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Each week Paul Kent and Dave Hamilton come to you sharing their gigging experiences, tips and tricks learned, and interviews with other weekend warriors and pros. Wanna talk shop with your musical buddies? Look no further than GigGab!

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Each week Paul Kent and Dave Hamilton come to you sharing their gigging experiences, tips and tricks learned, and interviews with other weekend warriors and pros. Wanna talk shop with your musical buddies? Look no further than GigGab!

    Chasing The Perfect Gig

    Chasing The Perfect Gig

    What's the definition of the perfect gig? Would you know it if you played it? If so, how will that impact the next gig? Listen as Dave and Paul talk through their recent performances and relate them to what the future will look like. Just remember, folks, even when you're making it up as you go, you can still always be performing!

    00:00:00 Gig Gab 309 - Tuesday, June 22, 2021

    00:00:45 The Houserockers’ Triumphant Return

    WAVS Custom In-Ears

    00:13:15 The Perfect Gig

    Bitter Pill

    Bitter Pill at Eastman’s Farm

    00:18:47 Brewhouse Gigs

    00:33:57 Making it up as we go along

    00:45:04 GigGab 309

    • 46 min
    Savor The Moment

    Savor The Moment

    Remember all the great gigs you've played? Guess what... your next gig could be one of those! Your favorite weekend warriors talk about creating those new memories by fueling your tank with the old ones.

    Dave watched "What Drives Us", Paul saw Springsteen in the Killers' new video, they've both been experimenting with Facebook to promote things, and they share their stories, successes, failures, and thoughts.

    Plus a new piece of gear is on the scene!

    Press play to hear it all...and remember, always be performing. You might just be playing your next favorite gig!

    00:00:00 Gig Gab 308 - Wednesday, June 16, 2021

    00:00:43 The State of Things

    00:10:13 Dave saw a concert!

    00:14:35 The Killers with Bruce Springsteen

    00:18:23 What Drives Us – Dave Grohl ‘Van Touring’ Documentary

    Robert Berry on Gig Gab

    Savor each moment, don’t take the time on stage for granted.

    The college circuit started with DOA and Black Flag

    Gathering of the Tribe (not Vibes… Dave misspoke)

    00:41:54 Event Promotion: Facebook to “tease” an event

    00:51:00 CSF-Catapult Ethernet-based sub-snake $140

    00:54:06 GG308 Outtro

    • 54 min
    Basement Shows and New Faces

    Basement Shows and New Faces

    Gigs are coming back, for sure, but as what? Has your scene changed as a result of the pandemic reset? Are the same bands still out there doing there thing? Are new bands emerging?

    Listen as Paul and Dave talk through all this and more. Plus, Dave played a basement gig and Paul's considering songwriting.

    Press play, enjoy, and always be performing!

    00:00:00 Gig Gab 307 - Tuesday, June 8, 2021

    00:00:53 Learning the Blues

    John Cutrone

    00:05:06 Getting

    00:10:16 Basement Gigs!

    00:15:07 New faces on the scene(s)

    00:31:07 Should I write my own songs?

    00:34:23 DLH-Bar and Nightclub Foot Traffic and Visits up 33% this year

    00:40:34 Andy-Managing Live Tempos



    Tama Rhythm Watch

    00:47:13 GG 307

    • 47 min
    Inexpensive Gear, In-Ear Tricks, and a little Frank!

    Inexpensive Gear, In-Ear Tricks, and a little Frank!

    When can you buy off-brand gear and still get the quality you need without breaking the bank? Paul and Dave talk about a few experiments they've recently performed and their results with not-the-name-brand stuff.

    Paul added a little Frank to his set recently, and it opens up a conversation about how to approach collaboration, in general. As Paul says, "a band is an exercise in compromise."

    Lastly, Dave's played a few gigs recently which have expanded his thinking about approaching your in-ear monitor mix, and he shares those tips with Paul and all of you. Have your own tips? Share 'em with your two favorite weekend warriors at feedback@giggabpodcast.com and they'll read 'em on the next episode!

