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Weekly chats on relationships, love, sexuality and spirituality for women. Discover wholehearted sensuality, soulful intimacy and a spirit-led life with Relationship Therapist, Sexologist and Tantra teacher Isiah McKimmie.

Wholehearted: Love, Life + Intimacy Isiah McKimmie

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Weekly chats on relationships, love, sexuality and spirituality for women. Discover wholehearted sensuality, soulful intimacy and a spirit-led life with Relationship Therapist, Sexologist and Tantra teacher Isiah McKimmie.

    How heartbreaking change ignited an extraordinary life with Kundalini teacher, Corona Brady

    How heartbreaking change ignited an extraordinary life with Kundalini teacher, Corona Brady

    I’ve been watching Corona’s journey for a while and love what she shares. But one of her posts* on Instagram a little while ago really caught my attention and prompted me to reach out. She spoke about divorce being the catalyst for an extraordinary life. 
    “Growth happens when we can lean in and embrace the discomfort and the unknown. No transformation occurs in the known.” CORONA BRADY
    She was wonderful enough to accept my invitation to talk about that - and I’m especially grateful - because I think we’re all experiencing huge and unexpected changes in our lives right now. 
    Whether it’s divorce, a relationship breakdown, a lost job, business failure or unexpected life shift - I also believe that these things that we often think of as devastating at the time - can really propel our lives to somewhere different and much more amazing than we had planned. 
    Listen in as I talk with Corona, and she shares her journey through change.
    Making the decision to divorce
    What gets you through those early stages 
    Grieving for the hopes and dreams that we had for the future and how to cope with that
    How to work through feeling like you’ve lost your identity
    The importance of having a spiritual practice been while transitioning
    I also ask Corona about her Kundalini yoga and the launch of her online school - which is such perfect timing for everyone who can’t get to their regular yoga session right now. 
    At 37 I thought my life was over when I chose to make a scary but very brave decision that would change the whole course and direction of my life. 
    But today at 39 I realise my life is only beginning and I’m excited for this new chapter. Our bravery and courage will always be rewarded for! 
    It’s been an incredibly tough 2+ years (I’m not going to sugar coat it, I’ve literally walked through the fires of transformation) but I’m now out the other side and I’ve so much to share with you on topics such as conscious relationships, polarity in romantic relationships, when you know it’s time to leave a relationship, divorce/separation, the real inner work that’s required after the collapse of a marriage, grief, losing everything and beginning again, dealing with lies and deceit in relationship, opening yourself up to love again, living as an awakened empowered conscious woman, collapse of and rebuilding your foundations, working through sexual repression plus so much more!
    Growth happens when we can lean in and embrace the discomfort and the unknown. No transformation occurs in the known.
    Corona is a Holistic Life Coach & Mentor for Women, Mind Detox Therapist, Kundalini Level 2 Teacher, and Speaker! She is passionate about supporting and empowering high achieving corporate professionals, Women in Business, Entrepreneurs & Women in Leadership Roles. She is the founder and CEO of Energy For Life Academy where she takes busy professionals from burnout and overwhelm to energetic joyful lives in 8 weeks or less.  
    She is the creator of the Corona Brady Online Life Coaching App which you can download for free to your Apple and Android devices and she is the host of the Energy For Life Podcast show available on iTunes.
    She is also the creator of a brand new online yoga and meditation school called Corona’s Online Kundalini School.
    Website: https://coronabrady.com/
    Free Webinar: https://joinnow.live/s/52LYNz
    Free App: https://coronabrady.com/app/
    Podcast Show: https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/energy-for-life-podcast-with-corona-brady/id1278173651
    Free Facebook Group:
    Kundalini Online School: https://coronabrady.com/kundalini-online-school/    

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    How to survive social distancing when you live alone

    How to survive social distancing when you live alone

    Every now and then some alone time is great but social interactions are a massive part of our lives. 
    Humans are wired for connection. What happens when we don’t get it? 
    Well, my loves, that’s what many of us are now discovering.  About 2.6 billion people on the planet are now in lock-down - that’s about one third of the world’s population.
    The reality is that for many of us, that means literally being alone, without in person interactions, or physical touch 24 hours a day. With the possibility of lockdown continuing for weeks still to come, I want to share some advice for surviving on your own. 
    I think we’ve all seen with the spread of coronavirus that our lives can change faster than we ever could have imagined. While much of that change has been difficult and painful - know that our lives can also change quickly in the opposite direction. 
    Know that there is light at the end of this tunnel. Maybe you’re even feeling it now? 
    This won’t last forever - and we still have so much to be grateful for. Do your best to take care of yourself right now. I truly believe this is an opportunity for us like no other.
    To follow my journey and see more of how I’m getting through lockdown, come on over and follow me on Insta as isiahmckimmie.sexologist. I love hearing from my podcast listers over there!
    Stay safe and take excellent care of you! 

