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Seismic shifts in the religious and secular landscapes are destabilizing the faith of millions. Join religion scholar Jared Halverson as he explores restored scripture, doctrine, history, and practice; examines patterns and pitfalls in navigating faith crisis; and wrestles with ways to make your faith unshaken.

Unshaken Saints Jared Halverson

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Seismic shifts in the religious and secular landscapes are destabilizing the faith of millions. Join religion scholar Jared Halverson as he explores restored scripture, doctrine, history, and practice; examines patterns and pitfalls in navigating faith crisis; and wrestles with ways to make your faith unshaken.

    Isaiah 58-66: ”Beauty for Ashes”

    Isaiah 58-66: ”Beauty for Ashes”

    An in-depth study of Isaiah 58-66. This lesson focuses on the true fast, the delightful Sabbath, hatching eggs of iniquity, groping for the wall, the armor of God, beauty for ashes, robes of righteousness, marriage and a new name, watchmen on the walls, treading the winepress alone, reshaping the clay, filthy rags, the law of the harvest, giving birth to the kingdom of God, and more.

    0:00 Introduction

    3:44 The False Fast

    12:50 The True Fast

    32:18 The Sabbath, a Delight

    43:59 Sin as Separation

    50:44 Hatching the Eggs of Iniquity

    58:01 Groping for the Wall

    1:05:16 Truth Is Fallen

    1:09:58 The Armor of God

    1:16:35 Rise & Shine

    1:19:44 The Gathering

    1:36:50 Beauty for Ashes

    1:48:25 Priests & Ministers in Robes of Righteousness

    1:58:10 Marriage & a New Name

    2:02:08 Watchmen on the Walls

    2:08:20 Treading the Winepress Alone

    2:16:42 Vengeance, Love, & Perfect Empathy

    2:27:02 Filthy Rags

    2:33:03 Reshaping the Clay

    2:37:31 Reaping What We Sow

    2:47:36 New Heavens & a New Earth

    2:54:06 Rejecting False Worship

    3:02:23 Giving Birth to the Kingdom of God

    3:14:01 Happy Endings?

    3:21:29 Conclusion

    • 3 hrs 24 min
    Isaiah 50-57: ”Man of Sorrows”

    Isaiah 50-57: ”Man of Sorrows”

    An in-depth study of Isaiah 50-57. This lesson focuses on feeling forsaken, the tongue of the learned, fading fashions, sparks, beautiful garments and beautiful feet, the suffering servant, substitutionary atonement, the Savior's seed, enlarging the tent, everlasting kindness, higher ways & higher thoughts, wasted money, the water cycle, those who don't fit the mold, a place and a name, covenant infidelity, and more.

    0:00 Introduction

    3:21 The Isaiah Relay in the Book of Mormon

    9:40 Feeling Forsaken

    19:44 The Tongue of the Learned

    21:40 Submitting to His Persecutors

    27:50 Fading Fashions

    30:57 The Lord's Light or Our Sparks

    35:18 Examples of Persevering Faith

    44:40 Trust in the Lord

    57:53 Putting on Your Beautiful Garments

    1:11:26 Beautiful Feet

    1:24:06 Depart from Babylon

    1:27:19 Shutting the Mouths of Kings

    1:31:12 The Suffering Servant

    1:45:43 The Substitutionary Atonement

    1:53:25 Sheep, Shepherd, & and the Savior's Seed

    2:12:02 Enlarging the Tent

    2:20:57 Everlasting Kindness

    2:29:05 The Smith Blowing the Coals

    2:35:38 Purchase Price & Wasted Money

    2:41:46 Higher Ways & Higher Thoughts

    2:47:11 The Water Cycle

    2:51:04 To Those Who Don't Fit the Mold

    3:02:14 Something Better, A Place & A Name

    3:16:44 Woe to the Wicked

    3:20:15 Covenant Infidelity

    3:27:31 No Peace to the Wicked

    3:35:06 Conclusion

    • 3 hrs 38 min
    Isaiah 36-49: ”Comfort Ye My People”

    Isaiah 36-49: ”Comfort Ye My People”

    An in-depth study of Isaiah 36-49. This lesson focuses on the Assyrian invasion and scattering of Israel, the doors of death, having a will to offer, comforting the afflicted, highway construction, a mother's care, comparing God, the gift of prophecy, true identity, Cyrus and Christ, idols and graven images, the fall of Babylon, the Savior's scars, returning children, the shoulders of kings, and more.

    0:00 Introduction

    4:42 The Assyrian Invasion & the Scattering of Israel

    21:03 Facing the Doors of Death

    29:20 Having a Will to Offer

    43:55 Comfort Ye My People

    1:06:58 Highway Construction

    1:18:12 Care for the Mothers

    1:23:13 Trying to Describe God

    1:31:39 The Foolishness of False Gods

    1:41:20 A Message of Encouragement

    1:58:58 The Gift of Prophecy

    2:05:29 The Promised Messiah

    2:21:07 The Promise of Redemption

    2:37:56 True Identity or False Gods

    2:54:51 Raising Up a Deliverer

    3:11:17 Idol Gods or the God of Israel

    3:17:56 The Fall of Babylon

    3:31:51 Chosen & Purified

    3:47:49 Born to Gather

    3:58:57 Not Forsaken nor Forgotten

    4:13:05 Who Hath Begotten Me These?

