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Interviews with Business Leaders - entrepreneurs, corporate executives, innovators, authors, thought leaders... Lessons, ideas, mistakes and stories from movers & shakers in business.

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Interviews with Business Leaders - entrepreneurs, corporate executives, innovators, authors, thought leaders... Lessons, ideas, mistakes and stories from movers & shakers in business.

    Terry Flynn

    Terry Flynn

    Interview with:  Terrence (Terry) Flynn PhD, ARP FCPRS
    Assistant Professor of Communication Management, McMaster University
    President of CPRS (Canadian  Public Relations Society) 2009-2010
    President and CEO Frontline Corporate Communications,  Nov 1993 – May 2007
    Terry Flynn is a specialist in Public Relations, Corporate Communications and especially Crisis Management.  He gained his initial communications experience with government then honed it while building his consulting company that provided communications guidance to corporations – especially those in crisis. He currently teaches university students how to become more effective communicators.
    Insights from This Interview
    Think about the bumps in the road
    Things happen – trains wreck, planes crash and oil spills
    People, systems and government cause crisis
    I don’t like the term Spin Doctor because it’s about shading the truth
    People are not necessarily good communicators
    Talking is not necessarily communicating
    We are multi-shifters – not multi-taskers
    Corporate crisis handled well
    The Maple Leaf Foods
    The law now allows you to say “Sorry” without admitting guilt.
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    Terry Flynn interview on Business in Motion with host George Torok

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    Focus 2040 Student Competition

    Focus 2040 Student Competition

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    Focus 2040

    Interview with Julia Piccioni, and Heather LoPresti – Co-chairs of Focus 2040
    Julia and Heather are both students at MG DeGroote School of Business at McMaster University.
    This is the fifth year for the Focus 2040 competition. This program is open to college and university students across Canada from any field of study. No charge to register.
    Students are challenged to envision and predict then convey their thoughts about the workplace of the year 2040.
    Description from the Focus 2040 website…
    “It’s 2040. As you’re getting ready for work, you glance out your bedroom window and you ask yourself, “Who would have ever predicted the world to look like it does now?” The answer? You. You are the business leaders of tomorrow. You have the imagination to bring forth new ideas. You have the potential to change the world. Together, we must focus… because you are the future.”
    Prizes of $5,000, $3,000 and $2,000 for the top three winners.
    Corporate internships will be offered.
    Additional benefits to students:
    Opportunity to develop and demonstrate their abilities to think creatively, research, support their ideas and convey those ideas in writing and orally before a group
    Connecting and networking with students, professors and corporate representatives
    A bonus differentiating item for your resume
    Deadline for this year’s competition to register is January 31, 2014
    The final phase along with the announcement of the top contestants will take place at the Burlington Convention Centre on March 20, 2014.
    Register or learn more at www.Focus2040.ca
    Learn more about the founding partner, The Strategic Capability Network at http://www.scnetwork.ca/
    Learn more at DeGroote School of business at
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    Robert Hattin: ProVantage Automation, CME

    Robert Hattin: ProVantage Automation, CME


    Rob Hattin
    Robert Hattin
    CEO, ProVantage Automation Corp
    Chair of the National Board of Directors, Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME)
    About ProVantage Automation
    An engineering firm that designs and builds automation control systems to improve manufacturing
    We don’t make the widgets. We create the machinery that makes the widgets.
    The concept was formulated over pizza and beer
    19 months old
    About Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters
    Association, resource and advocate for manufactures and exporters
    The first chairman was John A McDonald (first Prime Minister of Canada)
    The role as Chair is a volunteer position
    Passions of Rob Hattin
    AC DC
    Fast Cars
    Super Tuscans (fine wine)
    Heavy Manufacturing
    On Canada and Canadians
    No one goes destitute in Canada  by failing in business.
    It’s hard to fail in Canada.
    Canadians need to participate more in global markets
    There is a skills shortage in Canada
    A concern is about Canada’s place in the industrial global market
    Three parts to innovation
    Three keys to success
    Be authentic
    We made a plan. It turned out to be crap but it gave us the discipline to find other opportunities
    Other insights from Rob Hattin
    A CEO has a 10 year effective life
    The Brand means a lot but it’s the people that really make the difference
    We need more women in manufacturing especially in leadership roles
    Innovation is meaningful change and Canadians need to get off their butts to innovate
    The world is your oyster and the world is going to chew you up
    You have one chance at ethics – don’t screw that up
    Entrepreneurs, you need to nurture your health and relationships. Remember that while working those late nights.
    You need to become number one at what you do
    It has to be fun
    More information about this guest
    ProVantage Automation
    Rob Hattin in Hamilton Business
    Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters Association
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    Ron Foxcroft, Fox 40 & Fluke Transport

