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Unlock Your Vision & Transform Your Business

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Unlock Your Vision & Transform Your Business

    Chasing Your Vision - with Special Guest Gary Chan

    Chasing Your Vision - with Special Guest Gary Chan

    Great ideas are a dime a dozen. Here's how to get them advanced!  You've got a great idea.

    In fact, you have tons of great ideas. And, you're so confident in your ideas, you can't help but share them with leadership.

    The problem is great ideas are a dime a dozen, and anyone can saying what should get done.

    So how do you test your great ideas and get them funded?

    Today's guest on the Caged Visio Podcast is Gary Chan.

    Gary had a bright mind from his earliest years and got drawn to technology.

    To advance his passion, Gary went on to study Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT.

    After years in industry, Gary went out on his own to chase a vision of his own.

    To that end, on today's show, we also have a guest host in Greg Luce.

    As you'll hear, Greg has a similar interest and Gary and was able to step up the questioning in a topic that was way over my head.


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    How Saying "Yes" Change My Life - with Barbara Turley (CEO of The Virtual Hub)

    How Saying "Yes" Change My Life - with Barbara Turley (CEO of The Virtual Hub)

    How deciding to SAY YES opened doors and changed my life.

    "I came out of corporate, so it's not like I had the playbook for how to do this… I always wanted to launch my own company but didn't know exactly what it might look like."

    In today's Caged Vision Podcast, I interview Barbara Turley, the Founder, and CEO of The Virtual Hub. Barbara is like many entrepreneurs.

    She had a desire, but quite frankly…stumbled into the opportunity.

    But there is a very valuable lesson Barbara shares as she describes how the opportunity presented itself.

    Download and listen by using the link in the comments below 👇  👇  👇 

    You can reach Barbara on LinkedIn HERE and on her website at www.thevirtualhub.com

    Enjoy the listen, and my hope is by listening, you get one step further in unlocking your Caged Vision.

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    Determining What's Next for Your Organization with Robert Niemiec

    Determining What's Next for Your Organization with Robert Niemiec

    "We just need help in determining what's next for our organization…"

    Does this describe your thoughts for you and your organization? 

    If so, you're not alone.

    The good news is today's guest, Bob Niemiec, and his firm specializes in helping companies do just that.

    They use an extraordinary technique that you're going to want to know about to solve this expansive challenge in organizations today.

    Be sure to download and listen today to gain insight on:

    How to have the most significant impact on your growth curve
    The advantages of using the talents and skills drawn from both industrial design and engineering to solve problems
    How to replicate your culture
    The benefits of Human Capital Design
    How to lift the fog in your organization

    Bob, thanks for being a great guest on the show!

    Listeners, be sure to check out Bob and his company Twisthink!

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    How To Prioritize What Matters When When All Eyes 👀 Are On You

    How To Prioritize What Matters When When All Eyes 👀 Are On You

    How to prioritize what matters when expectations when all eyes are on you.

    "I was in my car, leaving for New York when I had this feeling…I need to be home with my wife and baby girl."

    Earlier that morning, AC Evans was spending a little time with his daughter before going to accept the most prominent award he'd ever received.

    After his daughter literally threw up in his face, AC washed up, suited up, and was off to the airport.

    Sitting in his car, AC had a moment that caused him to pause.

    No award, no acknowledgment, no accolade, was more significant than his moment to let his wife and daughter know they were a priority.

    AC got out of the car, put on his PJs, and spent the day with his family.

    This story is just one of many great examples AC Evans provides for leadership, priorities, focus, culture, and making moments count.

    AC is this week's guest on the Caged Vision Podcast.

    AC is the CEO and Co-founder of Drips.com, a conversational SMS platform.

    AC has a fascinating story of entrepreneurship and provides practical advice for getting started, getting better, and getting it right.

    Please download, share, like, and visit AC at drips.com.

    Thanks for listening and enjoy the show!

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    How to Best use AI for Better Analytics

    How to Best use AI for Better Analytics

    When you've worked for four of the biggest consulting firms, you've seen a few things. You've also seen years worth of "modernization" set as the primary priority in a matter of months. But how do you take decades of data, organize it, clean it, structure it, integrate it, and then somehow use it to predict business outcomes better? 

    Well, you're in luck! Today I have an AI guru who has lead manufacturing, financial services, and higher education in their most pressing AI initiatives.

    I have Mohit Sahgal on the show today. Mohit is the Head of Data Engineering at EKI-Digital.

    Be sure to listen to the podcast to discover:

    The importance of creating the right starting point with your data
    What a Co-Location and Integration strategy can do for you
    How to create analytics to predict better and perfect business operations

    Find more about Mohit and EKI-Digital at https://www.eki-digital.com

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    How to be an INFLUENCER that Matters with Bob Burg

    How to be an INFLUENCER that Matters with Bob Burg

    How to be an INFLUENCER that matters.

    Are you a Go-Getter? Most of you might instinctively respond with an immediate and resounding YES!

    …But what about a GO-GIVER INFLUENCER? 

    Today, my guest Bob Burg, co-author of The Go-Giver series, talks Influence on the Caged Vision Podcast. We had an amazing conversation filled with the wisdom Bob is known for. Below are a few takeaways:

    "We can all have a vision. It's holding on to that vision…having a vision is the easy part, it's holding that vision is often the difficult part, especially when things do go as we want them to go."

    "Influence on a basic level is the ability to move a person or persons to a desired action & within the context of a specific goal. That's the definition, but by no means is it the substance or the essence of Influence."

    "The essence of influence is PULL."

    "A great influencer asks themselves questions to make sure they're facing the right direction. For example: How does what I'm asking of this person align with THEIR goals, THEIR needs?"

    "Leadership can come from anywhere in an organization, but for it to be a culture, it's got to come from the top."

    You can access all of Bob's amazing content, including his books, podcast, video series, and the amazing new course he's launched at www.burg.com.

    Stay well and thanks for listening to the Caged Vision Podcast, helping you Unlocking Your Vision and Transform Your Business.

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