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    D E E P : T H O U G H T S

    D E E P : T H O U G H T S

    2011 was a crazy year for me. So much opportunity, so much success, so many new sounds and diverse styles of music – the rate & amount of music that I received daily/weekly was almost too much for me to handle at times and still is. It is not easy keeping up with so many different styles of music, in fact I still feel like I’m behind on certain bpms.

    If I had to choose one style of sound that has hit me the most as of lately it would obviously be any sound that has Bass emphasis in it. Whether its 808s, echo chambers tied in with reverb bass-lines, deep synthesizers, with crispy smooth-rhythmic percussions and hi-tech drums/snares… all of it – it has me right in the chest.

    I coined this terminology of sound called Deep-Thought music. Basically any track that is deep, heavy, soulful, and constant -- making you think of your day, life, achievements, inspirations, issues, ect is basically deep thought music.

    Cover: Edited by Andre Power



    01. Kwala – Luminous Things
    02. Opolopo – Step into The light
    03. L33 – Right Here Right Now
    04. The Two. Fifteens – Wavy Life
    05. OL x Lapti – Material Things
    06. Benito – 9.27
    07. Machinedrum – U Don’t Survive
    08. Cadenza – The Darkest Hype (Philip D. Kick Remix)
    09. Notorious BIG – Going Back to Cali (Eprom Edit)
    10. Roni Size + DJ Die – It’s A Jazz Thing (Phillip D kick’s Footwork Jungle)
    11. Chesslo Junior – Alpine Riddim
    12. Om Unit – An Eternal Way
    13. Om Unit & Kromestar – Solar Cycle
    14. Samiyam & Hudson Mohawke – Eff This
    15. Professa – Destiny Hands
    16. Artie Strong Man – Impressed to Dress
    17. Troy Gunner – Head In Hands
    18. Ifan Dafydd vs Synkro – No Good Girl (Joe Kay Refix)
    19. Arkist – Fill My Coffee
    20. Divine Interface – Fool Me
    21. Sinjin Hawke & Morris – One Kiss
    22. River Gbeh – Zorzor (Bosstone Remix)
    23. Cosmic Revenge – Mind Eraser
    24. Holy Grailers – Look At Me Now (Instrumental)
    25. Vincent Paolo – Omni Lite
    26. SP:MC – Oh My Gosh
    27. F – Perspectives
    28. Kahn – Way Mi Defen
    29. Hatti Vatti – You feat. Cian Finn
    30. Taal Mala – Da Flex
    31. Salva – Yellobone (Shlohmo @ 2KWTVR Remix)
    32. Silkie – Tonight
    33. Joker – Milky Way
    34. Inkarv – Needsvocalist
    35. Hwood – Mr. Brown
    36. Naus – Toxic Bitch (Inkarv Remix)
    37. Full Crate – Joy
    38. S E L A S S E ! – LSD
    39. Sango – Before You Even Know
    40. LDFD – Pinheiro
    41. Zach Christ – Hach Me (Shigeto’s 4AM Edit)
    42. Leodoris – Run (Zach Christ Remix)
    43. Crystal Waters – Gypsy Woman (LDFD Remix))
    44. Myrryrs – Blood of a Slave (Obey City Remix)
    45. Hwood – For Real
    46. Scientist – Ghost of Frankenstein

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    Illviberian Rhythms II

    Illviberian Rhythms II

    It's been almost 2 years since i've posted any type of content, but I hope you realize that i've been up to something special outside of illvibes. Illvibes was a stepping stone for me, but illvibes and everything I accomplished evolved into SOULECTION. I have my own radio show (Soulection Radio) at my University (Cal State Long Beach University - Kbeach Radio). I come on Thursdays from 11 am - 1 pm PST (LA Time)! I appreciate all the support and everyone constantly hitting the "I want more" button. Such a small notification makes me smile and is actually the main reason why i'm posting this mix here! Since you love everything I did on here for IllVibes, you should definitely make effort to listen to my current radio show. You can only imagine what my show sounds like 2 years later-post-Illvibes. Progression? More like The Sound of the Future. If you enjoy Illvibes then Soulection is automatic! Anyways, I thought I'd hit you w/ a new guest mix that I did for a radio show out here in LA (Truth Seekers Radio - 90.7 FM Los Angeles). They are responsible for educating me in radio and exposing me to the airwaves.

    Educate your self & support real radio: http://truthseekersradio.org

    Here are some of my current links that will catch you up with my current activity --


    Spread the word. I most likely won't post on here for a very long time if ever again because there is really no reason to. Soulection is where it's at so please transfer your mind and vibrations over and grow with me.

    Lastly, of course the Playlist to this beautiful mix!

