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Lagim Podcast brings you stories of crimes from the Philippines. Lagim is a Filipino word that means dread/terror. Every two weeks Filipino-German host, Christine Abrigana, takes a close look at infamous and not so known cases that have certainly given Filipinos that feeling of fear and dread. If you need a true crime fix Filipino-style, then please follow, subscribe and listen to Lagim.

LAGIM: A Filipino True Crime Podcast Christine Abrigana

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Lagim Podcast brings you stories of crimes from the Philippines. Lagim is a Filipino word that means dread/terror. Every two weeks Filipino-German host, Christine Abrigana, takes a close look at infamous and not so known cases that have certainly given Filipinos that feeling of fear and dread. If you need a true crime fix Filipino-style, then please follow, subscribe and listen to Lagim.

    The First and Last Known Filipino Serial Killers

    The First and Last Known Filipino Serial Killers

    Hi Lagim Fam!

    Welcome to an express episode here at Lagim Podcast. As I have said in the past couple of weeks, I am publishing this slightly shorter episode because I need a bit more time prepping the anniversary episode.

    In this express episode, I explore two cases of Filipino serial killers. There are not a lot of them that are currently known to us. And it has been perplexing to a lot of true crime fans that there are not a lot of cases of serial killings in the Philippines. A few months ago, Dee from the BananaQ Podcast and I explored some legitimate and funny reasons why this is the case so make sure to listen to that episode here: https://bit.ly/3CEGqjj . Follow the BananaQ Podcast on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/bananaqpodcast/ or @bananaqpodcast.

    I know this is a slightly different episode than you are used to but I have gotten a lot of DMs about this and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to explore the cases of Father Mallari and Waway Toledo.

    This is the website with interesting content about Armando Sierra: https://www.wattpad.com/813355369-crime-stories-the-story-of-armando-sierra .

    Sources list: https://bit.ly/3r79P3l.

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    The Resorts World Manila Attack

    The Resorts World Manila Attack

    In the early hours of 2nd June 2017, an armed man walked into the casino area of Resorts World Manila and opened fire. What was first thought as a terrorist attack would later turn out to be a crime borne out of deep desperation and hopelessness.

    Listen now to the whole story about this tragedy that still looms over not only the gaming industry but also over the people whose lives were devastated by the terrible loss of life.

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    The Manila Film Centre Tragedy and the Mysterious Case of Teresita Basa

    The Manila Film Centre Tragedy and the Mysterious Case of Teresita Basa

    In this week's episode, I am sharing two stories that are sort of creepy because IT IS HALLOWEEN! I am not a horror podcaster, so I do not have the awesome talent of making it sound like you are really around a bonfire, telling each other spooky stories but these two cases here have some paranormal vibes.
    We look into the Manila Film Centre Tragedy from 1981 and the mysterious case of Teresita Basa, a Filipina who was brutally murdered in Chicago, Illinois. Whether you believe in the supernatural or paranormal or not, one thing is for sure, these two cases will give you pause and might even almost convince you of the existence of something beyond our physical world.
    In this episode, I am also promoting a company called The Bamboo Company who produces bamboo made products that are planet friendly. As an affiliate, I get a commission for every sale made using my link right here: podlink.co/u8p
    So, make sure to check them out!
    Thank you again for your patience this week, whilst I finished producing this episode!

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    Bonus Episode: Interview with Thysz Estrada

    Bonus Episode: Interview with Thysz Estrada

    Earlier this year, when I was preparing for Jennifer Laude's episode I stumbled upon a YouTube video about Filipino politics and in that video was Thysz Estrada. She spoke her mind so brilliantly and eloquently that I felt like I needed to interview her to get her thoughts on Jennifer's case. I felt like it was important to have that input from someone in the trans community to really bring the point home about how important this case was and still is.

    The interview took place months ago despite the Jennifer Laude case being released only recently. I have been preparing for the episode for some time now and part of prepping for the episode was interviewing Thysz.

    In this interview, we cover a LOT. We cover the Laude case itself,  how Thysz felt when the case hit the headlines, what changed for her during this time; we talked about politics, the SOGIE Bill, religion and morals; and we talked about the things that need to be addressed in order to lift up the trans community in the Philippines.

    If you want to follow Thysz on social media, find her @thyszest on Instagram, @thysz on Twitter (her moniker there is Panlasang Pinay);

    Her advertising agency is called The Happy Three Friends and can be found on Instagram @thtfphilippines.

