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Explore some of the biggest problems in healthcare, and hear from industry leaders about how technology is being deployed to solve them. Hosted by Redox Co-founder and President, Niko Skievaski.

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Explore some of the biggest problems in healthcare, and hear from industry leaders about how technology is being deployed to solve them. Hosted by Redox Co-founder and President, Niko Skievaski.

    #25 eConsults and coping with the year 2020 with Gil Addo of RubiconMD

    #25 eConsults and coping with the year 2020 with Gil Addo of RubiconMD

    Gil Addo is the co-founder and CEO of RubiconMD, the leading eConsults platform connecting primary care to specialists around the country. 

    I've known Gil for years and have always felt a kinship of sorts with him as I feel like we came from the same era of health tech startups, seeing him over and over again at similar early-stage digital health events around the country. Our conversation dives into his business quite a bit and explores factors in the changing healthcare landscape like value-based care, new primary care delivery models, and systemic racism in society and our industry.

    Key Moments:

    01:54 - What does RubiconMD do?

    08:12 - RubiconMD’s startup story

    11:19 - How they solved the chicken or egg problem

    14:24 - Emerging primary care models

    17:09 - Pandemic-caused changes

    27:07 - Are we still moving towards value-based care?

    30:43 - Gil’s optimist view on systemic racism

    34:40 - Shield implicit bias in specialty consults

    36:40 - The future for RubiconMD

    Thanks again to Gil and the whole team at RubiconMD for the work they do. Find Gil on Twitter, LinkedIn, or RubiconMD’s website.

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    #24 The Digital Episode of Care with Bronwyn Spira of Force Therapeutics

    #24 The Digital Episode of Care with Bronwyn Spira of Force Therapeutics

    It’s an honor to have Bronwyn Spira, CEO of Force Therapeutics, on the show today. Force is a leading episode-based digital care platform and is also one of Redox’s first customers from back in 2015. We were able to catch up on what they’re seeing in the marketplace including how the pandemic has affected the world of episodic care that they primarily operate within.

    Key Moments:

    02:00 - Force’s customers (NYU, Geisinger, Muve Health, Northwell, etc.) and what they do for them

    09:25 - The importance of a clinical team

    10:32 - Being in NYC for the pandemic and a Redox pizza party

    14:02 - A VIRTUAL Escape Room?! (link here, thanks Rachel!)

    15:29 - Standing up telehealth in one week

    20:42 - Telehealth as a commoditized feature

    22:03 - How do you digitize something so physical?

    27:58 - Utilizing data for clinical research

    34:43 - Collaborating with academics and AI for customized care plans

    37:21 - A Redox commercial from Bronwyn ;)

    I think they’re a great example of how to build a multi-sided platform in healthcare. They were able to take advantage of regulatory tailwinds with the move to bundles to find early footing, then listen to their customers and patients to drive more value and engagement, then leveraged their data asset to contribute to research and improve their product experience by creating customized data-driven care plans. I’ve heard many many entrepreneurs pitch these sorts of stories but it’s far more rare—especially in healthcare—to see them fulfilled. Thanks again Bronwyn, for being on the show, for being a customer, and for the work you do to improve patient outcomes every day.

    -Niko Skievaski

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    #23 Preventing Sepsis with Luminare’s Dr. Sarma Velamuri

    #23 Preventing Sepsis with Luminare’s Dr. Sarma Velamuri

    Dr. Sarma Velamuri is an Internal Medicine doc, hospitalist, sepsis expert, and co-founder and CEO of Luminare, a company focused on the early detection of sepsis. On this episode, we dive into sepsis detection and prevention, as well as how these systems can work to help prevent the spread of other viral infections, like COVID-19. 

    Key Moments

    01:39 How sepsis came to the forefront
    03:33 Luminare’s tragic founding story
    06:35 Alarm fatigue in EHRs and how to overcome it with workflow design
    08:54 Luminare’s impact and value proposition
    10:56 EHR integration with Redox*
    13:07 Pivoting for pandemic response
    15:39 Employers utilizing Luminare to screen employees for work
    18:03 On safely reopening the economy

    *Full disclosure, Luminare is a Redox customer and it gets a little commercially in there for a minute. ;) 

    I find Luminare as a great example of a physician-founded startup doing it right, solving the problem through a focus on workflows and market demand. Big thanks to Sarma for taking the time to share his story. Enjoy!

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    #22 COVID's Impact on Redox and Digital Health

    #22 COVID's Impact on Redox and Digital Health

    On Tuesday, we had to layoff 44 Redoxers. That was about 25% of our team. On today's episode, we're going to go into the conditions that brought us to this place, how we went about making the decision to reduce the size of the team, and finally how we attach names to that decision. 

