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A place for people to have their stories animated and shared with the world.
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A place for people to have their stories animated and shared with the world.
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    I’m The Strongest Girl In The World

    I’m The Strongest Girl In The World

    Hello friends- I'm Tomesha from the Thar Desert. Also known as butter fingers or Miss Clumsy Onesy because That's why- Don't forget to like 
    and subscribe. 
    Everyone in my family had a gift except me. Mom loved stitching the most craziest designs. Once she stitched a picture of a zebra with all it's stripes coming off- on my only white Punjabi. 
    "Isn't that pretty?"
    "What's wrong with the Zebra?"
    "It symbolizes how you keep dropping things- if you were a zebra you would probably drop your stripes.2
    "Haha, that's interesting."
    My sister Seri who was two years older than me- loved drawing and she was so good at it. 
    "Hey Siri, what's the weather like today?"
    "Hot like an oven. Make sure to wear your sun hat." 
    "Haha, you wanna play?"
    "Not right now- mom asked me to draw something for dad's work place."

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    I Can't Be Controlled

    I Can't Be Controlled

    "Hello besties I am Laila and I am from India. Please like and subscribe to sta."
    I was born into a family of accountants, and when I was just 2 years old dad gave me my first calculator. 
    "This is a calculator Laila, if you want to be a great accountant one day you need to start now."
    Of course I had no idea what he was talking about- I was just two. Right after he left the room I threw the calculator like a flying saucer. 
    And when I was nine, I finally realized what I wanted to be after watching a space channel on Youtube. 
    "Mom, dad I know what I want to be when I grow up, I want to be an astronaut!"
    "Laila have you been watching nonsense again on your mother's phone?"
    "Not Nonsense dad, Youtube."
    "Enough! From now on you will watch educational programs with us."
    I wanted to talk back, but back chatting in my family meant you are grounded for life. I sat down and watched their boring accounting channel, and then all of a sudden, my eyes started burning and everything became blurry.
    "Mom, my eyes are burning."
    "Stop being dramatic, Laila and watch."

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    A Toothpick Changed My Life Forever

    A Toothpick Changed My Life Forever

    "We are not gonna make it!"
    "Quit screaming and start praying!"
    "Lord of the skies! Please tell me there's enough space for me in heaven, Yo!"
    "Not that kind of prayer you blockhead--"
    "We're still gonna get you! It's a promise!!"
    Hi. I'm Diego. Wanna know how I ended up in speeding for my life in a parched dessert with assassins after me? Please like, subscribe and keep watching. 
    I wasn't always that daring. In fact, growing up, I didn't like to stay around people and nothing excited me. 
    "Hey! Stop that!"
    "Easy there, I was just playing with ya. Didn't you find it ticklish?"
    "I found it annoying."
    Even the sight of other kids playing wouldn't move me.
    "Won't you go play with other kids? They seem like a fun bunch."

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    No One Knows I Live A Fake Life

    No One Knows I Live A Fake Life

    I had just finished my kpop performance in front of thousands of screaming fans. When I returned to my trailer, I found a strange wedding cake waiting for me. What was that doing here?! Suddenly a guy burst out and rushed towards me! 
    "Marry me Lisa!"
    "I don't even know you!"
    I flipped him over and pinned him down. Piece of cake for me. Pun intended. I was also a Taekwondo champion. Eventually security rushed in followed by my parents. 
    "Lisa! Are your vocal chords okay?! Did he damage them?!"
    "Moph! Ga offmble. My chords are fine! So's the rest of me if you're wondering."
    "How long did it take you to bring him down? Better not be longer than 5 seconds. Otherwise I'll have to train you even harder. Taekwondo is all about speed, you know." 
    I rolled my eyes at my parents. They could be so unbelievable sometimes. 
    Hi, my name's Lisa and I'm from South Korea. You'd think being a kpop star and Taekwondo champion at the same time would be a dream. But for me, it was a literal nightmare. Because of my parents, I had to juggle these completely different lives and it was exhausting.
    One time I even had to do a Vogue interview in the middle of a fight! For many years I managed to scrape by with juggling these two lives, but when I turned sixteen, things reached their boiling point.

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    I Didn't Know My Real Parents Are Poor

    I Didn't Know My Real Parents Are Poor

    Hi! I am Amehia. I 've always felt like the luckiest girl in the world, I had the best parents who were both doctors, in school I was a top achiever, and I did what I loved best basketball, I was the star in my team. But apart from all the greatness I had in life, there was one flaw-I was born with a with a condition called hyponychia. Meaning..I didn't have nails in all my fingers. As a child, I thought it was cool because my parents said so, but soon noticed that other kids treated me funny because of it. 
    "Hey! What happened to your hand!?"
    "It's always been that way. Super cool right?"
    All of them ran away like I had a disease! When I figured out that my hand actually freaked other kids out, I refused to leave the house. 
    "Why can't you just heal my hand so I can be like other kids!? Everyone treats me like an alien."
    "It's not something we can reverse dear. It's your own perfect flaw."
    When my parents saw that I wasn't ready to reason with them, they bought me a pack of fancy gloves to wear to school. 
    "Your hands are awesome, but if this makes you more comfortable... "
    "It does! Thanks!"
    For me, as long as no one saw my hands, my life was perfect. Then...the new neighbors arrived.

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    I Can Solve Any Crime

    I Can Solve Any Crime

    Hi, I'm Anastasia and I was born to the most loving parents ever. Mum was a lawyer and we'd always play games where she pretended I was her lawyer and she was my client. I find you guilty of drinking my cereal! I sentence you to 100 years in prison 
    "Oh please have pity on me, judge."
    "But then, she suddenly left me and Dad when I was 5; and we never heard from her again."
    I had to grow up with a Dad who was obsessed with computers and electronics. Dad could fix just about anything! 
    "Where does this go?"
    "Right here, Daddy!"
    He taught me everything I knew about electronics; in no time, I started to mess with them like they were nothing. In fact, I wanted to be an engineer just like him. But then one day, while we were busy with a robot project, we suddenly heard a loud machine noise coming from outside. When we ran out to check what it was, we were surprised to find two bulldozers staring at us. 
    "Sir, this property belongs to Kent Inc. We are under instructions to demolish it."
    "What? Tell Mr. Kent he can kick rocks"
    "Sir, please move out of the way. You have 5 seconds and we wont ask again." 

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