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Devotionals don’t have to be boring … we make them fun, applicable and powerful each and every day. Pamela will get you fired up for life and lather the love of Jesus on you … and make you giggle. Download a new episode of the Big Life Devotional podcast each weekday.

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Devotionals don’t have to be boring … we make them fun, applicable and powerful each and every day. Pamela will get you fired up for life and lather the love of Jesus on you … and make you giggle. Download a new episode of the Big Life Devotional podcast each weekday.

    640 Mind Blowing Potential

    640 Mind Blowing Potential

    Within you at this very moment is some serious potential. Potential to not only change your life, but change the lives of others. Talents, gifts and strengths given to you by your Creator on purpose, for a purpose. Sadly we can live our entire lives without ever tapping into that potential and miss what it is we’re here to do.

    The thing about potential is, in the beginning it typically looks nothing like what it will grow to become. Just like the seed of an oak tree looks nothing like a tiny little oak tree, and apple seeds don’t look like adorable little apples. God created the seed of potential to appear unimpressive, but oh the mysteries it holds within.

    As a little girl, I planted flowers with my Grandma. In her pantry she kept brown paper bags with seeds from last year’s harvest. The bags were labeled with the name of the flower and the specific color. If she didn’t label the bag, she would have no way of knowing what she was planting come Spring. Her flower garden wasn’t random, it was designed specifically with intention.

    Imagine God working in your life with a storehouse of brown paper bags containing seeds of potential. Seeds that look insignificant and unimpressive. Seeds only he sees the label for, knowing what they can become. He sprinkles these seeds of potential in your life. Potential for who you can become, where you can go, and what you can do.

    Here you were thinking there’s nothing really spectacular about you and all this time God has placed seeds of potential in your soul. My question to you today is will you be daring enough to hone in on these potential skills, master your talents and share your strengths and just see what God imagined when he gave you your potential? Oh girl, if you could only see the label on the bags he pulled from when he made you.

    Seeds of leading. Seeds of teaching. Seeds of serving. Seeds of wisdom. Seeds of strength. Seeds of grace. Seeds of patience. Seeds of perseverance. Seeds of prophesy. Seeds of miracles.

    Who could you become? Where could you go? What could you do?

    Well, it probably looks nothing like where you came from or who you started as.

    Why would you ever let who you used to be determine who you can become now? So what if your life yesterday looked nothing like you want it to … you’re in the process of becoming now. Shed that shell and let’s see what you’ve got in you girl!

    When God said in Isaiah 43:19 “See, I’m doing a new thing”, don’t you know he was talking about YOU too? He’s doing something new in you. He’s allowing those seeds of potential to grow within you, and as they do, your life begins to take on a new shape and form.

    The apple seed is planted deep in the dark soil where it appears nothing happens for quite some time. That’s the way of potential, you can miss what is happening inside. You can miss what is to come if you’re staring at the ground. Eventually that seed breaks above the ground in a tiny sprout. Over time, that sprout becomes a tree. But that’s not all. There’s more to come, more that has yet to be seen.

    For most of us, that’s exactly where we are in life. We’re finally breaking out of the ground and growing, but we feel like there’s really nothing special about us. We just haven’t produced fruit yet, but it’s coming. This is where God is going to do a new thing … yes, new to you because you’ve never see your fruit before, but not new to him. He always knew your potential because he specifically chose it for you.

    We all know the work of Noah. The man who built the ark and saved not only his family, but 2 of every animal species, to survive the flood and begin again.

    Think about the potential God specifically put within Noah. He would save all forms of life to begin again. But all his life,

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    639 Master Knows Best

    639 Master Knows Best

    I learn a whole lot watching my dog. Tank is 130 pounds of sheer joy and passion for living. He’s in the moment and fully present … until there is a ball. A ball turns him into a crazed lunatic fixated on stalking the ball, capturing the ball, and keeping the ball. Nothing else in the world matters once the ball appears.

    Our home for the week is a pool and open air cabana in the mountains of Southern California. There’s no TV or other source of entertainment here. Not a single soul or even house as far as the eye can see. The only sounds are the birds and the coyotes. We swim. We float. We read. We talk. We cook. We eat. Then we swim again.

    Tank loves to swim. His giant webbed feet were created for the water. He literally swims for pleasure at a leisurely pace with a legit smile on his face that exclaims “this is the life” … until there is a ball. Once a ball is introduced, the pleasure is gone. The leisurely swim comes to a screeching halt, and the fixation begins. He goes from the happy swimming pup, to the miserable dog standing on scorching hot clay tile burning his feet while he protects the ball.