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    How to take care of your relationship during lock down

    How to take care of your relationship during lock down

    How many times have you thought ‘he’s driving me crazy’ or ‘she’s driving me crazy’ this week?
    Living with your partner isn’t easy at the best of times.
    Silly arguments often stem from minor things like leaving washing up in the sink or forgetting to put the toilet seat down.
    But usually, these aren’t the end of the world.
    However, when you’re stuck inside all day with your partner, having more interactions than usual, even the smallest thing can send you over the edge.
    That, on top of financial pressure, uncertainty, disruption of routine, trying to homeschool kids and a change in roles can make everything feel like one giant shit show at the moment. 
    If you are struggling with your partner right now, I want you to know you’re not alone - many of my clients are experiencing heightened tensions - and I’m getting a LOT of people reach out to me to ask for help.
    This is going to be make or break time for many relationships. I want this to be a “make it” time for you. A time that brings you even closer and shows you just how much you mean to each other.
    Today I’m sharing with you some practical tips to help you navigate this rollercoaster of a time, like:
    Set boundaries on your time and attention Do your best to manage the kids together Try to keep structure and routine Be mindful of your own emotions + how you communicate Aim for empathy + understanding Continue to have ‘couple time’ together Reach out for other support Understand that your sex life might be affected Stay safe and take excellent care of yourselves and each other!
    We are all going to come out of this stronger than we ever thought possible.

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    Your guide to the G-Spot

    Your guide to the G-Spot

    Orgasms are great for everyone involved! They reduce stress, keep your skin healthy, improve circulation... oh and they feel amazing!
    Some orgasms are explosive, others a light tingling sensation.
    But there’s one orgasm that’s got everyone talking: The G-spot orgasm.
    It’s likely at some point you would have heard about the G-spot, mainly because of all the speculation about whether it actually exists but one thing is for sure, once you’ll find it, you’ll never look back! 
    In this episode, I’ll be sharing:
    What exactly the G-spot is - and whether or not everyone has one How you find the G-spot  My personal tips on experiencing G-spot pleasure, and How to experience the magic of a G-spot orgasm!  Whether you’re the owner of a G-spot or you love someone who is - this episode is going to change your life, my love! 
    Click HERE and HERE for details of the two vibrators I mention (available from www.Blissfor Women.com).

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    Take love + intimacy deeper with Tantra

    Take love + intimacy deeper with Tantra

    It's no secret that I believe in the power of Tantra to help us change our lives and have incredible intimacy.
    Tantra has been my personal spiritual practice for over 10 years and I've used it to help transform the lives of thousands of people I've worked with.
    One of the most powerful teachings of Tantra for me, has been the incredible feelings of love it's helped me open to - and the intimacy I see it create between couples.
    First and foremost though, Tantra helps us connect more deeply to ourselves - so that we can connect more deeply with a partner.
    In this episode I'm diving deep into how Tantra can help us deepen intimacy and facilitate our own growth and self-awareness.
    Joining me is fellow Sexologist and Tantra Teacher, Waratah Kerlue.
    Waratah works with men, women and couples to inspire greater fulfilment within intimacy, sex, love and life. She's a Sexologist, Intimacy Consultant and Couples Therapist, highly skilled in helping you to achieve contentment, fulfilment and empowerment within sexuality and intimacy.
    Waratah takes a holistic approach to her work which is grounded in 20 years of mindfulness training, science-based advice and powerful practical tools. She's funny, wise and incredibly compassionate in her approach.
    Listen in as Waratah and I discuss:
    The importance of starting with connection to ourselves The questions you need to ask on a first date to discover if someone is right for you Practical steps to discovering what you enjoy sexually The power of giving ourselves permission to ask for what we want in bed - and why that can actually be incredibly sexy How to talk to your partner about improving your relationship and sex life I also open up about a recent experiment I did on another podcast
    Waratah and I share our favourite Tantra practices that you can try with a partner tonight.
    For more about Waratah check out her website or follow her on facebook @lovelifehealingtherapies.

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    5 Tantra Practices to increase sexual desire

    5 Tantra Practices to increase sexual desire

    One of the most common questions that I get asked as a Tantra teacher and sexologist is: "How can I increase my sexual desire"?
    It might be that you’ve felt a steady decrease in desire, your partner has a higher sexual drive than you - or that your partner initiates sex at a time when you’re not really in the mood.
    You might concentrating on something important, in the middle of cooking dinner or just at a point in your cycle where you’re not really feeling it.
    I get it. I’ve been there too.
    But there’s something powerful - and empowering about being able to connect to our sexual energy and cultivate it at will.
    Sexual energy is life force energy. When we’re connected to it, we feel more energised and alive. We can engage more intimately with a partner and enjoy ourselves more sexually.
    Today I want to share 5 of my favourite Tantra tools for igniting desire - even when you think you’re not in the mood or when you're caught off guard!
    And, if after listening to this podcast, you want to learn more about Tantra and how it can help you create Wild Confidence, Loving Intimacy + Epic Pleasure, I invite you to join my latest online masterclass for women, Tantric Goddess.
    We cover 8 powerful modules jam-packed with ancient wisdom and practical tools for the modern women.
    When you join Tantric Goddess, you’re saying HECK YES to:
    Feeling WILDLY confident in bed Getting out of your head and into your body Creating deeper emotional INTIMACY in your relationships Igniting lasting sexual DESIRE; and Experiencing EPIC orgasms Enrollment is OPEN until THIS Thursday, 5th of March only.
    To find out more and join, head to isiah-mckimmie.com and go to the courses page OR  come on over to Insta, find me as isiahmckimmie.sexologist and send me a DM to get your invite.

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I LOVE THIS PODCAST!!! Isiah talks about the “elephant in the room” when it comes to sexuality and pleasure. She is so passionate and knowledgeable and her message is helping so many. A must listen if you want to life a empowerfing life.

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