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Felons of the Land Down Under

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Felons of the Land Down Under

    Wayne Edward Jones

    Wayne Edward Jones

    In December of 2012, Michelle Reynolds and her friend Wayne Jones would find themselves in the sunny city of Coffs Harbour. Michelle and Wayne like many others who visit the city, were on a holiday to enjoy some downtime. But in a motel on the south side of town, their beachside getaway would soon turn in to a gruesome tragedy.

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    A Christmas Tragedy in Orange

    A Christmas Tragedy in Orange

    Dearne Louise Nonnenmacher was born on the 4th January 1972\. In 1990 she was eighteen and living with her family and working as trainee chef at the Robin Hood Hotel. She had shared with family her dreams for the future and looked forward to the day she could work as a chef on a cruise liner.

    On Christmas day of 1990, like many families, the Nonnenmacher family gathered together to celebrate with a Christmas lunch. Little did her family know that this would be the last time they would see their beloved Dearne.

    By boxing day, Dearne's family had not heard from her and made repeated attempts to reach out. Feeling uneasy about her sudden disappearance and lack of contact they soon reported her missing at the Orange Police Station. ..

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    The Nowra Bodies in the Barrels

    The Nowra Bodies in the Barrels

    **The Nowra Bodies in the Barrels**

    On the 29th of January 2006, Peter Dalton and his wife were cycling along a track through the Tomerong State Forest, not far from the township of Nowra.

    During their ride they had noticed burning smell that grew stronger and stronger. As they drew nearer to a clearing in the forest they could see the source of the smoke. The flames had died down but two barrels were smoldering and black smoke rose from within them. 

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    The Belanglo Forest Axe Murder

    The Belanglo Forest Axe Murder

    Located south 2 hours south west of the NSW capital of Sydney, is an area of known as the Southern Highlands. If you travel 3 kms west from the Hume Highway that runs through this region you will soon end up in the towering trees of the Belanglo State Forest.

    The title of the forest ‘Belanglo’, has become synonymous with the callous serial killings of several young backpackers who died at the hands of Ivan Milat.

    From 1989 to 1993 this tranquil forest would become a dumping ground for Milat. Over a series of searches authorities would discover the remains of 7 individuals who had fallen victim to Milat while hitchhiking through the region.

    Despite this gruesome history and the negative association with its name, Belanglo forest has still continued to be used as a popular recreational destination for trail bike riders, 4 wheel drive enthusiasts, and campers.

    But despite locals and tourists alike trying to shake the memory of Milat, In 2010 a disturbing event would bring the names Belanglo and Milat to the media spotlight once again.

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    Felon Update 8th July 2018

    Felon Update 8th July 2018

    Due to a series of unexpected events Felon True Crime Podcast has been put on hold indefinitely. While this is frustrating, I feel that it is a good opportunity to address some issues I've had with the podcast and put some changes in place that will improve the content. I will be sure to keep you posted with any developments. Thank you for your ongoing support and patience.

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4.7 out of 5
401 Ratings

401 Ratings

Mom the professional ,

Love it and want more!

I have listened to many different true crime podcasts and this is definitely one of the best! I think the production is creative and impactful. I appreciate the pace as it keeps me from getting bored and distracted while listening. I look forward to hearing more episodes in the future!

takennivkname25795 ,

The man’s voice induced sleep

He’s very flat, monotone, and unemotional in his delivery.

kRiSz_kRiSz ,

It’s back!

So excited that this dope podcast is back. For some constructive criticism, I’ll add that maybe it’s a lil too fast. Just a smidge slower would make it easier to follow. Still love it, though!! Thanks for coming back!!!

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