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Weekly teaching ministry of Epiclesis, an Ancient-Future Faith Community.

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Weekly teaching ministry of Epiclesis, an Ancient-Future Faith Community.

    Who Gets to Narrate the Universe, Part 3

    Who Gets to Narrate the Universe, Part 3

    Pastor Chris finished his short series on supposed extraterrestrials and alien life, a topic much in the news in these days.

    This final sermon included a focus on some of the possibilities for the phenomena and, more importantly, how Christians should respond. The questions raised and the assumptions being made are important ones and they can sometimes touch essential tenets of the Christian faith. What does the Bible and faithful interpreters of God's word down through the years have to say about this very unusual topic?

    And just who is going to narrate the universe?

    Join us!

    Click here for a transcription of the sermon.

    • 33 min
    Who Gets to Narrate the Universe, Part 2

    Who Gets to Narrate the Universe, Part 2

    Pastor Chris continues his look at the latest news alleging the possibility of spacecraft and extraterrestrial visitors visiting the Earth. Most especially, the focus is on the very big questions being asked by government whistleblowers and scientists and the media.

    In this second sermon of the series, we talked about what science can-- and cannot-- answer and took time to ponder what seems to be the most prominent of the questions people are asking in light of supposed extraterrestrials: Are we alone in the universe, and what's our place in it?

    Pastor Chris also revealed what he said should be completely outside of the concern and of no import to Christians whatsoever. Join us!

    Find a transcription of the sermon here.

    • 23 min
    Who Gets to Narrate the Universe, Part 1

    Who Gets to Narrate the Universe, Part 1

    In the first of a three-part series, Pastor Chris looks at something that's making quite a splash in the news these days: the possibility of spacecraft and extraterrestrial visitors visiting the Earth. In recent on-the-record, public hearings in Washington D.C., various whistleblowers have alleged that the U.S. Government is in possession of alien "biologics," or bodies, and spacecraft of non-human origin-- allegedly of a vastly superior intelligence.

    Rather than especially focusing on the what, why, and how of potential alien life visiting Earth, Pastor Chris shares that it's vital for Christians to set the narrative when it comes to the very big questions being asked. Whistleblowers and scientists and government officials and the media are raising very important existential questions, not to mention making assumptions, such as "Where did we come from and what is our place in the cosmos?" "Are we alone in the universe?" and "Humans will view alien intelligence like God."

    In this first sermon of the set, Pastor Chris looks very carefully at God's story, The Divine Narrative, that gives meaning to the whole of creation.

    Here is the outline/handout that was provided for this sermon.

    And here is a transcription of the sermon.

    • 34 min
    IF the Lord Had Not Been on Our Side

    IF the Lord Had Not Been on Our Side

    The psalmist makes some bold claims about God's intervention in the life of Israel. But can anyone prove what would have happened IF He had not been on their side? Pastor Chris looks at Psalm 124 and teaches three things this marvelous passage can show us about faith and worship. Sometimes, in order to have confidence about what will happen out ahead of us in the future, we have to turn around and look behind us. Along the way, Pastor Chris also talked about unicorns, tea pots, and John Lennon. Sound intriguing? Join us!

    If you'd like a transcript of this sermon, please click here.

    • 26 min
    Oil and Water and Unity

    Oil and Water and Unity

    Oil and water don't mix. So how can they be symbols of unity? Join Pastor Chris for a look at Psalm 133 in a continuing series. And along the way we managed to talk about C.S. Lewis and the second book in his remarkable "Space Trilogy" titled Perelandra. One day there will be a new heavens and a new earth. Until then, we believers must be oil and water and engage in the only act truly capable of bringing about unity.

    If you'd like a written transcript of the sermon, please click here.

    • 32 min
    Where is God When You Really Need Him?

    Where is God When You Really Need Him?

    Thank God that he is all around us. And yet, sometimes it’s also really encouraging to see some more specific places, according to Scripture, where he is also located. Join Pastor Chris as he looks at portions of Psalm 85, 139, and 23 and points out some wonderful truths about where God is.

    • 30 min

Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5
13 Ratings

13 Ratings

Dylan Bowes ,

Excellent biblical teaching and wisdom

This podcast is an honest, refreshing, and enlightening exploration of what we can learn from the early church and how that informs our lives as Christians today. Some of the podcasts are recorded sermons while others are interviews with other pastors or thinkers. Pastor Chris Alford is sincere, wise, and funny. I was able to spend a summer in the Epiclesis congregation in Sacramento and it was by far the best church experience in my life. I miss it dearly. But at least I can listen to the podcast! Thanks Epiclesis and Pastor Chris. Keep the blessings coming!

dla@AFFN ,

What Was Finished?

This is a most interesting and well presented teaching. It is so refreshing to hear God's wonderous story and how we can become part of it - that it is all about God's story and not ours! It is great to hear someone focus on the themes that run through the entirety of the bible and reinforce that they all point to the person and work of Jesus Christ. These podcasts are a breath of fresh air and yet are packed with good theology and teaching. Keep 'em coming!!

Dr. CMP II ,

Dr. Carl Peters

The dialogue that takes place between pastor and people in these teachings is engaging and refreshing. Saint Augustine taught that, "The Old Testament is in the New revealed and the New Testament is in the Old concealed." In keeping with this understanding, the messages presented here are thoroughly immersed in the narrative of Salvation History. From the excited responses of the congregation, it seems clear that this approach creates a most lively interaction with the Scriptures! Thank you for sharing this beautiful time with us.

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