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A monthly show that reviews one film director per episode with the occasional bonus episode. Episodes #123-172 were hosted by Brad & Al. Visit the website, subscribe via iTunes, find us on Letterboxd at NowPlayingJim or PatrickRipoll.

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A monthly show that reviews one film director per episode with the occasional bonus episode. Episodes #123-172 were hosted by Brad & Al. Visit the website, subscribe via iTunes, find us on Letterboxd at NowPlayingJim or PatrickRipoll.

    Episode 180: Lucio Fulci

    Episode 180: Lucio Fulci

    Every October, we try to go above and beyond the call of duty. For one of the most insane years in recent history, it only made sense to finally tackle another Italian horror master by the name of Lucio Fulci. I needed help with some very special returning guests by the names of Patrick Ripoll and Gabe Powers, both host their own shows on the Now Playing Network as well. It was difficult to narrow down our discussion to the main essentials but we do start out talking about his Giallo work with A LIZARD IN A WOMAN’S SKIN followed by what most consider to be his masterwork, THE BEYOND. Lots of other titles are of course mentioned along the way due to his extensive filmography. We also cover a few titles during the what we watched segment including THE WOLF OF SNOW HOLLOW, DR. JEKYLL AND SISTER HYDE, and WITCHTRAP.
    00:00 - 06:19 - Introduction
    06:20 - 07:02 - What We Watched Song
    07:03 - 01:02:45 - What We Watched This Week
    01:02:46 - 01:04:01 - Director Song
    01:04:02 - 02:02:51 - A Lizard In A Woman’s Skin
    02:02:52 - 02:43:46 - The Beyond
    02:43:47 - 03:09:09 - Other Titles
    03:09:10 - 03:18:41 - Top 3 Fulci / Outro

    Patrick Bromley Ranks 21 Fulci Horror Films:
    Screen Drafts Picks The Top 7 Fulci Films:

    Supporting Characters Interviews Stephen Thrower:
    Genre Grinder Hosted By Gabe:

    Tracks Of The Damned Hosted By Patrick:

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    Episode 179: Bob Clark

    Episode 179: Bob Clark

    Returning guest Bill Ackerman of Supporting Characters joins me to discuss the fascinating career of Bob Clark, best known for his work on two very different Christmas classics. However, we went a different route focusing mainly on his Vietnam horror gem, Deathdream as well as the film that kick-started an entire genre of sex comedies. No, not Loose Cannons, it’s the original Porky’s.
    In addition for the what we watched segment, Bill reviews one of several of new films this year from Abel Ferrera with Tommaso. Jim catches up with the latest from Christopher Nolan (not sure if you’ve heard about it) as well I’m Thinking Of Ending Things from Charlie Kaufman now available on Netflix. Have no fear, later in the show we of course discuss Bob Clark’s beloved A Christmas Story, Black Christmas in addition to the hard-to-find Tribute w/Jack Lemmon.
    00:00 - 15:10 - Introduction
    15:11 - 16:27 - What We Watched Song
    16:28 - 1:06:23 - What We Watched This Week
    1:06:24 - 1:07:26 - Director Song
    1:07:27 - 2:09:49 - Deathdream + Porky’s
    2:09:50 - 2:48:27- Other Clark Films
    2:48:28 - 2:52:25 - Top 3 Clark Films / Outro
    For two longer dissections of Clark’s Christmas films, check out this excellent podcast here:

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    Bonus Episode: Amy Seimetz

    Bonus Episode: Amy Seimetz

    Welcome to a special bonus episode of Director’s Club, here to celebrate the work of filmmaker Amy Seimetz who I had the pleasure of talking with on two separate occasions. After the introduction, I present the most recent conversation I had with Amy about her new film She Dies Tomorrow which I had a very strong response to as you’ll hear. 
    Then halfway through you can hear our discussion from last year about horror films, Pet Sematary and more! Please support this talented writer/director/actress by renting or purchasing She Dies Tomorrow on VOD and share your praise on social media. Thank you to Neon for putting out this terrific work of art and to Amy for her time both this year and last year.