    IllViberian Rhythms II (Playlist)

    Flying Lotus, SpaceApe, & Kode 9 - Kyron
    Funk Ethics - Step In
    The Weeknd - What You Need (Bosstone Refix)
    James Blake & Drake - Ransom Money Youth
    Clicks & Whistles - Neva Get Caught
    Lil' Flip vs Dorian Concept - I'm A Balla vs. Trillingual Dance Sexperience (Patchwork Pirates Refix)
    Velour - Booty Slammer
    Glenn Astro - Walk Away (Krts Remix)
    SBTRKT - Look At Stars (Machinedrum Remix)
    Araabmuzik - Let It Go
    S-X - 2010
    Ages - A Coney Island (of the mind)
    Jack Sparrow - Way Out West
    Swindle - Mood Swings VIP
    Hudson Mohawke - Snapdragon
    Von D - Love Music feat. Phephe
    Om Unit & Salva - Prawn Cocktail (Salva Remix)
    Mizz Beats - Sanctuary
    Salva - 40 Karats (Instrumental)
    Submotion Orchestra - All Night
    Actraiser - Imaginarium
    Tek One - Wax Poetic
    The Gaslamp Killer & Daedelus - Impulse (Teebs' Neck Feathers Remix)
    Flying Lotus - Archway (Teebs remix)
    Machinedrum - Flud
    Kay Suzuki - Move On
    Clicks & Whistles - When I Feel
    Darkhouse Family - Stab Wound
    Synkro & Indigo - Knowing You
    AFTA-1 - Untitled
    AFTA-1 - How Eye (Trillectric Instrumental)
    Arms&Suites - My Masterpiece
    Sepalcure - Taking You Back
    Daedelus - Tailor-made (Floating Points Remix)
    Kromestar - Jasmine
    Jack Dixon - Be There (Cairo remix)

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    Summer has just about wrapped up! Now, we are all leaning into Fall, ready for a new beginning!I am in the middle of a transition point in my life; realizing how crucial it is to meet the right connects.New technology is approaching me, new ideas, new opportunities. I'm glad that you and I are both apart of this.In one year, since I've started, a lot of things have connected just right. lllVIBES will soon be hitting the airwaves and a ear drum near you! This mix has a good feel as always, it came to me pretty easy, tt has a deep-thought feel to it. The dub-step sound always seems to inspire me. Besides this mix, I want to give a big THANK YOU to Truth Seekers Radio 90.7 KPFK Los Angeles for giving me a opportunity of a lifetime this past summer, allowing me to show my perspective as well as contribute to their show. You guys have no idea how many great sources are out there. Please, please do the research, you won't be disappointed! Lastly, shout out to all of the artists, labels, and everyone involved who connect with me. It's dope to know that people appreciate a good selection. Afterall, I am just your average JOE who is a music appreciator. Lastly, much love to my brother from another 96 for the quality artwork! He never disappoints me! Anyways, enough of my words...
    This is the ETHER mix:

    1. An intervening substance through which signals can travel as a means for communication
    2. The regions of space beyond the earth's atmosphere; the heavens
    3. A colourless sweet-smelling liquid used as a solvent and anaesthetic

    "The Ether, the Shit that make your soul burn slow"


    01.Appleblim - Within
    02.2562 - Brother: The Point
    03.Airhead & James Blake - Pembroke
    04.Untold - Discipline
    05.Devonwho - todo (Phase II)
    06.Annu - alliwant
    07.OthersideTimePrecession - Seeds
    08.Bahwee - B L U R
    09.Hi-res - Nitevision
    10.B.Bravo - Talk 2 Me
    11.Ben Jones - Stereosine
    12.Muhsinah - More
    13.14KT - Without
    14.GETEYE - Heaven
    15.Cazeaux OSLO - Strength of the Sun
    16.VLooper - Sparrow
    17.John Mo - Bits and Bits and Bits and Bits
    18.ICHIRO - Izakaya Taxi
    19.Annu - Champagne
    20.EC|DC - Two AM // Soulatronica Outro
    21.Mindesign - Sted.e.slow
    22.GETEYE - Nu Disco Jack
    23.Bahwee - SF
    24.Mos Def - Universal Magnetic
    25.Teebs - WTLA
    26.Suzi Analogue & KnXwledge - OpenKall
    27.Mindesign - Airways
    28.Transit7 - Theory of Light
    29.Noah feat. Blu - Just Relax (Grooveman Spot Remix)
    30.Fat Freddy's Drop - Big BW
    31.Annu - Innerspace
    32.Stevo - Sky and Diamonds
    33.Floating Points - Esthian III
    34.Dam Funk - Burn Straight Thru U
    35.Homemade - Feel Like
    36.Dwilt Sharpp - I Need You Close (Dub Version)
    37.Shlomo - Antigravity
    38.AFTA-1 & Cazeaux OSLO - Marvelous Magical Jackobious Son // Jah Wise

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