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Tell us your secrets and we tell the world.

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Tell us your secrets and we tell the world.

    Episode #26 – Sex Doodles

    Episode #26 – Sex Doodles

    We’re back for a new episode and are unbelievably rusty—probably because Scott hasn’t spoken for six months. We talk about bodies and sex and sex with bodies and more, but mostly it’s just a bunch of the long, strange digressions that you know and love (or tolerate).
    We also talk about…

    Body Integrity Identity Disorder, less parts equals more happy?
    Body Dysmorphic Disorder, you’re prettier than you think
    Penis for Dinner, things that happen in Japan
    SYSK on Asexuality, it’s a real thing
    Right Speech, what Twitter isn’t
    I Saw U, The Stranger’s missed connections
    Ulli’s Roy Orbison In Clingfilm Website, masterful fiction
    Legend of the Red Dragon, what the cool kids played
    How To Think More About Sex, a new book by Botton!
    Small Press Expo, a place to find love?
    Grumpy Cat, Scott’s spirit animal
    Reblorg,  Maré was an artist in residence
    LA Game Space Kickstarter, Maré loves games
    SJG@ITP, Scott makes weird stuff at school

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    Episode #25 – Mouth Problems

    Episode #25 – Mouth Problems

    Scott and Maré talk about kissing, lying, drinking blood, foreskin presents and so much more.
    We also talk about…

    Ten Thousand, an xkcd comic about not being a jerk
    Wizard People, still the best thing ever
    Little Monsters, a movie in which bullies drink pee
    Animated GIF, internet history is cool
    Furry Fandom, as if you guys didn’t know
    Beautiful Agony, the best porn site ever?
    X-Art.com, Maré approved
    Ladies of the World, Scott’s new grad program
    Nausea, the best novel about existential crises
    Letters to a Young Poet, the best collection of letters
    Man’s Search for Meaning, this book will change your life
    The Epic of Gilgamesh, the first bromance
    100 Foreskins, the “bride price” David paid Saul
    Savage Love, Dan on liking trannies
    In 40 Years, how stupid will you look?
    Archetypal Psychology, be careful with labels
    Of Human Bondage, a coming of age story
    Fregoli delusion, Scott’s favorite disorder

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    Maré’s Store, he has like twenty stores
    Scott’s Store, he only has one

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    Episode #24 – I Was Never A Virgin

    Episode #24 – I Was Never A Virgin

    Scott and Maré talk about virgins, long distance relationships, long distance relationship virgins and more!
    We also talk about…

    Jams, fancy old shorts
    Pop Rocks, a legendary candy
    Mentos and Diet Coke, an explosive combination
    The Immaculate Conception of Little Dizzle, a film
    Juli Odomo, Maré’s brother is on Twitter
    Infinite Jest, a wonderful, crazy book
    Better Off Dead, top two John Cusack movie
    Chronicle, teenage super power movie
    Broken Flowers, not a great movie
    Tweetopia, Scott’s latest project

    • 1 hr 29 min
    Episode #23 – Dedicated to the Grind

    Episode #23 – Dedicated to the Grind

    Scott and Maré regroup in Seattle to discuss poetry, swimming pools and, of course, blow jobs, because we can’t go a single episode without talking about them.
    We also talk about…

    Soul Patch, an unfortunate facial hair choice.
    How Tipping Works, a complicated issue.
    How to Get the Girl, the numbers don’t lie.
    Texas State Capitol, the pinkest capitol.
    Pottermore, get sorted by the hat!
    Wizard People, Dear Reader, seriously.
    deviantART, art, poetry, etc. community.
    Song Fight!, a thing Scott used to do.
    Animation is a Gift Word, so is “poet”.
    Ladies of the World, by Flight of the Conchords.
    Sam Weber’s Twitter, wise words.
    Rise and Fall of Online Empires, inevitable.

    Support Kiss and Tell…

    Singing Star, Scott’s new iOS game.
    Letters to an Absent Father, Maré’s new edition!
    Letters to Myself, Scott wrote it and Maré illustrated.

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    Episode #22 – You’ve Got Nailed

    Episode #22 – You’ve Got Nailed

    Maré’s back to discuss adult braces, custom dildos and American Apparel underpants.
    We also talk about…

    Kony 2012, a helpful campaign crushed by cynical people?
    Dave Matthew’s Band, the world’s greatest band?
    Honey Cocaine, a rap star with adult braces?
    Make Your Own Dildo, an inappropriate gift for coworkers?
    Stuff You Should Know, how Scott knows everything?
    Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, a play about how football players feel?
    Kiss & Tell Cast Poster , fan art by Coffee Nat?

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    Episode #21 – Infinite Blow Job Theory

    Episode #21 – Infinite Blow Job Theory

    Scott is joined by the lovely and talented Mika Parades to discuss grandmas, tattoos and Carl Sagan’s infinite blow job theory.
    We also talk about…

    Can’t Stop Me From Dreaming, an old Robin Luke song
    Many-worlds Interpretation, a view of quantum mechanics.
    Carl Sagan, the smartest man in a turtleneck.
    Sasha Grey, a talented young actress.
    Conditions of Love, seriously just buy this book already.
    Ill Mitch, a Russian rap sensation.
    The Straight Dope, a smart site that’s sometimes about butts.
    Meeksqueaks on OKCupid, we made a profile for Mika!

    • 1 hr 2 min

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