    And while I watch my dog, knowing what he doesn’t know, I begin to get a glimpse of what God must see when he watches me. He knows what causes me to become a crazed lunatic. He knows what I so easily get fixated on. And he knows sometimes withholding things from me is for my ultimate good.

    Psalm 84:11 “The Lord will withhold no good thing from those who do what is right.”

    If God does not withhold good things from us, then why haven’t we all won the lottery? Why aren’t we all on a tropical vacation right now? Why don’t we have the mansion on the hill or that shiny brand new car? Why didn’t you get that job promotion? All these things seem really good to me and they also seem to be withheld sometimes.

    Have you ever bargained with God? I admit I have. God, if you would give me this, I would do really good things with it. I make my case for why I should have the “ball”, convinced it is such a good thing and since God withholds no good things, I’m surely going to get it … then I don’t.

    Why is that?

    Maybe because God knows what we seem to forget. He knows we can get so focused on making a living that we forget to make a life. He knows we get what we want, then all our time is spent trying to get even more. In our quest of having and doing, going and getting, guess what happens … we forget to actually live. We forget where we are and what we already have.

    My dog Tank is here with the opportunity to do what he loves most, swim. But if the squeaky ball is in sight, swimming will cease and the crazed obsession begins. Daddy is his master. Daddy knows better than Tank. The master will allow him to enjoy today by withholding the ball, make him forget about the ball, and enjoy his life again.

    If something is being withheld from you, could it be because your master knows best? Could it be because you would lose sight of living if you had it? Would it become all about the house, all about the car, all about the career, all about the next thing? Likely, yes.

    It happens to all of us.

    How many opportunities to play with your kids have you missed because you were cleaning the house? Well, the bigger the house, the more to clean … what more would you be missing? Maybe you don’t have the mansion on the hill because it would cause you to miss the most precious season of your life mama.

    You know what growing careers require? They require our energy, our focus, and our time. If we can’t keep that in balance, we become successful, important women with broken, hurting families and competing demands that leave us burned out and overwhelmed.

    New cars have new car payments. Car payments require more income.

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    638 Calm in the Chaos

    638 Calm in the Chaos

    What scriptures are highlighted in your Bible? What have your underlined and returned to multiple times? There’s one scripture that’s likely highlighted in my bible and yours. I dare you to check and see.

    Philippians 4:6 “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.”

    According to Kindle, that is the most highlighted and underlined scripture in the bible. We struggle with anxiety and worry, don’t we? We battle negative thoughts and self-told stories of potential doom and gloom.

    What is the solution for overcoming this worry and anxiety? Today we will look at 4 simple steps to peace and calm in our hearts and minds.

    I’ve been listening to a podcast with my friend Bob Goff and Max Lucado. Max has a book titled “Anxious For Nothing; Finding Calm in a Chaotic World”. Seems like a must read right now! Using Philippians 4, including this verse underlined in both mine and your Bible, he gives us a simple acrostic to find calm in the chaos.

    Philippians 4: 4-8 “Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice! Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God which transcends all understating, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. Finally … whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable – if anything is excellent or praiseworthy – think about such things.”


    C: Celebrate God

    “Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again; Rejoice!”

    This is an intentional shift from all that is wrong right now, to God’s goodness, God’s grace, God’s presence, God’s provision, and God’s power. Seek out reasons to celebrate God today. Celebrate all he has done in your life, and celebrate all you know he’s going to do. This is rejoicing in the Lord. Celebrate him.

    A: Ask for Help

    Talk to God about your worries. Tell him what you’re anxious about. It’s not that God doesn’t already know, but it does you good to give these things a name, get them out and know God has power over ever single detail in your life. When you ask God, you allocate his divine power in that direction.

    L: Leave It With God

    Once you’ve asked him for help with the things that worry you, leave it in his capable hands. Here’s what we do instead … we bring it to God, we tell him about it, then we pick it right back up and drag it around with us. Honey, that’s a heavy load you’re carrying there. Why don’t you leave that with God? If you can’t fix it and you can’t change it, why are you dragging it around with you, weighing you down, exhausting you, and ultimately rendering you incapable of doing what you can do. There are things you can do to make your life better, but if you’re carrying around the weight of the world, good luck changing a dang thing.

    What would it look like if you actually just left that with God today and stopped picking it back up. What if you brought it to his feet and laid it down there? What could you do today if you were free from this burden? God wants you to see. Lay it down and leave it with him.

    M: Meditate on Good

    Now that you have space in your brain freed from all this worry and anxiety, you can fill your mind intentionally with the things that will give you energy and hope. We’re given a list of 9 things to meditate on in verse 8.

