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Arkivet (the Archive) is a podcast about underground music from the 60s and 70s - focusing on psychedelia, progressive and folk.

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Arkivet (the Archive) is a podcast about underground music from the 60s and 70s - focusing on psychedelia, progressive and folk.

    The Wheel Turns On Mixtape

    The Wheel Turns On Mixtape

    A new mix of privately pressed US and Canadian folk and folk-rock. We also included a few Swedish progg numbers and a great westcoast-sounding band from Japan.
    Summer Madness - In the Hills of Shiloh
    Trees - Psalm 46
    Handgjort - Worlds on Fire
    Doug McArthur - One-Eyed Walden
    David Sinclair - A Tale of Raven
    Scott Jones - Chattanooga To Lynchburg Trail
    Randy Palmer - Starlight, Daylight
    Darragh Nagle - Horse Mesa
    Chris Rawlings - The Wheel
    Jim Thompson - Train for Thought
    Larry Reese - Second Song
    Sten Bergman - Människofiskare
    Happy End - Dakishimetai
    D’Arcy - The Forest
    Sage - Empty Man
    Bernt Lööf & Jan Eriksson - Kan ljuset vända åter?

    • 58 min
    Interview with Paul Tescher

    Interview with Paul Tescher

    Paul Tescher has been collecting records for a long time and started already in the 80s to deal in obscure music. As part of the first generation underground collector he has seen the evolution of the collectors scene, from the beginning to what it is today. In this interview we talk about how he started to collect and sell records and he also share some stories from the weird world of record collecting. He also put together a selection of 6 track to play for us. Paul is still digging records weekly and still manage to find amazing records, although everyone is saying it’s drying up. 
    Bruce Cockburn – Ting/The Couldron (True North, 1971)
    Spilld Mjölk – Tills döden skiljer oss åt (Svart Mjölk, 1975)
    Peter Bursch – Witchwood (Pläne, 1981)
    Anna koka 5 ägg jag är värd i huset – Kaffekokaren (Flärrp-skivor, 1975)
    Stenblomma – Kungen (Silence,1973)
    Jennifer Warnes – Sand and Foam (Reprise, 1972)

    • 1 hr 7 min
    Interview with Mark Sabol

    Interview with Mark Sabol

    We’ve been in contact with Mark Sabol of Mark and Suzann Farmer for over a year and finally we found the time to record an interview with him. Mark and Suzann Farmer recorded one album, We’ve Been There, in 1978, which is still pretty obscure among collectors. It is mostly known for the moody late-night version of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams”, and although excellent, this album is far from a one-track-album and I’ve always considered that its true strength lies in Mark’s own compositions. About half of the songs are self-penned and Mark is a competent songwriter and creative arranger, using the sparsely equipped living room recording studio to full use while Suzann has a strong and mesmerizing voice that works well with the material. The overall feel evokes a late-night lounge set at a dimly lit countryside roadhouse and with a minimal instrumentation, including a simple drum machine and a lot of homemade production tricks, they create a mellow but still diverse experience, with enough nuances to keep you returning for repeated listening. The covers generally work well in the mix, and if anything, adds to the lounge vibe and reflex the sound of their live set. In this interview we talk about the making of the album and how it was in the lounge business in the late 70s. We also listen to Dreams, American Child, Waiting For the Dawn and We’ve Been There from the album.