    00:00:00 Gig Gab 306 - Tuesday, June 1, 2021

    00:06:25 Behringer B906 Guitar cabinet mic ($57 on Amazon as of show date)

    Behringer B906 vs Senneheiser E906

    Firefly Guitars

    00:14:33 SPONSOR: Upstart. Whether it’s paying off credit cards, consolidating high-interest debt, or funding personal expenses, Upstart looks at more than your credit score and can offer you smarter rates with trusted partners. Visit Upstart.com/GIGGAB today to learn more.

    00:16:09 Adding a little Frank!

    00:19:11 The All Blues Gig

    A Band is an Exercise in Compromise


    00:33:32 More ears tricks

    Remove the wedges


    Add some reverb

    00:39:50 GG 306

    • 44 min
    Brian Geller from The Atomic Punks and Ultimate Ears: In-Ear Monitors, Tribute Bands, and More!

    Brian Geller from The Atomic Punks and Ultimate Ears: In-Ear Monitors, Tribute Bands, and More!

    Brian Geller, singer with Van Halen tribute The Atomic Punks (oh, and with a day job at Ultimate Ears) joins the show today to talk in-ears, tribute bands, and oh so much more.

    Listen as Brian shares his tips with Paul and Dave about getting a good in-ear mix, selecting the right in-ears, how to keep your voice strong throughout a gig and more. Your three favorite weekend warriors really have a lot to say this week, and Brian leads the charge.

    Press play, and don't forget: Always Be Performing!

    00:00:00 Gig Gab 305 - Monday, May 24, 2021

    Guest: Brian Geller, from both Ultimate Ears and Atomic Punks

    Michael Starr from Steel Panther

    Dave Strout, Vocal Coach

    Playing with Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony

    00:16:44 SPONSOR: EveryPlate: Try EveryPlate for just $1.99 per meal plus an additional 20% off your next 2 boxes by going to EveryPlate.com and entering code giggab199

    00:18:50 Getting back to Playing Live

    Brian uses UE Live

    UE 7 for Singers and Guitar Players

    Jerry Harvey on GigGab 

    Tricks for selecting in-ears

    Ask: What’s your repair lead-time

    UE 11 for Drummers

    Ultimate Ears Sping Sale

    Getting the right IEM mix

    Add some reverb

    Mix ‘em yourself or let someone else do it?

    Go with the Ambient Feature

    Vocal tips

    00:56:54 GG 305 Outtro

    Find Brian: Backstage.UltimateEars.com

    • 1 hr
    What is a Wedding Band?

    What is a Wedding Band?

    What is a Wedding Band? While there are many answers to this question, there is one which takes precedence over all others. Do you know which that is?

    Listen as Paul and Dave chat through this interesting topic, including hearing them share a lot of your thoughts about the transition from club band to wedding band.

    In addition, of course, your two favorite weekend warriors love gear, and they've got some ideas to share with y'all about that, too! Press play...and always be performing!

    00:00:00 Gig Gab 304 - Thursday, May 20, 2021

    00:01:37 New mic for PitchSlap: Beyerdynamic TG D57

    Previously: Shure PGA98H-XLR

    00:03:39 Rehearsals happen for The Houserockers and FLING

    The Stinkfoot Orchestra

    CSF-Mackie MP-320

    00:18:22 Dave-Gig Checklist Additions


    Guitar stand

    Guitar strap

    Charging cables

    Spare speaker cables

    Extension cords for power and audio

    Business cards both for the band and personally.

    00:20:56 Transitioning to a wedding band

    Bryan-Transitioning to a Wedding Band via Grooming

    Dave-Wedding Bands are so much more work!

    Matt-Trade-offs between a club band and wedding machine

    00:47:51 GG 304 Outtro

    • 48 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
33 Ratings

33 Ratings

RealityStop ,

Must-listen for working musicians

Paul and Dave, been listening for a long time. I appreciate what you do, and your thoughtfulness about the impact of the pandemic on all of us who love playing is a shot in the arm. My band has played a few gigs, had a few canceled, and canceled a few ourselves. It is helpful to have your experiences to benchmark against. Keep doing what you are doing, and I will keep listening!

=Mr Kelly= ,

Awesome guys. Good content. To the point.

Listening to this each week helps me with my fictional writing project about bands and other industry folks. Thanks so much.

bplath ,

Long time listener

I’ve been listening to the show for many years and always look forward to the conversation each week. It’s insightful getting to hear other weekend warriors share their experiences playing music. ABP!

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