    Redox co-founders Luke Bonney (CEO) and Niko Skievaski (President) are joined by board member Raju Rishi. Raju is a general partner at VC firm RRE Ventures and led Redox's series B in January of 2017. Beyond sharing his perspective on the market and the layoffs he offers some relevant stories from his days as a founder. We thought sharing what we're going through might be helpful as I know a lot of people in our industry are attempting to figure out how to navigate the waters through recovery. 

    Additionally, Redox is working to place these 44 people at jobs within the industry. Contact christine@redoxengine.com to learn more.

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    #21 The Economics of a Healthcare Recovery with Berkeley’s James Robinson

    #21 The Economics of a Healthcare Recovery with Berkeley’s James Robinson

    Professor James Robinson is a highly-regarded expert on health care economics and policy. He is currently a Professor of Health Economics at the University of California, Berkeley and Director of the Berkeley Center for Health Technology. Dr. Robinson is also on the board of the Integrated Healthcare Association (IHA) and the National Institute for Healthcare Management (NIHCM). He has published three books and over 140 papers in peer-reviewed journals such as the New England Journal of Medicine and JAMA. He is also the former Editor-in-Chief of Health Affairs. Dr. Robinson’s book, “Purchasing Medical Innovation: The Right Technology for the Right Patient at the Right Price,” examined the roles of the FDA, health insurers, hospitals, and consumers in the assessment, purchasing and use of high-cost implantable devices.In this spirited conversation with Niko Skievaski, Dr. Robinson offers his insights into the current economic outlook for providers, hospitals, payers and patients - as well as a peek at what the post COVID-19 world might look like. You’ll enjoy the discussion. 

    Here are some of the highlights:

    03:43 - “Anybody that talks about a V-shaped recovery is completely out of their mind.”

    06:37 - The number of people with employee-based insurance is going to continue to drop.

    11:12 - The impact of the pandemic on the business of healthcare.

    13:59 - Lessons from the pandemic: Excess capacity and duplication are IN! Lean and global supply chains are OUT!

    16:42 - “Most of what goes under the name of value-based care is just marketing!”

    22:34 - The enormous impact of social determinants on health care.

    29:30 - Looking at some of the positives ahead.

    Dr. Robinson is not shy about sharing his opinions, as well as his prescriptions for an improved economic outlook for the U.S. healthcare system. Our thanks to James Robinson for a thought-provoking edition of the Redox Podcast.

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    #20 “Powered by Battery” with Redox CEO Luke Bonney

    #20 “Powered by Battery” with Redox CEO Luke Bonney

    Redox CEO Luke Bonney was the featured guest on this week’s episode of Battery Venture’s “Powered by Battery” podcast series. The wide-ranging conversation covers everything from the company’s start as a digital-health incubator in Madison, Wisc. to its current position as an indispensable data exchange platform utilized by healthcare companies of all sizes. Luke also explains the creative ways that customers are using Redox to help in the fight against COVID-19.

    02:42 - Redox’s roots; from Madison, WI start-up to remote digital healthcare innovator

    06:01 - The need for scaling data integration for Cloud-based applications

    08:31 - Helping customers deal with COVID-19

    10:39 - How Redox powers telehealth applications 

    14:25 - Keeping Redoxers connected, informed and well during COVD-19 - personally and professionally

    18:45 - Luke’s four priorities as Redox CEO

    21:29 - The biggest unknown today is the economic impact caused by COVID-19 on American healthcare

    25:50 - Policy creating tailwinds for interconnected healthcare

    28:42 - Three things keeping Luke sane during COVID-19 - family, exercise and relationships 

    30:51 - The importance of surrounding yourself with the right people

    For more great investor insights, be sure to visit the “Powered by Battery” blog and podcast series.

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5.0 out of 5
23 Ratings

23 Ratings

Ashley Riggan ,

Healthcare Reinvented

Excited to continue listen to the Redox podcast. Healthcare is something everyone needs, so why not improve its quality. By utilizing the tools we have in today’s technological world, processes can be innovated. It takes passionate individuals to think outside the box and move forward in provided health services.

_nolj ,

Healthcare Strategic Analyst

First episode with Jonathan Bush was fascinating and insightful! This podcast provides a unique technological and entrepreneurial perspective on healthcare. Excited to listen to the next one.

nwhatt ,

Excited to learn from Redox!

The Redox crew are super knowledgeable and present our greatest hope for saving healthcare. Can’t wait to learn from them and their awesome network.

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