost… but the truth is there are a lot out there* Tee admits thinking never to write another podcasting book.* …and is currently working on 4th edition of Podcasting for Dummies

    Pip and Tee fear becoming Taylor and Burton

    * Tee brings back the story of the Silver Pharaoh.* Aly and Drew share their own tense moment.* The truth of the matter is, everyone looks back at their first book critically.

    21:00 How do you navigate criticism between partners?

    * Talk about specifics, good and bad* It can be bad when you take criticism too much to heart, and let it break your confidence* Aly and Drew poured energy into Warda, and it became a podcast and a tabletop game* Aly finally found a way back in with Drew’s support* Drew points out, building a collaboration takes years* Pip recounts the path of collaboration for the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences* The couples talk about the strengths that make their collaborations work

    38:42 Let’s talk Skyjacks:Courier’s Call

    * Aly and Drew have a new podcast collaboration, Skyjacks: Courier’s Call* Skyjacks is a wider collaboration, but it wasn’t child friendly, hence the spinoff* Pip gets excited by large birds… especially large kiwis!* We touch on the advantages the Kickstarter campaign had* The nature of the podcast and the storytelling is very collaborative.* Tee waxes lyrical on the latest wave of roleplaying* Art is not created in a vacuum!* Pip and Tee call out some of the wonderful folks they’ve collaborated with in the past!* Pip talks about her own roleplaying fun with George the Dinosaur

    Ashimei and George- art by Candy Cane Studios

    * Aly and Drew’s Patreon* Aly Twitter and webpage. Aly teaches accent and dialect.* Drew Twitter and Courier Call. Drew also consultation on world-building, DMing, and acting for roleplaying.

    If you have an event and want The Shared Desk to appear there...

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