    4:26:52 On the Shoulders of Kings

    4:36:16 Conclusion

    • 4 hrs 39 min
    Isaiah 13-35: ”A Marvelous Work and a Wonder”

    Isaiah 13-35: ”A Marvelous Work and a Wonder”

    An in-depth study of Isaiah 13-35. This lesson focuses on Nephi's use of Isaiah, the fall of Babylon, Lucifer's downfall, the gift of gathered Israel, highway construction, worldliness & materialism, apostasy & restoration, the nail in a sure place, a feast of fat things, redeeming the vineyard, short beds and small blankets, planting & harvesting wisely, a voice from the dust, a sealed book, a marvelous work and a wonder, lane assist, the latter-day Zion, and more.

    0:00 Introduction

    2:13 Nephi's Use of Isaiah

    14:13 The Fall of Babylon

    31:15 Lucifer's Downfall

    57:11 The Bird Cast Out of Its Nest

    1:05:23 Reaping with the Arm

    1:10:41 The Gift of Gathered Israel

    1:28:03 A Highway Across the Middle East

    1:44:03 Naked & Barefoot, Labor & Watching the Night

    1:56:38 The Nail in a Sure Place

    2:21:42 Worldliness & Materialism

    2:30:57 Apostasy & Restoration

    2:48:35 A Feast of Fat Things

    2:58:36 Praise & Promise

    3:12:56 Redeeming the Vineyard

    3:20:39 Strong Drink, Short Beds, & Small Coverings

    3:43:36 Planting & Harvesting Wisely

    3:53:05 A Voice from the Dust

    4:05:28 A Sealed Book & a Marvelous Work

    4:23:48 Speaking Smooth Things

    4:36:47 Lane Assist & Intensifying Light

    4:50:30 Quietness & Assurance

    4:56:26 Destruction & Deliverance

    5:10:02 The Day of the Lord

    5:16:35 The Latter-day Zion

    5:23:55 Conclusion

    • 5 hrs 25 min
    Isaiah 1-12: ”Great Are the Words of Isaiah”

    Isaiah 1-12: ”Great Are the Words of Isaiah”

    An in-depth study of Isaiah 1-12. This lesson focuses on making sense of Isaiah, understanding Hebrew poetry, God's case against Israel, the mountain of the Lord, pride & worldliness, corruption in the vineyard, swift messengers, the calling of Isaiah, the promise of a Savior, the threat of Assyria, trusting the Lord, light in darkness, stubbornness & pride, new growth from an old stump, the Messiah & the Millennium, an ensign to the nations, and more.

    0:00 Introduction to Isaiah

    14:58 Keys to Understand Isaiah

    23:35 Hebrew Poetry

    41:28 The Case Against Israel

    1:00:06 Worship & Repentance

    1:24:50 The Mountain of the Lord

    1:31:38 Pulling Down Pride

    1:46:22 The Worldliness of the Daughters of Zion

    2:07:29 The Cleansing of Zion

    2:17:37 Corruption in the Vineyard

    2:36:27 Calling for Swift Messengers

    2:42:19 The Calling of Isaiah

    2:59:45 The Promise of a Savior

    3:16:55 The Threat of Assyria

    3:21:06 Impending Destruction

    3:26:38 Trust in the Lord

    3:32:30 Shining Light into the Darkness

    3:41:02 Using Assyria as an Instrument

    3:55:13 Taking Credit to Ourselves

    4:06:06 New Growth from an Old Stump

    4:17:13 The Messiah & the Millennium

    4:25:35 An Ensign to the Nations

    4:30:58 Israel's Song of Salvation

    4:33:02 Conclusion

    • 4 hrs 35 min
    The Books of Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Solomon: ”The Beginning of Wisdom”

    The Books of Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Solomon: ”The Beginning of Wisdom”

    An in-depth study of the books of Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and the Song of Solomon. This lesson focuses on wisdom and foolishness, trusting the Lord, rivers of fire, Sophia, Mother in Heaven, parenting, alcoholism, mockery, a virtuous woman, pessimism, vanity, seasons, death, the purposes of life, love songs, an army with banners, and more.

    0:00 Introduction to Proverbs

    9:34 The Beginning of Wisdom (chp. 1-2)

    21:36 Trust in the Lord (3)

    36:03 Choosing the Right Woman (4-5)

    45:23 Ants, Deadly Sins, & Rivers of Fire (6-7)

    59:29 Sophia as Mother in Heaven (8)

    1:16:17 Wisdom Compared to Foolishness (10-12)

    1:29:14 Riches, Pride, Goals, Children, & Strife (13-15)

    1:44:11 Hearts, Highways, Self-Discipline, Friends, & Fools (16-18)

    1:57:58 Gifts, Loans, Parenting, Wine, Work, & Deep Water (19-20)

    2:12:41 Peace, Generosity, Consecration, & Conservatism (21-22)

    2:22:54 Deceitful Meat, Alcoholism, Adversity, & Sweetness (23-24)

    2:34:40 Hot Coals & Cold Water, to Mock or Not to Mock (25-27)

    2:48:53 Wickedness, Repentance, Leadership, & Contentment (28-30)

    2:59:17 A Virthous Woman (31)

    3:22:58 Introduction to Ecclesiastes

    3:35:12 All Is Vanity

    3:47:44 To Everything There Is a Season

    3:55:44 No Escape from the Grave

    4:02:44 Open Your Ears More than Your Mouth

    4:11:29 What's the Point?

    4:22:28 No Labor in the Grave

    4:33:07 The Conclusion of the Whole Matter

    4:38:51 Song of Solomon

    4:45:57 A Song of Love

    5:00:42 Fair as the Moon, Clear as the Sun

    5:06:20 Conclusion

    • 5 hrs 8 min

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