    00:00 - 07:36 - Introduction
    07:37 - 23:14 - Interview with Amy (2020)
    23:15 - 44:57 - Interview with Amy (2019)

    Rent / Purchase She Dies Tomorrow Today:

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    Episode 178: Steven Spielberg Part III

    Episode 178: Steven Spielberg Part III

    Ever heard of a director named Steven Spielberg? Didn't think so. But maybe you did hear us talk about him about five years ago when we did a two-parter on the beloved blockbuster filmmaker. First we had Collin on to talk about films pre-Jurassic Park. Then we had Erik on to talk about films leading all the way to Munich.

    This time I recruited both of my friends and former guests to talk about the third act of Spielberg's career, anything post-Munich. We wanted to mainly review two films that represent him at this time so we went with the prestige Oscar-winning Lincoln as well as the virtual adventure Ready Player One. We at least all three agree on one of these. Then from there we go through a few more titles worth mentioning before revealing our top five favorite Spielberg films. During the what we watched segment, Collin reviews Cousins, Erik reviews Hamilton and Jim reviews the latest film from Amy Seimetz, She Dies Tomorrow. Thank you for all listening and we'll see you in September!

    00:00 -17:00 - Introduction

    17:01 - 39:51 - What We Watched 

    39:52 - 40:29 - Director Song

    40:30 - 01:45:14 - General Thoughts + Lincoln + Ready Player 1
    01:45:15 - 01:59:59 - Other Spielberg Titles We Recommend

    02:00:00 - 02:15:35 - Top 5 Spielberg / Outro

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    Episode 177: Peter Weir Part II

    Episode 177: Peter Weir Part II

    It has been about nine years since this director was discussed on the podcast so when Keeping It Reel’s very own David J. Fowlie expressed interest in coming on the show and brought up the name Peter Weir, how could I resist being such a fan of this Australian director's work as you’ll probably recall from way back. Doing this recording certainly has sparked an interest in returning to other directors of the past for next year since a lot of new insights and observations come up this time. We also focus on two different titles this time, reviewing Weir’s back-to-back successes with Harrison Ford. First up we talk about the thriller/romance Witness then the follow-up written by Paul Schrader, The Mosquito Coast. Of course we bring up other titles later on. In addition, we talk about the passing of two directors as of late and touch upon Milos Forman’s Hair and Spike Lee’s latest Da Five Bloods!

    Also, forgot to edit in the fact that Nicolas Roeg is English, not Australian, my bad. And if you want to hear more extensive thoughts on The Last Wave and Fearless, check the links below for the previous episode as well. Huge thanks to David for coming on the show and stay tuned for a new episode towards the end of July featuring returning guests Collin Souter & Erik Childress! Stay safe everyone!
    00:00 - 29:32 - Introduction
    29:33 - 30:10 - What We Watched Song
    30:11 - 55:50 - What We Watched (Hair, Da Five Bloods)
    55:51 - 56:29 - Director Song
    56:30 - 01:50:34 - Witness + The Mosquito Coast
    01:50:35 - 02:18:36 - Other Weir Titles
    02:18:37 - 02:23:30 - Top 3 / Outro
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    Bonus Episode: Blue Collar (feat. Sergio Mims)

    Bonus Episode: Blue Collar (feat. Sergio Mims)

    With all that's going on in the world right now, it's been hard to focus on new content. I've been actively trying to put Google Docs together of books, resources, organizations and various links to help educate myself further even if that's not enough nor will it bring back the lives of the victims I've named at the top of the show. My hope is that everyone listening is doing some kind of protest / research / action in some capacity. I didn't want to be completely silent in regards to my thoughts. Arguably, they do go on tangents and detours, but I hope the emotion is sincere when I say enough is enough. Took me over ten minutes to process my thoughts after reading a list of names that I've learned about over this past week.

    After a 12-minute introduction stating similar thoughts in a hopefully coherent fashion, I decided to call up my friend and Chicago film critic Sergio Mims to talk about a vital film that I keep coming back to especially now. Paul Schrader's incredible 1978 crime drama, Blue Collar has become one of my top 20 favorites. I know Bill Ackerman and I once reviewed it at length about five years ago, but I wanted to revisit the film and more importantly talk with Sergio for about an hour about that film along with others that speak to him as well including Killer of Sheep and more.
    00:00 - 11:46 - Introduction
    11:47 - 01:04:50 - Sergio Mims + Blue Collar

    115 Ways To Donate In Support Of Black Lives At This Time
    Supporting Characters - Sergio Mims
    Patrick's Review Of Blue Collar
    Buy Blue Collar On Blu-Ray

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