    Thysz is an ambassador for PANTAY or Philippines Anti-Discrimination Alliance of Youth Leaders. You can check them out on Twitter @PANTAYPilipinas or here on Facebook: facebook.com/PANTAYPilipinas 

    We also mentioned Meredith Talusan in this interview. You can visit her website here : http://mtalusan.com/ 

    We mentioned Thysz's friend, Mela Habijan who you can follow on Instagram @missmelahabijan.

    Thysz mentioned the LADLAD Partylist that was initially banned to even exist as a political party. Please check them out and see if you have a local candidate from the party: http://ladladpartylist.blogspot.com/  OR www.facebook.com/LadladPartyListOfficial/

    At the time of recording the interview, we did not anticipate that another leader within the trans community would be coming forward this coming election. Naomi Fontanos, who was also featured in the documentary Call Her Ganda, is currently running under the LGBTQ PLUS Partylist. You can follow Naomi on Twitter @NaomiFontanos and you can follow her party @LgbtqPartylist.

    If I have missed anything or anyone, please drop me a comment or DM and I will amend the show notes as needed.

    Thank you for listening!
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    The Jennifer Laude Story

    The Jennifer Laude Story

    The Jennifer Laude case hardly needs any introduction for most people. However, for those who are not familiar with this pivotal case in Philippine history, Jennifer Laude's case would become a watershed moment with respect to not only Philippine-US American diplomatic relations but also the question of how Filipinos view the trans community in the country.
    Jennifer, a transgender woman from Leyte, worked in Olongapo City by Subic Bay. She was the main breadwinner of her family back in Leyte. She worked both as a hairdresser and a sex worker, something that a lot of Filipino transwomen do as survival work. After a night of work, Jennifer was found lifeless in a hotel room near a bar where she was just seen alive and well some few hours ago.
    The revelation of who potentially her killer was sparked an international debate about diplomacy, sovereignty and human rights.
    Listen to this compelling story now and make sure to listen to a follow-up bonus episode that I will be releasing towards the weekend. This will be an interview with trans advocate Thysz Estrada who shared her experience when Jennifer's death made first headlines. It is definitely worth a listen.
    Follow Thysz here: https://www.instagram.com/thyszest/ 
    I mentioned another trans activist, Naomi Fontanos, in the episode. Here is her Twitter account link: https://twitter.com/NaomiFontanos 
    As always, sources used to produce this episode can be found on Lagim's blog here: https://lagimpodcast.podcastpage.io/blog 
    When in doubt, all helpful and important links are on Lagim Podcast's bio on Instagram.

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    Thank you!
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    The Hultman-Chapman Double Murder

    The Hultman-Chapman Double Murder

     In 1991, the upscale neighbourhood of Dasmariñas Village in Makati woke up to shots being fired in their streets. Before dawn broke, the residents were confronted with at least one death and the reality that two people were injured.

    The police investigation did not take a long time as police officers and agents of the National Bureau Investigation were able to easily track the shooter. He happened to be the son of a prominant jurist in the Philippines. His name wielded power and so began a trial and appeals process that looked like justice was going to be served swiftly. Nevertheless, after 17 years the tide turned and the families of those who were affected by the shooting could only watch in disappointment how justice was pulled from under them so quickly.

    Listen now to this episode and let me know what you think about the story on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

    At the end of the episode, I give you a short case update on the Mark Welson Chua case, so make sure to stay until the end of the episode.

    Thank you for the support, as always, and for the many birthday wishes last week. I truly enjoyed them all. Remember that if you want to help support Lagim Podcast, you can do so in so many ways. You can subscribe to our Patreon or make a one-off donation through buymecoffee.com. You can also rate and review the podcast on Apple Podcasts and follow the podcast both on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. That always gives us a boost so that others can see us as well.

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4.9 out of 5
29 Ratings

29 Ratings

Boy Rebyu ,

BEST true crime podcast, hands down!

I’ve been raving about Lagim since the very first time I listened to it. Great storytelling (with such soothing voice) with socially relevant analysis in most of the episodes—so it’s not just narrating the story like most true crime podcasts do, but tackling it from law, political, and social perspectives. Obviously, Christine prepares for each episode with great diligence, AND IT SHOWS. My partner and I just can’t get enough of the episodes.

PS. Every time we hear her say “whilst”, we shout “WHILST!” Fun times. :))

Mawi Ofrecio (@indio_bravo) ,

Part of history

Enjoyed listening to every episode. Appreciate the effort given to each case

Thea.ADC ,


I love true crime. I’ve only been listening for a while. So happy to have found this!

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