    • 52 min
    Music in Isolation

    Music in Isolation

    Although we officially called it a quit with our 80th episode last summer, we’re back with a one-off episode for all of you who are in a lockdown/quarantine or to everyone who just wants to hear some new music. This episode presents records acquired since the last show and includes a mixed bag of communal folk (Huckle), lounge (Eddie Suzuki), Exotica (Dennise Norwood), Swedish progg (Rabatt and Kvartetten som sprängde) and more. We’re also happy to include the great track “Blanket Fog Descends” from Sven Wunder’s forthcoming album, “Wabi Sabi”. Don’t sleep on this one as it will go quickly. We hope you are all doing well during these crazy times and that the selection can bring some enjoyment while maintaining social distancing. Stay safe everyone!
    More information on Sven Wunder and Wabi Sabi can be found on pianopianorecords.com.
    Huckle - Upon a Once Time (Homespun, 1974)
    -Get Down
    Trúbrot (Parlophone, 1970)
    -Ég sé það
    Jim Thompson II and Preflyte – Message at 33 1/3 (Sky Light Records, 1979)
    -Eternal Light Brigade
    Eddie Suzuki – New Hawaii (ESP Hawaii, mid-70s?)
    -Beauty Near Hanalei
    Rabatt (Marilla, 1971)
    Kvartetten som Sprängde – Kattvals (Gump, 1973)
    -Gånglåt från Vallahallvägen
    Dennise Norwood – In the Skin with Me (Dennise Records, 1961)
    -In the Skin with Me

    • 1 hr 4 min
    Natural Highs Mixtape

    Natural Highs Mixtape

    A mix of back-to-nature folk, eastern-tinged psych and acoustic improvisations.
    “Nature’s beauty is so astonishing, makes you want to be around it all the time, you know it’s even been known to make people high” – Jerry and Nancy Stevens
    Children of One - Eastern Cloth (Real Records, 1969)
    Arbete och Fritid - Fantasins Lov (MNW, 1977)
    Big Lost Rainbow - Ocean (Big Lost, 1973)
    Huckle - Hello Sunshine (Homespun, 1974)
    Brent Titcomb - Falling Star (CBC, 1975)
    Becky Ryan - Pirate (Blossom Records, 1977)
    Magic Carpet - Alan’s Christmas Card (Mushroom, 1972)
    Caroline Peyton - Light-Years (Bar-B-Q Records, 1977)
    David Fishel - Faces to Match the Weather (Kateye Records, 1976)
    Jerry and Nancy Stevens - Stranded (Troll Records, 1976)
    Michael Styers - Pan’s Door (No label, 1980)
    Bob Alster - Hardwood Flats (No label, 1983)
    Chris Madsen - Sand and Foam (No label, 1983)
    Expanding Circle - Cova Kom (No label, 1980)
    Carl Erdmann - Within (No label, 1980)
    JB Sky-Blue Into Blue (Gypsy-Child Records, 1977)
    Scotti-Equal Time (Strawberry Records, 1974)

    • 59 min
    Full Circle - An Interview with Paul Major

    Full Circle - An Interview with Paul Major

    We are honored to have Paul Major with us for the 80th and final episode of Arkivet. Paul has been one of the most influential persons for this podcast as the guru of obscure psychedelic and private press records. In order to have a collector scene, context and coherency are key elements and Paul was one of the first to see the connections and to link private press and real people records to the canon of psychedelic music. Therefore, it is no surprise that many of the records he discovered are true classics and in this episode we play some of the records Paul discovered, and hear him telling the stories of how he found them. We also listen to a few records that are unknown to Paul but that we hope would fit his taste and his well-traveled ears. We couldn’t think of a better way to end this podcast, which has been running for over 6 years and almost 80 hours of recorded material, then to do it together with Paul. We want to thank all of you that have listened to our ramblings and that have participated, in one way or the other, to the show over the years. Thank you all!
    Darius-s/t (Chartmaker, 1968)
    -I Feel the Need To Carry On
    Dark-Dark Round the Edges (Sis, 1972)
    Jazz Bend Me Blues Band (Algar, 1967-68)  
    -Happiness Dream
    Morgen (ABC Probe, 1969)
    Randy DeMoss and the Space City Group (Planet Records, 197?)
    -Is This For Real?
    Ray Harlowe and Gyp Fox (Waterwheel Records, 1978)
    -Gettin’ Keyed
    Sounds of Salvation-s/t (Reflection, 1974)
    The Clap-Have You Reached Yet? (Nova Sol Records, 1972)             -Out of the Shadows
    Also, don’t forget to listen to our previous interview with Paul and a DJ-set we did together last time he was in Stockholm.

    • 1 hr 26 min

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