    You know, that’s a really good idea. Be intentional with your thoughts. Your thoughts determine your mood. Girl, you can think your way right into a full blown meltdown. You can think your way into the worst of days.

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    637 Date With Destiny

    637 Date With Destiny

    Whatever it is you need, God knows, and it’s on the way. Wherever it is you’re supposed to go, God knows, and he is guiding you. The great news is you’re not plopped in the middle of this chaos and expected to figure it out on your own. You’re strategically placed here with a purpose and every step is divinely directed by the all-knowing.

    Maybe something happened this week, or even yesterday, that changed your plans and caused a different direction. Perhaps you’re like me and that change of plans and shift in direction was a disappointing one. It’s okay to feel the disappointment. It’s okay to be sad this didn’t all work out the way you imagined. It’s okay to admit you don’t know what will happen next.

    Then, you need to know this … it’s completely okay to be hopeful in what happens next. Yes, hopeful after disappointment, and here’s why … whatever just happened serves to guide you where you’re supposed to go to arrive exactly when you’re supposed to get there.

    You can hate it and you can fight it, and you can find yourself miserable and exhausted on this journey. Or honey you can trust it and go with it and find yourself intrigued by the unfolding mystery and adventure.

    Just because this didn’t work out this time, please don’t stop dreaming. Don’t stop planning. Don’t allow the no’s in life to diminish your search for the yes. Every no is guiding you to a greater yes. Every closed door is an invitation to continue the journey down the hallway of awaiting opportunities.

    Someone needs to hear this today, so please listen … you’re not being punished. This isn’t some kind of cruel card you’ve been dealt to see if you will fold and quit the game. You ask God to guide you, right? You ask for his protection, right? You seek his way and his will, right? Well, here it is unfolding and sometimes it’s best disguised as a disappointing turn of events that delays or detours you.

    But today you have an invitation in the middle of the disappointment, right here in this detour, right now in this delay, to look around in awe and wonder and search for what God may possibly be doing in the details of your life. There’s something here he wants you to see. There’s something here for you now. There’s an opportunity you almost rushed right by. It’s here … what is it?

    One of the greatest lessons we read in scripture is the lesson of disappointments, detours and delays. God guided an entire nation of people into freedom, but it wasn’t a straight shot to destiny, it was a confusing twisted journey through the desert. But God moves with purpose and he guides with our destiny in mind.

    We read of God guiding the Israelites out of slavery into freedom in Exodus 13: 17-18 it says “When Pharaoh let the people go, God did not lead them on the road through the Philistine country, though that was shorter. For God said, “If they face war, they might change their minds and return to Egypt.” So God led the people around by the desert road toward the Red Sea.”

    God knows exactly what he is doing. He is leading you somewhere and it may not be the direct path he wants you on. He may be protecting you from your own human ways by taking you the long way around. God knew the Isralites would change their minds and go back if they faced war, so he instead took them on the longer route right to the Red Sea.

    The Red Sea, where they had a date with destiny. Where their impossible would be faced and their God would show up and do the impossible on their behalf. Where the power of the Almighty would cause the sea to stand on it’s ends and create a dry path right through the waters to safety. This is where God was leading them, and it was the long way round.

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    636 Chains Are Broken Here

    636 Chains Are Broken Here

    You were created for a BIG Life, but are you living BIG? Are you living free? Free from anything and everything that serves to hold you back?

    Is there anything causing you to live a life short of the life Jesus came to offer you? What is it that keeps pulling you back in? What is it holding you back? What has you stuck when you could be free?

    We all have chains. We all struggle with bondage of some sort. Some are more visible than others such as addiction or a toxic relationship. And other forms of bondage are more widely accepted as “normal” these days. Irrational thoughts and fears, lack of self-control, a rollercoaster of moods, procrastination. Did I get ya yet? Yes, that my friends is bondage. A bad habit, a rut you’ve worked your way into, a continual cycle of start strong and fizzle fast, a bad attitude or a pattern of negativity, those are chains, and those chains are holding you back from living the very life you were created for.

    Are you ready to break those chains? Are you ready to be set free to live your BIG Life? Are you ready to overcome and conquer your chains?

    Scripture tells us a story of two men, Paul and Silas who had been stripped, beaten and thrown into prison. I suppose you could say they were having a bad day. Naked, bloody, chained up and locked up. Yip, bad day. They were stuck. They had every right to be angry, They had every right to be throwing a fit. But you know what they were doing instead?

    Acts 16:25-26 says “about midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God, and the other prisoners were listening to them. Suddenly there was such a violent earthquake that the foundations of the prison were shaken. At once all the prison doors flew open, and everyone’s chains came loose.”