    Ron Foxcroft, Fox 40 & Fluke Transport

    Ron Foxcroft
    Insights from this inteview with Ron Foxcroft
    About Ron Foxcroft
    Wears at least three hats
    Chairman & CEO Fluke Transport
    Chairman, CEO and Founder Fox 40
    Professional Basketball referee
    Kicked out of high school
    Trained to become a basketball referee
    Paid 75 cents to referee his first game and told that he was lousy and would never make it as a referee.
    Ten years later he refereed the basketball Olympic game
    If you want to be respected, learn to listen.
    Fluke Transport
    Fluke Transport is the most challenging hat he wears. Trucking is not for the faint of heart. It is high volume with low profit and fraught with complications. It depends on people and trucks – both which occasionally break down.
    I knew nothing about trucking before I bought the trucking company
    How did he buy Fluke Transport with no money?
    How did he add 20 trucks with no money?
    Everybody has a hot button – a deal making button. It’s something other than money.
    Entrepreneurs and Business Success
    I didn’t want to work for a dumb boss.
    Hire people smarter than you
    No such thing as raw inborn talent. Entrepreneurs learn and grow. They are built.
    My entrepreneurship qualities:
    Drive to success
    Fear of failure
    Challenges are speed bumps. I had to practice overcoming speed bumps
    Failure is a learning experience
    My business approach was simple – revenue must exceed expenses
    I’m 68 years old and work 100 hours a week. But it’s not work because its fun.
    Contacts are everything. That’s why community involvement is important. Every person I meet is smarter than me in something.
    When you work 20 hours a day it’s amazing what good luck comes your way.
    You can buy a business even if you don’t have any money.
    You need a business plan and a plan B and Plan C
    You need a stable of mentors
    You can’t be a winner without a team
    Sometimes you have to have Onions
    About Fox 40
    The Fox 40 whistle is sold in 140 countries
    The Fox 40 whistle was conceived out of frustration with the existing product
    In Canada they don’t like change. We were selling in 35 countries before we sold any in Canada. The first Canadian customer commented that “I read about you in Sports Illustrated. If the Americans like you, it must be good.”
    The whistle is sold in sports, marine and personal safety markets
    More information about our guest
    Fluke Transport
    Fox 40
    Canada Basketball
    Hamilton Community Foundation
    McMaster Alumni Gallery
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    Stephanie McLarty, CEO REfficient

    Stephanie McLarty, CEO REfficient

    Stephanie McLarty, REfficient
    Stephanie McLarty is CEO and Founder of REfficient
    Insights from this interview with Stephanie McLarty
    There was a problem that launched this new business
    About REFficient
    Reduce, Reduce, Recycle
    An online marketplace for companies to buy telecom and AV equipment
    They can shop for deals in the excess inventory of other corporations
    Benefits to participants
    Buyers can buy equipment at reduced costs
    Sellers free up storage space and gain income
    Useful resources are kept out of landfill
    Sellers receive certified statements about their environmental performance
    Most equipment comes with warranty
    About Stephanie McLarty
    Graduated from an Arts & Science program – that taught her to connect the dots
    Masters in Peace and Conflict with intention to work for UN but that training helps manage people in business
    Got first job because a friend on the inside recommended her
    Asked lots of questions to learn the job
    Enjoy speaking with customers
    Working and travelling in Thailand and India challenged her to think differently
    Continues to take courses on personal and professional development
    Other Insights from this interview with Stephanie McLarty
    Shipping was a problem so we introduced Shimple – Simple Shipping – we learned how to ship and calculate all costs – and we make money with this service
    Learned how to run a business and to market and that is more important than the technical part
    Trend in business of being a good company – sustainability is important
    Key for startup business is deciding where to focus your limited resources
    I was afraid
    Excited and nervous in early state – suffered at least five nights of no sleep
    In early days – fake it till you make it
    Don’t try to get it perfect before you launch
    Media attention was a nice to – not a must do
    Tips for others
    Grow yourself – that will help you grow your business
    Try – in spite of your fears
    Put support structures around you
    Sleep, eat well, and connect with friends and family
    Learn more about the company – REfficient
    Read about REfficient in Business Week
    Watch video interview with Stephanie McLarty on NewsClip TV
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    James Burchill, Business Fusion Marketing

    James Burchill, Business Fusion Marketing

    James Burchill
    James Burchill is CEO, Business Fusion Marketing and Founder of the Social Fusion Network.
    About James Burchill
    “C” Level Management Expertise
    Prior to starting his own company, James was Vice President of IT & Consulting for an international management and recruiting firm in southern Ontario. There he lead numerous multi-million dollar development projects and managed a team of more than a dozen skilled web programmers and designers.
    Internationally Traveled
    Born in England and now a Canadian citizen too, James has lived in Europe, Africa and Australia and along with credentials in public speaking, psychology, communications, automation and technology, James is a certified Neuro Linguistics Practitioner. He learned the craft of penmanship at England’s prestigious London School of Writing. James is a former member of Mensa (the high IQ society) and has the little badge somewhere to prove it…
    Insights from the interview with James Burchill
    It’s the People
    Technology changes quickly and often and people mistakenly obsess on the technology
    Instead they should start with the core of communication and that is people
    It’s not about the technology, its how you can use it to connect at a richer level
    We are a social species, we want to connect
    Psychology is more important than technology 
    As a species we do not share information unless it has survival value. We remember information and stories that helps us survive.
    Small Business
    Small business often sucks at marketing
    Small business is seduced by the glitter of big corporate brands 
    They need to connect with their marketplace
    A market is a conversation and it moves 
    Small Business and Social Media 
    Be authentic, reveal a flaw
    Imperfection is attractive 
    Important to market on multiple channels
    Combine old school face-to-face marketing with Social Media for best results 
    Social Fusion Network
    I held an event that hosted over 500 people using Social Media to attract them 
    There are many networking groups – why dare to start another one?
    We work on the Freemium model – making money from advertising 
    This started as an experiment and now has seven chapters
    I wrote a business plan after we generated serious buzz, but the plan predicted failure 
    Look at business that is different from yours and steal ideas for your business.
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