    Impossible chains were broken that night. Prison doors flew open. They were set free.

    What caused this? Paul and Silas were praying and praising when they had every right to be cussing and worrying. Our prayers appropriate the power of God. Our praise summons the Almighty. This is how we are set free.

    Whatever has been holding you back, whatever has burdened you, you can be set free by appropriating the power of God through your prayers, and summoning the Almighty through your praise. Prayer and praise, the power pack duo for your chains to be broken and your freedom to be realized.

    Understand this right now, God doesn’t want you stuck for another day. His desire is not for you to battle those thoughts, fears, moods, or bad habits past this very moment. His desire is to set you free. He wants to break your chains.

    Jesus says in John 10:10 “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”

    You have an enemy in this world who is a thief. What’s the thief after? He’s after YOUR life. He wants to take you out … out of your purpose, out of your flow, out of your divine destiny. Understand the evil one is after the life you were created for. The life that’s available to you through Christ Jesus. The life where you’re living up to your potential as your best self. That’s his target, your BIG Life.

    Every single day the thief is trying to steal that life from you and convince you that how you are is how you’ll always be. He shows you the chains you currently battle and whispers you’ll never be free. But the devil is a liar and you don’t have to listen to him for one more moment. He’s been killing your dreams. He’s been destroying your relationships. He’s been stealing your potential. Stand up and tell him, not today Satan, not today!

    Jesus has come so that you may have life and have it to the full. What does that mean? He is offering you a BIG life. A life free of whatever has been holding you back. The price has already been paid for your freed...

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    635 Adventurously Expectant

    635 Adventurously Expectant

    Did you wake up today expecting God to move in your life? Did you wake up expecting to see his miraculous beauty all around you? Are you expecting to receive from the hand of the Almighty today?

    One of my favorite scriptures in the Message translation of the bible says we should be “adventurously expectant”.

    Are you expecting not only good things from him, but expecting him to work even the bad things into good? Are you able to wake up this morning anticipating what’s next with an adventurous expectation over a sense of doom and gloom and dread?

    Our expectations have truly been tested this year, haven’t they? It seems 2020 has been a continual unfolding of things getting worse. Even in this reality, we can trust God with every detail. He’s not rendered powerless here, he’s in complete control. And because we are his beloved, even in the middle of a colossal mess and worldwide pandemic, we can safely be adventurously expectant.

    Maybe you’ve been let down, and as a result you don’t want to get your hopes up again. That’s completely normal. However, that’s not what God is asking of us. He is asking us to trust him enough to wake up expecting goodness. Expect it so much you search for it. Expect it to the degree you dig for it. Expect it like you expected that sun to rise this morning. I expect God’s goodness in my life. I’m open to it, I’m fully available for it, and I’m on the hunt for it.

    Jesus told us “seek and ye shall find”, so shouldn’t we be careful what we’re out there seeking, because we will surely come back with a load of it.

    They say when everything goes wrong, that’s when adventure starts. With that in mind, to be adventurously expectant must mean we anticipate every slammed door to be leading us somewhere better. To be adventurously expectant must mean we turn disappointments into building hope of something mind blowingly awesome in the works.

    You are in the middle of this wild ride called life. It’s one twist after another, filled with ups and downs that keep it interesting. We were never created to living a boring, mediocre, predictable life. You are the prized creation of a God who is anything but boring, mediocre or predictable. No two sunsets he paints are ever the same. Look at the rhinoceros of the wilderness, then look at the octopus of the ocean deep. God was playing. His creativity is on his display in his creation. And he made you, specifically designed for a life of excitement, a destiny in the unknown, a purpose beyond your current reach. You were created by this wild God for this wild ride called life. Yes, he’s wild, but he is strategic. Your life may feel wild, but know it is also strategic. God is working here. It all leads somewhere.

    The problem is when we try to tame this wild life. We want predictable, but God created us for the unknown. We so easily settle for mediocre, but we’re called to greater purpose. Instead of fighting life, let’s play along. Let’s get in the flow of the ups and downs and find the joy on the journey. Let’s trust God knows exactly what he is doing and he’s leading us somewhere wildly good.

    Let’s read a little more of this scripture. Romans 8: 15 says “This resurrection life you received from God is not a timid, grave-tending life. It’s adventurously expectant, greeting God with a childlike “What’s next, Papa?”

    Resurrection life. Oh, let that soak in for a moment. A life that has been redeemed. This is what you have received from God. A life that has been turned around. A life greater than you ever imagined. That’s a resurrection life. And that life is adventurously expectant and greets God with that joyful “what’s next Papa?”

    So, what’s next Papa? Things haven’t quite gone as we planned here,

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